Top Ten Experiences to Try on Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is more than just a vacation—it’s not all about spending every waking moment at the beach or cuddling under the sheets in your hotel room. In addition to getting in some much-needed rest and relaxation after months of wedding chaos, it’s also about trying out new and exciting experiences that will bring you closer together and help you prepare for your upcoming life as husband and wife. If you want some truly memorable moments, here are some experiences you should try on your honeymoon.

10. Plan a Surprise Date

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 10. Plan a Surprise Date

Romance is what honeymoons are all about. It’s what you’re there for, right? It only makes sense, therefore, that you amp up the romance factor by planning surprise dates for each other (on separate days, of course). Of course, depending on the date, some planning may be needed, so make sure to prepare for this before you leave for your trip. Get creative and think of what your partner’s most ideal date may be, then make it happen!

9. Learn Something New Together

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 9. Learn Something New Together

Most honeymoon destinations offer a wide array of activities for couples to do, and those activities usually include fun and interesting classes. For instance, you can try out couples yoga in Cancun, take cooking classes in Bali, or learn how to surf in Hawaii. Whatever class you decide to take, just make sure it’s something you both want to do.

8. Make New Friends

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 8. Make New Friends

While your honeymoon is meant to be all about you, your new spouse and your marriage, that doesn’t mean you have to keep to yourselves the entire trip. If you happen to meet interesting people, or perhaps even other honeymoon couples, why not make some new friends? There are always upsides to meeting people on your travels. At the most, they can help point you to some of the best local restaurants and bars or give you really helpful tips about where to stay, what to eat, how to get a good bargain while shopping, and more. And at the very least, they can offer you some interesting stories and exciting conversations!

7. Face Your Fears Together

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 7. Face Your Fears Together

Make a pact with your spouse to face one of your fears while on your honeymoon. Think of something that you’re afraid of and would never have the guts to try on your own. Have your spouse do the same. Take a leap and do both of those activities together. Are you afraid of skydiving? Book a skydiving adventure together. Is your spouse scared of singing in public? Find a karaoke bar and sing in front of everyone! One of the perks of having a partner for life is that you never have to face anything alone. Whatever the future holds, difficult or otherwise, you’ll both have to weather through it together. Facing your fears—with your spouse by your side—on your honeymoon is a great preview of what’s to come, and it’s sure to make you feel much closer to each other.

6. Don't Skip Dessert

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 6. Don't Skip Dessert

They say that food helps bring people together. Your honeymoon is all about bonding with your partner, why not use food to do exactly that? Eating something you’ve never tried before is a wonderful experience, but sharing that experience with your spouse will always be a hundred times better. Do some research and find out the best places to eat at your chosen honeymoon destination, then make plans to try them all! Calories do not count on your honeymoon, right?

5. Do a Boudoir Shoot

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 5. Do a Boudoir Shoot

In addition to the cute couple selfies and all your other travel photos, commemorate your honeymoon by doing a classy boudoir photo shoot in the privacy of your own hotel suite. Break out the good lingerie you have (assuming you brought some with you, of course) and take some tasteful boudoir shots in your bedroom. Even if neither of you are good at photography, it’s still a fun way to document that part of your honeymoon. And depending on how risqué your shots are, you can even have them printed along with your other honeymoon pictures!

4. Spend a Day Apart

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 4. Spend a Day Apart

Spending a day away from your partner while on your honeymoon seems like a strange idea, doesn’t it? After all, who would want to spend even a second away from their new spouse while on the most romantic vacation of their lives? Like it or not, absence really makes the heart grow fonder. After spending every waking moment together during the first few days of your honeymoon, it’s completely healthy to take some time for yourselves. Perhaps one of you wants to spend a day shopping at the boutiques while the other wants to check out the local watering holes. Whatever you do, just do it apart—if only for a couple of hours. This way, you each get to do your own thing without worrying if the other is having a good time or not. And the next day, you’ll both end up feeling recharged, refreshed, and ready for more ultra-romantic honeymoon fun!

3. Have a Yes Day

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 3. Have a Yes Day

Have you ever done a “yes” day with your partner? Because if you haven’t, your honeymoon might be the perfect time to try it out. It’s one day when you simply have to say “yes” to your partner’s every whim—and vice versa. But of course, make sure to compile a list of things that are completely off-limits - things that you absolutely don’t want to do, like rob a bank - to set some clear boundaries. You can also allot separate “yes” days—one day for each of you to assume the role of the person who gets to call all the shots. Having a “yes” day is a fun and eye-opening exercise for couples because at the end of the day, marriage is all about compromise. This means that, at some point down the road, you’ll both have to learn to say “yes”. And at the very least, you’ll probably end up having a really crazy and memorable time!

2. See the Sights

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 2. See the Sights

Most couples are content to lounge around on the beach, gorge on delicious food, or even stay in bed for the entirety of their honeymoon. But if you’re spending it in a place that you’ve both never been before, why waste the opportunity? Get out there and visit the tourist spots, hit up the historical landmarks, and everything else that’s worth seeing or doing. After all, how else are you going to take some beautiful pictures for your honeymoon album? But of course, don’t overdo it. This trip is about rest, relaxation, and connecting with each other on a deeper and more intimate level. So, while you should definitely leave your room once in a while to see the sights, you also don’t have to try and cram your itinerary full of tours. Make a list of places that you both want to check out, and pick the best ones out of the bunch!

1. Spend a Whole Day in Bed Together

Nov 03, 2016
Top Ten Experiences | 1. Spend a Whole Day in Bed Together

You spent all that money on a nice honeymoon suite, so why not enjoy it? Sleep in, stay in your pajamas, turn your phones and other gadgets off, order room service, and just lounge around in bed all day. Give yourselves one day to relax, shut the rest of the world out, and just focus on each other. There will be plenty of time on your honeymoon for exploration and adventures. So, even just for one day, let it be about the two of you. After all the stress and anxiety that inevitably came with planning and having a wedding, it’s great to just relax and unwind with your new spouse.

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