Top Seven Most Romantic World Records Ever Broken

Breaking a world record is pretty cool...but breaking one as a couple is even cooler. What better feather in your newlywed cap than becoming the first couple in the world to achieve something? The following ten couples demonstrated the strength of their love by doing exactly that...and of all the romantic world records we could find, here are our favorites, inspired by this fun recent piece in Britain's The Daily Mail!

Largest-Ever Underwater Wedding

underwater weddingBig weddings are always a blast. But imagine having yours while geared up in Scuba diving equipment, your friends and family watching from colorful coral, the underwater world surrounding you in all directions? One couple in Poland pulled it off with over 300 people, making like mermaids and solidifying their holy matrimony from beneath the sea. It's not just a cool record, but one of the coolest and most unique weddings we've ever seen!

Longest Marriage Ever

longest marriage everAt first glance, Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher look like any other older couple.  But this couple has been married longer than any other couple on earth -- over 86 years as of 2011. Not long after nabbing the record Herbert unfortunately passed away, but when it came to his marriage to Zelmyra, these two lovebirds made it last the test of time. So what was their secret? They said there is no secret -- other than supporting each other. Marry your best friend, and be there for each other no matter what. Lovely advice from a lovely couple!

Oldest-Ever Couple to Say "I Do"

oldest couple to ever marryBrits George Kirby and Doreen Luckie (what a fitting name), aged 103 and 91, respectively, are proof that you're never too old to find true love. After being in love for nearly thirty years and already having 15 grandchildren between them, the couple married in a super-sweet ceremony where they declared their love for one another eternal, sealing a marriage for two lovebirds who don't mind the doubters who say that marriage is only for the young!

The Longest Kiss

When we first saw the title of this record we thought "wow, bet this couple was smooching for hours!" But we figured it would be 8-12 hours at most. In reality, this determined Thai couple locked lips for over 50 hours. We aren't sure how they ate, and using the bathroom would prove incredibly difficult...we frankly don't envy them for having to stand there kissing for several days straight! I couldn't even go that long without sleeping. But we respect their determination, and can't imagine that any other couple is poised to topple their record anytime soon. One couple in their 70's participated in the record, and although they didn't win, we're delighted that they're still so in love that they'd give it the old college try despite being in their golden years!

The Priciest Diamond Ring

most expensive diamond ring

Okay, so we don't want to equate the price of material symbols with how in love a couple is. But it's hard not to be impressed by the pricest diamond ever given as  a wedding be precise, in 1995 (when it was purchased) this 7.03 carat rock cost $1,375,938 per carat!   Sold by Sotheby's in Geneva, Switzerland, we think it's afe to say this groom-to-be really wanted to make a big impression -- and had the money to make it happen.

The Most Vow Renewals

most vow renewals world recordSay hello to Lauren and David Blair, a vow-obsessed couple that renewed their vows over 100 times in just 27 years of marriage. It may seem like overkill to some -- or even to many -- but no one can deny it shows real dedication to keeping that "honeymoon feeling" alive and well over decades of marriage!

The Most Couples Hugging in One Place at Once

world record most people huggingCollecting together to commemorate the declaration of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bergamo, Italy, 5,370 couples embraced all at once on the wall of Bergamo to nab a world record for the group. Each hugging couple became a part of Guinness World Record history in addition to having an amazing story to tell for the rest of their lives.

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