Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding at Turtle Island Fiji

Turtle Island Fiji is known for its pristine beauty, privacy, and luxury. But when it comes to tying the knot here, couples have a wide variety of ways to do it. No matter which you choose, destination weddings on Turtle Island Fiji are always unforgettable. With a professional and dedicated staff to tend to every detail, all you need to worry about is saying "I do."

There are so many ways Turtle Island Fiji makes for the perfect island destination wedding location, it would be impossible to list them all. However, we picked our top five to show you just how special this private island resort really is for couples who want a sun-soaked wedding in paradise.

Island Buy Outs

turtle-island-fiji-weddingsWith the option to rent out the entire island just for your wedding party, you have an entire private island as your nuptial and post-nuptial playground accommodating up to 14 couples or families. It's the most luxurious way to treat yourselves to a wedding that few other brides and grooms could ever hope to rival.

Cultural Immersion

With a traditional Loloma Wedding, you can immerse yourselves in the island culture with uniquely Fijian touches. Opt for traditional Fijian wedding garb, light and airy in the warm sun and Pacific breeze, and arrive via raft rowed by a duo of Fijian warriors. Celebrate with traditional music and Fijian trumpets. You'll get lost in the blissful charm of Fiji's incredibly unique and rich culture, for a wedding unlike any your guests have ever seen.


turtle-island-fiji-weddingsThe community on Turtle Island Fiji is part of what makes it special. It's especially ideal for elopements, where couples are open to welcoming newfound friends they meet during their stay. For many couples, this becomes the most memorable part of your wedding! Couples tend to keep in touch with their new friends long after they leave with couples they met on the island. Your wedding is all the more priceless when it comes with a new friendship as well!

An Entire Island of Stunning Settings

turtle-island-fiji-weddingsAside from entire island buy-outs, Turtle Island Fiji offers three stunning destination wedding settings on its slice of Pacific paradise: Pick from a tropical mountain, the top of a sun-soaked cliff overlooking a sparkling pool, or on your own stretch of private beach. Being a private island resort, Turtle Island Fiji can offer more incredible settings than most other resorts out there.

Hollywood Glamour

When you stay at Turtle Island Fiji, you absorb a bit of Hollywood glamour along the way. After all, this iconic island was the setting for the castaway romance film The Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields. Marry like movie stars and become a part of cinematic history by soaking up the "blue lagoon" in real life along with Turtle Island Fiji's other postcard-perfect beaches, cliffsides, pacific mountaintops, and swaying palms. At Turtle Island Fiji, you can marry like celebrities with their special offer: Free inter-island transfers with a buyout, and a free Totoka ceremony with a 10 night stay.  Click here to book while availability lasts!

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