Top 5 Honeymoon Shopping Centers in Tokyo

Japan’s incredible landscapes, exciting neon cities, and ancient spiritual history makes it an amazing honeymoon destination. Tokyo is Japan’s most bustling city of all, and there’s tons to see and do here. However, you rarely find very many guides to making the most of the nearly endless shopping in this fast-moving cosmopolitan metropolis.

From world-class fashions to electronics and mementos, doing some shopping in Tokyo gives you a better sense for the culture of the city, makes for an exciting outing, and gives you souveniers to take home. Put on some jewelry or dresses you bought on your romantic escape in Tokyo, and those warm honeymoon feelings just come rushing back again.

Many shopping areas cater to a specific category of goods, like electronics or teen fashion, but there are several very large shopping malls filled with hundreds of stores selling goods of all kinds. When it comes to the thrill of shopping in Tokyo, these are five must-visit places to put on your itinerary.

Omotesando Hills

top-shopping-tokyoThis shopping complex was built in 2005 and contains more than 130 shops along a 250-meter stretch of Omotesando Avenue. This massive complex has a total of 12 floors, 6 above ground level and 6 below, with shops occupying the 6 middle floors. The floors are designed on a slope with zigzagging halls, maximizing their use of the space and adding a unique architectural appearance to the complex.

If you’re looking for upscale, high-end fashion and expensive goods, this is the place for you. With stores like Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Balmain, and Dior, the heights of the fashion world can easily be reached here. Many native Japanese shops also line the corridors, offering unique local items that are perfect for the honeymoon traveler.

Many different dining options are available as well, with everything from simple cafes to burgers and fries to steakhouses and traditional Japanese cuisine. Do some shopping and grab some lunch for a nice half-day retail date with your sweetheart.


top-shopping-tokyoIf you’re looking for something wholly unique and memorable, VenusFort is the perfect shopping mall for you. VenusFort is designed to resemble a European village from medieval times, and with its detailed old-world style architecture, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

Another completely unique characteristic of VenusFort is that it has its very own “sky,” thanks to the Sky Feature Program. Indoor artificial sunsets and sunrises circle about every 30 minutes, making you forget about time passing in the real world and giving you the surreal feeling of a honeymoon outing that lasts forever!

This mall is full of shops, restaurants, cafes, and even a movie theater. It is essentially divided up into three levels, each catering to a different category. The first floor is composed of many “lifestyle” stores as well as stores for kids and pets. A large home electronics dealer also takes up space here. The second floor is home to fashion for the whole family. Stores like Billabong provide casual comfort while Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger offer more upscale looks. Finally, the third floor offers an assortment of outlet stores, perfect for the thrifty shopper.


top-shopping-tokyoMore than a shopping mall or complex, Shibuya is an entire ward of Tokyo full of stores, restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs. This district is a great one-stop shop for a fun-filled honeymoon date night: grab a drink at a trendy bar, do some shopping, play a round at the arcade, grab a deluxe local sushi dinner prepared by a master chef, then dance the night away at local nightclubs.

The area is even heavy on bookstores, record stores, and art museums, so if you have a few free free days in Tokyo, Shibuya is definitely an area you could spend some time in whether you’re craving culture, cuisine, or clubs and discos. This is a great area for using Tokyo Pocket WiFi, as there are so many stores and services that it’s incredibly helpful to pull up an online map every now and then to point you in the right direction.

There are shops like Grimoire that sell girly vintage gothic clothing and knickknacks, Fake Tokyo which sells the latest in street fashion, and Lamp Harajuku which caters to the girly, but feminine fashionista crowd, all surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and bars. From egg tarts to craft beer to Japanese-style curry, you’ll be able to find tons of options to satiate your hunger and thirst.


top-shopping-tokyoIf you’re looking to satisfy expensive, high-end tastes, head over to Ginza, an upscale neighborhood of Tokyo lined with luxurious fashion, high-end beauty stores, and restaurants serving gourmet cuisine. The Ginza Wako building is one of this area’s landmarks: a clock tower built in 1932 that now houses jewelry and high-end fashion stores.

A brand new shopping center that opened in Spring 2017, the Ginza Six offers multiple floors of fashion and cosmetics with multiple dining options and several stores catering specifically to interior design enthusiasts. Then there’s Mitsukoshi, a twelve-story department store with a rich history dating back to 1673. Today, Mitsushoki offers all kinds of services and goods on every floor for shoppers. The Kabukiza Theater and Police Museum also call this district home, offering some cultural experiences to the plethora of shopping options.

Takeshita Dori

top-shopping-tokyoTakeshita Dori is in the popular Harajuku district, and is a very popular tourist spot. Visitors flock to this narrow road that’s known for being the heart of the kawaii, or “cuteness” culture, and a major influencer of Japanese and even American pop cultural trends and styles. Here you’ll find all kinds of the over-the-top girly clothing and accessories associated with the “Harajuku Girls” culture. If that’s not your style, move on to one the many 100 yen clothing stores lining the street. With cheap t-shirts and accessories, you’ll definitely be able to pick up some souvenirs for friends and family back home or something inexpensive to help you remember your Tokyo honeymoon.

Being a hotspot for tourists, this is an extremely crowded street, especially on weekends. If possible you should hit this area sometime during the week in the earlier hours of the day.

Other Shopping Centers in Tokyo

tokyo-shoppingAlthough these shopping malls and areas may offer the most in excitement and fun, there are tons of other shopping options in Tokyo. Being such a large, populated city means there are many different stores in many different areas to suit every imaginable taste and style.

You could spend weeks scouting around the city finding new favorites for shopping and cuisine. Make sure to plan ahead and do your research in order to visit the stores highest on your must-see list. Trying to plan after you’ve already arrived will be overwhelming, and you want to maximize your honeymoon time.

Adventurous couples can always try to ask a local which stores or areas they would recommend. You may find a gem off the beaten path that most tourists follow, and discover some hidden secret hotspots that only the locals know about. However you choose to it, enjoy your Tokyo honeymoon, and shop ‘till you drop!

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