Ten Luxurious Retreats for Newlyweds

A honeymoon is more than a vacation, it's a time to begin a journey with the love of your life. The chance for newlyweds to indulge in exclusive, lavish accommodations and service. The globe is full of luxurious getaways for newlyweds, so if you are ready to spare no expense for the honeymoon of a lifetime, check out this list of wonderful luxury retreats.

Bora Bora


Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, is one of the most romantic spots on the planet. Author James Michener in Tales of the South Pacific dubbed it "the most beautiful island in the world," and British explorer James Cook coined it the "pearl of the Pacific." A tiny island no more than 6 miles long and 2 miles wide, lush jungle surrounds dormant volcanoes and an aquamarine lagoon. Luxurious resorts are plentiful on blissful Bora Bora. The water is warm, the skies are sunny, and the locals are friendly.



You will never forget the black and red sands of Santorini's beaches. But that is just the tip of what this Cyclades Island in the Aegean Sea has to offer honeymooners. The island has a wealth of archaeological delights to explore from the preserved Ancient Akrotiri to the historic city of Manolas in Thirassia. From here you will have a stunning view of the caldera, the sparkling turquoise water that is the center of the islands of this archipelago. Thira is the largest and most populous island in the chain of isles. It is home to Santorini's major towns and is a popular port of call for cruise ships.



Private villas, crystal waters, and colorful sunsets abound on the Maldives. Gourmet room service and an in-room massage will have you living in the lap of luxury and a step above any trendy island paradise in the Caribbean or South Sea. But you will want to venture out and take advantage of scuba diving amid the colorful creatures surrounding the breathtaking coral reef.

It does take a bit more patience to get to this tropical getaway as there are no direct flights from the states. The Maldives are 500 miles southeast of Sri Lanka between the Arabian and Laccadive Seas making it a romantic, secluded honeymoon spot.

Rock Reef Resort, Florida Keys


Rock Reef Resort is one among many Florida Keys luxury resorts and proof that you don't have to travel on the other side of the world for a tropical honeymoon in paradise. Rock Reef is family owned and full of casual charm. Wake up to magnificent sunsets and tropical breezes by the Florida Bay.

Spend the days working on a terrific tan, building sandcastles, and planning dreams for your future surrounded by calm, sparking water and white sand. There are hammocks for reading and napping, and a 110-foot pier for fishing. The beachfront cottages at Rock Reef Resort are well-appointed and in a quiet, serene location.



It's hard to beat the Hawaiian Island of Maui for romance with its transcendent coastline and extraordinary marine life. The island has a natural beauty and way of life so mesmerizing that celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Oprah Winfrey have bought homes here. Experience award-winning restaurants, out-of-this-world beaches, quaint villages, and scenic hikes. Kapalua Bay is the one beach you don't want to miss. Rent a car and drive along the iconic Hana Highway for one of the world's best road trips. You will be amazed at the grandeur of the tropical seascapes and waterfall pools along the way.



The miles and miles of Tahiti's shoreline is dotted with dozen of resorts for the perfect tropical honeymoon. Still off the beaten path, Tahiti, a part of the French Polynesian archipelago, is more accessible than Bora Bora, and just as much of an exotic honeymoon destination. That is because of the lush forests adjacent to sandy shores and full pristine natural beauty.

Tahiti is the largest French Polynesian island (there are 118 of them)and most people refer to them as being two separate islands although they are joined by a small land bridge. Tahiti Nui is the northern section, and the largest. Smaller, less accessible Tahiti Iti is more secluded and preferred by honeymooners.



Fiji, a set of 333 islands, has the glittering sand, turquoise waters, and luxurious accommodations of other tropical getaways. What makes this honeymoon destination different is its other-worldliness. There is something intriguing about knowing that it is more that 1,300 miles from New Zealand. It is a feeling of seclusion that is more than a little romantic. Honeymooners mingle with adventure seekers, surfers and divers for an eclectic mix. Drink dizzying kava drinks and watch the locals walk across hot, glowing stones without burning their feet.

Kamalame Cay


Kamalame Cay is a private island resort only a 15-minute flight from Nassau. The 96-acre island is an isolated sanctuary, perfect for honeymooners. Ride around in your personal golf cart or languish on a private stretch of beach right outside your luxury villa. An excellent staff is at you beckon call when you desire something, and will disappear if privacy is needed. Have meals in your villa if you wish, and every morning, you will find a homemade breakfast in a wicker basket outside your door. Cocktails are served in the Great House. Take one to the dock and watch a gorgeous sunset.



Bali is a heavenly Indonesian island with a stunning landscape of towering volcanoes, green canopy, curving coastlines, pagodas, sandy shores, and azure waters. Honeymooners amid other travelers languish at the palace-like oceanfront resort to indulge in decadent cuisine, amazing spa treatments, and hours lazing in the sun. But there is another side to Bali that you don't want to miss. History buffs, and others will be thrilled by the island's many temples. After you blaze a trail to an active volcano in Kintamani, and experience the nightlife in the town of Kuta, you will declare Bali a dream come true.




For all things romantic, there is nothing like Tuscany in glorious northwest Italy. Tuscany is a favorite idyllic retreat for travelers to escape the hustle and bustle of Italy's large cities like Rome and Milan. Tuscany is a collage of Chianti wine, olives, authentic Italian dishes, warm sunshine, and cypress trees. Its castles turned hotels, sprawling vineyards and wineries are the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon.


Begin your married life's journey with an unforgettable honeymoon. It will be the trip of a lifetime, and provide you and your spouse with pleasurable memories for only the two of you to share. As time goes by, you won't regret splurging on a luxurious honeymoon.

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