Top Ten Best Proposal Spots of 2018

Proposing to the one you love is life's most romantic art form. It's a truly delicate dance: your significant other knows you better than anyone in the world, and yet, you don't want them to know when you're readying to pop the question. How to make it spectacular without spoiling the surprise? That's up to you, but for the most romantic proposal possible, the locale is what sets the scene for the perfect memory. That's why we've put together a list of our top 10 best proposal spots of 2018.

On a Ski Trip

proposal-spotsMountains provide a stunning backdrop to get on one knee. And cozy, luxuriously-appointed accommodations abound: mountain B & B's, luxurious cabins with roaring fireplaces and spacious jacuzzis, and other similar set-ups are as intimate as it gets. The snow, in addition to being beautiful, provides ample opportunity for cute, clever proposals -- like writing "Will you marry me?" in the snow beneath the ski lift; a wintry message for your other half to read as your lift passes over it. Colorado is a great place for outdoorsy couples to propose with delightful, rustic chic hideaways like Antlers on the Creek in Durango offering amazingly romantic proposal packages to take your other half's breath away. There's also amazing skiing in Wyoming, with plenty of luxury lodge-style hotels and resorts to boot. Then, of course, there's Canada. with mountains galore and as many amazing spots to propose as their are flakes of snow. Okay, maybe not THAT many, but you get the picture!

In the Sky

proposal-spotsWhether it's while floating over a vast rolling countryside in a hot air balloon, soaring over a sparkling city on a helicopter tour, or at the top of the Empire State Building. As long as you don't drop the ring, a proposal from the sky is one that takes the excitement of a "yes" to lofty new heights.

California Wine Country

proposal-spotsPop the question in a vineyard surrounded by lush green hills and hanging grapes, then celebrate with a wine tasting -- or even a customized blend that you and your new fiance design with the vineyard. Lots of couples have their own song, so why not a wine to represent the beauty of finding the person to spend the rest of your life with? Vineyards abound, so jetset off to sunny California and make sure there's room on your ring finger.

At Rockefeller Center, NYC

best-proposal-spotsRockefeller Center is known as one of the best urban spots in the world to propose. The magnificent city lights cast in a glow above you, the skating rink has been the site of many-a-romantic proposal, and you can be sure that love was in the air as onlookers watched these couples deciding to tie the knot. Once you hear the magic word "yes," you have all of New York City as a playground to celebrate your union!

The Florida Keys

proposal-florida-keysWarm weather, sun and sand-soaked islands, luxury accommodations...for beach loving couples, the Florida Keys is an amazing spot to drop onto one knee. Stellar sunsets set the perfect stage, and romantic seaside restaurants make the perfect places to celebrate. Then you can relax on the beach, lazily paddle along on boards, or rip across the ocean on a jetski for a romantic vacation as slow or fast-paced as you please. The Florida Keys are definitely among our top 10 best proposal spots.

Beneath the Stars

proposal-spotsNothing is more romantic than a bright, starry night, shooting stars zipping through the cosmos as if appearing just for you. Due to development and light pollution, regions where you can still see that magnificent, twinkling blanket of stars and zipping meteors are becoming rarer and rarer. Desert regions like California, Colorado, and Utah are a magnificent place to start, and even more off-the-beaten-path areas like Alaska, you can even propose beneath the aw-inspiring, psychedelic magnificence of the Northern Lights (AKA Aurora Borealis). You'll feel like you're proposing on a breathtaking alien planet!

Over the Holidays

propose-over-holidaysWith lots of family and friends already coming together, the holidays are a great time to propose to your other half. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Eid Al-Fitr, or something else entirely, timing your proposal for a holiday season makes it easier to involve even more of the people you love in the experience. Even better if you can get both families together to witness the big moment!


underwater-proposalImagine getting down on one knee and proposing while surrounded by schools of rainbow-colored, reflective fish, flanked by bright coral and slow-moving starfish. Sure, you might have to use a dummy ring so you don't risk ruining the real one, but an underwater proposal is sure to be a huge surprise. With world-class diving areas like the Great Blue Hole and plenty of others, Belize is an amazing place to make it happen. Just make sure the excitement and tears of joy don't fog up your loved one's diving mask! For a similar idea with a twist, arrange for divers at an aquarium to present the ring through glass, surrounded by sharks or dolphins -- many aquariums can help you pull it off if you plan ahead!

At a Fireworks Celebration

propose-under-fireworksWhether it's for the Fourth of July, New Year's Eve, or some other occasion, fireworks always provide an exciting avenue for a stylish and visually-breathtaking proposal. Let sparks of a different type fly by popping the question, and then it will feel like the fireworks are all for you. Tip: Have a friend stay nearby with a camera, so they can get a shot of you on your knee and your other half's reaction with the bright, colorful explosions igniting the background!

Her (or His) Favorite Place

park-proposalMaybe it's Disney World, or a park near their childhood home. Maybe it's the coffee shop where you had your first date, and immediately both felt butterflies. Whatever you choose, selecting a proposal spot that has special significant to your significant other is always a great idea. Add in some cute surprises to make it really special -- if you met on a local hiking trail, maybe you hide the ring in that tree where you giddily carved your initials upon first falling in love. Be creative!

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