Top 5 Most Romantic Places in the Canary Islands

How would you like to walk hand-in-hand with the love of your life as the wind blows against your hair, sunshine kissing your skin, clean cool sea water above the sandy golden dunes tickling your feet as each wave rolls in? You must be in the Canary Islands, a stunning Spanish archipelago off the African coast. The Canaries are some of the best destinations for couples looking to escape, romance, renew their passion, and strengthen their loving bond.

These tranquil islands are just filled with romantic destinations and secrets to discover, offering seemingly unlimited choices for intimate couples’ escapades. Are you honeymooning? Planning a marriage proposal? Celebrating your 10th year anniversary? Or just want a special trip to a beautiful place to enjoy each other’s company? Each island in the Canaries has something to offer. So pack your bags and check out our picks for the most romantic places to visit in the Canary Islands!

Maspalomas Beaches & Shops on Gran Canaria

canary-isands-honeymoonsMaspalomas is a charming, tourist-friendly beach town on Gran Canaria, the second-most populous of the Canary Islands. Maspalomas is perfect for a laid-back romantic getaway. Whether you want to watch the sunset sipping cocktails on the gorgeous beachfront of Playa de Amadores, or prefer a fun stroll through the town’s vibrant galleries or fun shopping centers, Maspalomas proves to be an excellent escape with the love of your life.

Maspalomas offers an array of beautiful, well-appointed hotels with gorgeous coastal views. With generally calm and sunny weather year-round and inviting blue waters, the Playa de Maspalomas, Playa de Mogan, and Playa de Amadores can give you the ultimate sun, sea and sand experience. For couples who live for new experiences, you can also stroll the Dunas Maspalomas and ride a camel for a unique honeymoon date idea that you’ll never forget.

Charcos de los Clicos (The Green Lagoon) on Lanzarote

Couples banking on awe-inspiring scenery in the Canary Islands can't afford to miss Charcos De los Clicos on the island of Lanzarote. This spot is known as the “Green Lagoon, and it’s actually the crater of an extinct volcano that has become submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. The pond is green because of the algae that has settled into its depths, creating a striking contrast against the clear blue sky and beautiful black volcanic sand.

Swimming is prohibited in the lagoon, but the mere beauty of this natural wonder is enough to blow your minds. For an even more stunning visual feast, arrive in time to catch the sunset. Not only is the temperature milder, but there will be fewer other tourists and a breathtakingly romantic sky to behold.

Stargazing at Llano del Jable on La Palma

canary-island-honeymoonsThe Canary Islands are recognized for having some of the world's clearest night skies. At night, the cosmos comes alive with glittering stars that seem to dance against the dark. Couples love to stargaze in Canary Islands, and one of the best places to do it is in Llano del Jable in La Palma.

Arriving at the top of Llano del Jable puts you 1,200 meters above sea level, offering a splendid sight of the Ariadne Valley by day. Come as the sun sets and witness the colors swirling through the clouds and diffusing the skies with tints of yellow and orange. As it gets dark, the sky darkens into a dome of twinkling planets and moons and suns. The darker the night becomes, the more the night sky embraces you.

Even without telescopes and binoculars, you can quickly make out three well-known constellations in the sky: Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Pegasus. This stargazing experience is one-of-a-kind, and one of the most romantic things in the world to share with your partner.

San Cristobal de Laguna, Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is known for its robust size, modernity blended with old-world arichitecture and charm, and buzzing tourism scene. But it has a little-known secret that vacationing couples can take advantage of: the island's abundance of wineries.

Embark on a vineyard tour in the island's best wineries, and take a sip of some of the best Canarian wines at San Cristobal. Walk along San Cristobal's expansive vineyards, hand in hand with your other half, as your guide tells you all about their history and wine-making processes. It's is a great way to spend a few relaxing, carefree hours with your partner with light conversation, learning new things, and endless sips of wine along the way.

Explore the Valley Village of Hermigua on La Gomera

Hermigua is a stunning valley nestled at the foot of two mountains. The village of Hermigua is surrounded by the romantic valley scenery, with verdant evergreen plantations and deep, dramatic ravines. Perfect for hiking couples, the rich and beautiful trails of Hermigua lead to exciting historical sights like the Monastery El Convento de Santo Domingo, along with and multiple beaches along the coastal areas for plenty of sun, sand, and swimming.

Playa Hermigua is known for its large waves. While it's not advisable to go swimming here, you can bask in the peaceful beauty and relax, stealing kisses from your other half on the sandy beach. For couples that just must go swimming, check out nearby Playa de la Caleta. With calmer tides smaller waves, you can even spend long hours swimming or just sunbathe and picnic along the shoreline.

canary-islands-honeymoonsWith pleasant, sunny weather and incredible sights, The Canary Islands combine African and island scenery with Spanish European charm. They’re a honeymoon paradise, with endless great adventures for every visiting couple. Whether you want to spend all day at the beach, stroll through lively, historic old towns, hike along idyllic trails or get some of the best stargazing in the world, your getaway to the Canary Islands is a dream honeymoon you’ll never forget.

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