Top Scuba Diving Honeymoon Trips To Love

Looking for an underwater adventure for your honeymoon? Nearly three-quarters of the earth is made up of water - the open ocean. Discover some and take the plunge with our guest blogger's top recommendations that were made for scuba divers.

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I recently got married and for our honeymoon, my fiancé and I both decided to plan something a little different. My now-wife suggested we go on a scuba diving honeymoon. I really liked her idea and we had the time of our lives. So, here are our recommendations for the best scuba diving destinations for the romantics.

Thousand Islands

If you both are interested in a rustic experience, then pack your honeymoon bags and catch a flight to Thousand Islands, New York. I won’t be wrong in saying that you can have the best experience of freshwater scuba diving in the world here,

Though you may not catch sight of neon-coloured fish or reefs, Thousand Islands will certainly give you an ultimate scuba diving experience. Jump in and scuba your way through the Seaway Trail in St. Lawrence River, a place where both of you can have a once in a lifetime experience witnessing the centuries old graveyard of ships.

La Paz

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Next up is La Paz, Mexico. With temps averaging in the mid-80s, La Paz is an ideal destination for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. The moment you dive in, you will be instantly impressed by the crystal blue color. I am sure both of you will have loads of fun scuba diving in the company of playful dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and exploring striking ship wrecks. If visiting in the month of March, keep your eyes peeled for magnificent whale sharks.

When you are visiting La Paz, knowing the best diving spots will surely enhance your experience. There are more than 20 diving spots surrounding La Paz islands including El Bajo, Whale Island, Los Islotes, El Bajito, and San Francisquito. Located near Los Islotes, El Bajito is a beautiful diving site where you will notice fissures in the seafloor covered in soft corals. Whale Island, a small island in the shape of its' mammal name, offers dives through rocky reefs, caves, gaps, and a coral forest.


With colorful marine life and luxurious hotels, Zanzibar is the best place to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling in Eastern Africa while enjoying the finer things in life. This place is quite popular for its coral reefs and with mild currents, you can easily and safely make the most of scuba diving.

Admired by the pros, Leven Bank offers rich reef fishing experiences including sailfish and tuna. However, if both of you consider yourself novices then make sure you visit Hunga Reef. This is a great place for some underwater fun and to click some underwater pictures.

Gulf of Thailand

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Located on the east coast of Thailand, the Gulf of Thailand is a great place for newly-weds to enjoy scuba diving. With an appealing and relaxing tropical climate, discover caverns, wrecks, reefs, and tunnels. You can make the most of this venue if you visit in May or June as this is the time when the weather just perfect. Plus, an added bonus, you will find fewer tourists as well.

No need to worry about the water temperature as it stays around 84° all year round. Depending on the place, you can spot tuna, lagoon rays, chevron barracuda and various other species. You also have a long list of luxurious resorts to choose from.

Papua New Guinea

If you want to enjoy the best scuba diving, head to Papua New Guinea. Offering four key locations to have the best diving experience – Milne Bay Province, New Ireland, New Guinea, and New Britain - all are known to offer the best marine experience as compared to the Caribbean and Red Sea.

One of the must-see spots is the wrecks from World War II. The presence of coral gardens, coral atolls, fringing reefs will surely make your scuba diving experience worthwhile. You will find all this and more in abundance on most parts of the northern coastline, New Ireland, and on Milne Bay.

Port Moresby is another exciting destination known for its rich Coral Sea. Witness over 2,000 different species of fishes with beautiful vivid colors that will take your breathe away. In addition, scuba diving at Papua Guinea will also reveal shoals, slopes and crevices.

Cayman Islands

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If scuba diving is on your honeymoon agenda, then the Cayman Islands is the place to be. Various factors put this place on the top of the tourism map: clear, turquoise waters, beautiful and colorful marine life, and various dive sites. Some hot spots include Black Forest, Aquarium, and Hammerhead Hill. When you dive off Cayman Brac, there are various attractions waiting to be explored such as rays, sea turtles and the wreck of a Russian warship.

Bloody Bay Wall is rated amongst the world’s 10 best diving sites with a coral wall that could be considered one of the seven underwater wonders of the diving world. The Cayman Islands is also popular for its gorgeous beaches, where you both can unwind after your explorations.


Monaco is famous for its lavish casinos and striking coastal area. With unspoiled beaches and gorgeous blue waters, it is a desired honeymoon destination for newly-weds. The best thing about Monaco is that if offers both mild summers and winters, so you can head there anytime.

Located next to Mala Pointe, Mohammed Garden is a great and exciting scuba diving spot. It is full of holes, crevices, and marine life waiting to be explored. When you are down in the beautiful blue water, spot groupers, salemas, carps, morays, and green algae. Dive hand-and-hand into caves, shipwrecks, canyons, and colored rocks.


This wonderful world, with open oceans and beautiful, blue waters, is filled with stunning honeymoon destinations waiting to be discovered. These are some of our favorite spots, but we are sure Mother Nature has much more to offer!

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