Top 10 Most Viral Wedding Videos Ever

Sometimes they're inspiring. Sometimes they're embarrassing. Sometimes they're just plain odd. But regardless of what gets caught on camera, when wedding videos go viral, the brides and grooms behind them earn fifteen minutes of fame and a small spot in online video history. We thought we'd have some fun and dig up what we think might be the top ten most hilarious viral wedding videos of all time.

Will your wedding go viral? Become a meme? In the 21st century, anything is possible. But above all, we hope your wedding is the perfect day you've ever dreamed of -- even if the whole wide world never gets a chance to ooh, ah, or laugh at it.

First Dance Launches into Rollicking Rock & Roll Choreography

The first dance as newlyweds for this happy couple starts off conventionally enough. But with viral wedding videos, you should always expect the unexpected. Before long, bridesmen and groomsmaids flood the dance floor as the new husband and wife launch into a high-flying rock and roll first dance that includes half the wedding party!

Ed Sheeran Surprises Wedding Couple in Need

After a personaly tragedy struck this bride, her wedding took on an unavoidably bittersweet tone. But the fog was lifted immediately when pop star Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance as the wedding band. Organized by a radio show, the wedding started out normally enough, and no one ever expected a celebrity to take the stage. So needless to say, this bride, groom, and all their guests were blown away by the once-in-a-lifetime wedding treat that had been secretly arranged for them.

John Legend's Dog Wedding Music Video

Okay, so it's not a video of an actual wedding. But this adorable Jonh Legend music video featuring an irresistible pair of newlywed doggies is too charming not to include on the list. And since just about everything that pop music icon John Legend does goes viral, we figured it qualified .

Wild Maori Wedding War Dance Moves Bride to Tears

Viewed over 19 million times within just 24 hours of being uploaded, this video of an incredible Maori war dance at a part-Kiwi bride's wedding shows her being moved to tears by the passionate display. And with so many viewers, it goes to show that people around the world were just as touched as she was.

Groom Wows Bride with Surprise Wedding Flash Mob

A special wedding dance for the bride is one thing. A full-on flash mob is something else entirely! Coordinating beforehand with bridesmaids and other guests, this thoughtful groom surprised his new wife with a flash mob-style dance, getting off on the right foot by showing his bride that he goes above and beyond to make her happy.

Guests Blown Away as Groom Channels Michael Jackson

Man, this groom can dance. Channeling Michael Jackson, the newly-betrothed star of this video sent his wedding guests into a frenzy with his impressive imitation of Smooth Criminal . While he may not be the kingĀ  of pop, he definitely was the king of his wedding reception -- and we're sure he and his queen were humbled by the nearly 10 million viewers who tuned in to their video since being uploaded to YouTube.

Wedding Party Dances, Rolls, & Handstands Down the Aisle

An absolute craze after hitting the web back in 2009, this upload more or less spawned the entire "awesome wedding entrance" viral video category. The wedding party has a blast dancing, rolling, and handstanding their way down the aisle, and their entrance antics would be imitated by other viral-hopeful couples for years to come. And with nearly 95 million views, it's easy to see why!

Giggle Fits at the Altar (With an Audience of 19 Million)

Imagine that you're a bride, and your father's pants bust open and fall down while you're at the altar. Now imagine that you can't stop giggling about it, right when you should be saying "I do." Now imagine that it's all captured on your wedding video. Now imagine that almost 20 million people have seen it! Tha'ts exactly what happened to this chuckling couple after the video of their nuptial giggle fit went viral across the world.

Father & Daughter Take Wedding Dance to New Levels

This bride and her father took the "father and daughter dance" tradition to all new levels with this epic mash-up. Talk about fun! And with 21 million views, their dance routine is a permanent part of wedding (and viral video) history.

U.S. Marine Give His Sister a Heartfelt Surprise

All this teary-eyed bride wanted was for her beloved brother to attend her wedding, Unfortunately, that brother was an active duty United States Marine, and wouldn't be able to fly out to attend the ceremony -- or so his sister thought. When he surprises her by showing up in full fatigues, it draws more than a few tears...and with almost 33 million people having viewed the video, we think his inspiring gesture probably caused a few (million) other teary eyes as well!

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