Ten of the Most Romantic Lakes in the United States

The United States has its fair share of lakes, and many of them are truly amazing. While many lakes attract big crowds during the summer, there are others which are perfect for some peace and quiet or a romantic getaway. Below are 10 of the most romantic lakes in the United States.

1. Lake Chelan, Washington

01-lake-chelan_resized Photo Credit: Pixabay

Lake Chelan, located in north-central Washington, is the perfect place for romance year-round. Many couples get married, celebrate anniversaries, or take getaways at Lake Chelan.

How to spark romance- Go for a romantic stroll along the lake, get a taste of the many delicious local wines, watch the sunset, go horseback riding, or dine in one of the many excellent restaurants. Add 300 days of sunshine on top of that, and it’s easy to see why Lake Chelan makes for a perfect place for romance.

2. Lake Tahoe, California

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With its many world-class ski resorts located in the mountains that surround it, Lake Tahoe is bustling with tourists during all seasons. However, it is also fairly big, 191 square miles in area, so it also has its share of romantic spots.

How to spark romance- Take a gondola and soak in spectacular views of Lake Tahoe, get in a balloon to admire Emerald Bay from 10,000 feet, go on a private sunset cruise, or take romantic strolls in wildflower meadows.

3. Crater Lake, Oregon

03-crater-lake_resizedPhoto Credit: Stuart Seeger via Flickr

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, reaching a maximum depth of 595 meters (1,952 feet). This gem of a lake, set along the Pacific Crest Trail, is one of the clearest lakes in the country.

How to spark romance- Crater Lake National Park is one of the United States’ crown jewels. The sheer proximity to the deepest lake in the country, the magical blue color, and the dramatic surrounding cliffs which are almost 2,000 feet high, are guaranteed to ignite sparks.

4. Lake George, New York

04-lake-george_resizedPhoto Credit: Ben K via Flickr

Thomas Jefferson famously said about Lake George: "Lake George is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw; formed by a contour of mountains into a basin... finely interspersed with islands, its water limpid as crystal, and the mountain sides covered with rich groves.". Nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes, Lake George is located at the base of the Adirondack Mountains, in northeastern New York.

How to spark romance- Explore Lake George village on the southern shore of the lake, get on a hot-air balloon ride, sail away on a moonlight cruise and enjoy an evening under the stars, or simply watch one of the many fireworks shows offered throughout the summer.

5. Caddo Lake, Texas and Louisiana

05-caddo-lakePhoto Credit: texas.gov

Caddo Lake, which straddles the border between Texas and Louisiana, is an internationally protected wetland under the RAMSAR treaty, and it includes one of the largest flooded cypress forests in the United States.

How to spark romance- Caddo Lake is perfect for couples who are on the adventurous side. A visit to Caddo Lake is like an adventure back in time which will ignite your sense of wonder. Dotted with hyacinths and lilies, the lake blossoms with color during summer. You can stay at one of the great guesthouses around the lake to unwind, relax and explore the untamed beauty at Caddo Lake.

6. Lake Superior, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario

06-lake-superior_resizedPhoto Credit: Pixabay

Few people would probably think of Lake Superior as a romantic place. After all, it is the largest lake in the Americas, and the largest freshwater lake in the world. However, its big size also offers a wide array of options for people looking for romance, and couples will surely not mind the lake’s very clean water, the breathtaking vistas from the overlooks, and the gorgeous sunsets.

How to spark romance- Drive along the highways around Lake Superior, where you will find scenic overlooks with such breathtaking views, that you never forget them. You can stay at one of the many romantic lodges on the shores of the lake.

7. Lake Placid, New York

07-lake-placid_resizedPhoto Credit: Cole Camplese via Flickr

Lake Placid is located on the northern side of the village that bears the same name, in northeastern New York. The village actually hosted the 1932 and the 1980 Winter Olympics. The lake’s clear waters and the idyllic landscape make it a perfect spot for a getaway.

How to spark romance- Just relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery around Lake Placid, which is surrounded by woods and mountains. You can also take a scenic flight above Lake Placed, or hop on a gondola cruise on the nearby Mirror Lake.

8. Grand Lake, Colorado

08-grand-lake_resizedPhoto Credit: Wikipedia

Located on the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake is the largest and deepest natural lake in Colorado. The lake is surrounded by steep hills, which are covered in pine trees. Grand Lake’s beautiful blue waters make it a perfect beach destination, and the impressive peaks that surround it create an idyllic spot.

How to spark romance- Watch the beautiful fireworks show, which is consistently ranked as one of the best in the United States. It takes place on the 4th of July, during the Winter Carnival, on the New Year’s Eve, and on the last Saturday of Constitution Week. If you are up for it, enjoy many of the activities on and around the lake, or simply relax and sail away on the lake.

9. Lake Couer d'Alene, Idaho

09-lake-coeur-dalene_resizedPhoto Credit: D Taylor in Idaho via Flickr

Lake Coeur d'Alene is located in northern Idaho, and the city of Coeur d'Alene sits on the lake’s northern section. Lake Coeur d'Alene is a popular tourist destination during the summer, offering great beaches and incredible views.

How to spark romance- Try one of the many romantic accommodation options at the lake, one of which was named the world's most romantic getaway in 2008. Go on a scenic daytime cruise, a sunset dinner cruise, or Sunday brunch cruise from the Independence Point. You can also take a stroll through the beautiful downtown park, or visit the beach with its sparkling waters.

10. Lake Champlain, Vermont and New York

10-lake-champlain_resizedPhoto Credit: Pixabay

Most of Lake Champlain is located in Vermont and New York, but a small section also crosses the border into Canada. It is a big lake that covers 514 square miles.

How to spark romance- Go on a wine tour and see the beautiful rolling vineyards on the shores of Lake Champlain. Here you can meet the winemakers, taste special wine and cheese pairings, and enjoy a three-course lunch in the heart of the vineyards. Visiting couples also receive a delicious picnic lunch with local delights from nearby farms. Visiting in autumn? The foliage will take your breath away. Take a stroll on the shores of this magical lake, enjoy it from a cruise, or explore its beautiful islands.

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