Top 6 Most Romantic Things to Do in Sydney

When it comes to honeymoons in Sydney, Australia, you’ll be amazed at its staggering beauty. Romantic spots to picnic, hold hands, see the sunset, or steal a smooch abound in this dynamic, warm-weather city.  Whether you prefer to snuggle by the gorgeous coastline, dance through vibrant gardens, explore magical parks, adventure across beaches and reefs, or just gaze at the striking architecture that gives Sydney its unique character, there’s a perfect honeymoon spot for you. So you’re your suitcases – we’re off to discover the city’s best hidden gems for your honeymoon in Sydney!

Centennial Park

honeymoons-in-sydneyPack a picnic basket for a lazy day beneath the warm sun in this charming park. There are several electric barbeque spots where you can cook food, and a few good spots to see the sunset from as well. You’ll love seeing the bright colors of the setting sun cast the whole park in an orange glow! In the morning, mist over the park’s tranquil pond illuminates with pale, white sunlight, giving Centennial Park a magical fairy tale look, especially during winter.

Sightseeing Cruises

honeymoons-in-sydneyMake the most of your honeymoon with a through Sydney’s stunning harbor. You’ll get an incredible look at the Sydney Opera House, arguably the city’s most iconic building, and can pick from a variety of cruise types to fit your honeymoon style:

A cocktail cruise will get you at  a private table enjoying all the designer drinks your hearts desire. An overnight cruise is a bit more dramatic, giving you a romantic dinner onboard followed by a whole night to yourselves to enjoy the harbor (and each other).

Dinner Under the Sea

honeymoons-in-sydneyFor a completely unique honeymoon date night, reserve a table for two “under the sea” at Sydney’s Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Get a tour of the aquarium followed by a gourmet meal as exotic sea creatures swim all around you through a transparent subaquatic dome. You’ve never had dinner like this before! The only downside we see to dining “under the sea” is, if you order fish, you might feel bad seeing all the schools of cute little swimmers passing by!

Romantic Beaches

honeymoons-in-sydneyWhat better place to relax together than on an idyllic beach? Sydney has many of them. From Avalon to Bungan and beyond, Sydney’s beaches have soft golden sand, warm water, and pleasant lapping waves, so you can sunbathe, swim, and romance as long as you please. Long Reef or Fisherman’s Beach are good options to stay near civilization and still be secluded from the hustle and bustle.

Balloon Rides

honeymoons-in-sydneyIf you’re a pair of adventurous adrenaline junkies, then hot air balloon ride makes for an amazing new way to see the city. Balloon Rides Sydney  offers rides starting from the crack of dawn, giving you the best seats in the world to view the Sydney sunrise. The views are breathtaking, so hold your other half close while you watch the sky be painted in vivid swirls of orange, red, and purple.

 Vibrant Nightlife & Festivals

honeymoons-in-sydneyThere are many bars, pubs and cafes all around Sydney, many of which have beautiful and panoramic city views. Aside from the treasure trove of dining and nightlife,, several music festivals happen nearby or in the city at different parts of the year. If you plan ahead, you can catch one of these unforgettable concert experiences and dance your pants off. Try the Return to Rio music festival in Wiseman’s Ferry, about an hour from Sydney. Held in November, it’s a sweet escape for underground house music fans, so you’ll love dressing up in wacky rave costumes and dancing to the beats.

You can also Check out Field day festival in the Domain set on the first day of the year. It’s known as the city’s most popular boutique music festival, and has a fun and super friendly atmosphere. The music is a mixture of hip-hop, house, indie, and electronic, and the artists come from all over the world. Take lots of photos, and if you happen to come across a PhotoBoothMe, don’t forget to grab some props, make funny faces and hashtag your photo before posting it!

honeymoons-in-sydneyNow that we’ve have shown you the loveliest spots in this wonderful city, our journey must come to an end—for now. The rest is up to you! Pack your camera and start exploring the true beauty of Sydney, and you can live the romantic getaway of your dreams.

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