The Ten Most Adventurous Ways to Get Married

You found the love of your life, someone as unique and adventurous as you are. You’ve been to plenty of traditional weddings but now it’s your turn and you want your special day to be as wild and incredible as your love is. So forget tradition, chug several energy drinks, and get married on your own terms. Here are ten of the most outrageously adventurous ways to say “I do.”


Photo Courtesy Vegas Extreme Skydiving

Jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet and free fall at 120 miles per hour with your partner, your officiant, and anyone else brave enough to join!

Pros include: Spectacular views; mixing the adrenaline rushes of free fall and committing to your life partner.

Cons include: About 30 seconds for the entire ceremony; if your parachute doesn’t open, you’ve only got another 30 seconds to be married.

Southeast Asian Treehouse

Photo Courtesy The Gibbon Experience

Ever dream of staying in a Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse? In the country of Laos, you can stay in a variety of truly incredible treehouses built hundreds of feet above the jungle wilderness. Bring a local priest and get married in a picturesque natural setting.

Pros include: The only way to and from the treehouses is via zipline, an adventure of its own; wedding guests include lots of fellow primates swinging through the trees.

Cons include: Rainwater showers sound romantic but they’re actually icy cold; wildlife is great – until it consists of native tarantulas and scorpions.

Au Naturel

OK, so no photograph for this adventurous wedding idea, but search Google images for “naked wedding.” That’s right – for those couples who celebrate both adventure and nudism, you can marry your partner right on the beach in your birthday suit!

Pros include: Unite with your partner exactly the way God made you; no need for expensive wedding apparel.

Cons include: Might get sand in your nether region; potentially awkward if you want your parents to attend.


The Summit of Mt. Everest

Photo Courtesy Charleton Churchill Photography

Climb 29,000 feet above sea level where the temperature is 20 degrees below zero and the air pressure is one-third of what our lungs are used to. This incredible couple did it!

Pros include: Life-long respect; you’ll have no trouble fitting into your wedding dress after burning the approximately 40 trillion calories you’ll need.

Cons include: There are no good reception venues at the summit; given that 5% of Everest climbers die en route, your marriage might be brief.

Scuba Diving

Photo Courtesy Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahama

If you and your partner are avid divers, then what better way to tie the knot than 50 feet under water? Fly to Cozumel, Roatan, or Australia, strap on your BC, and drop below the surface for a memorable wedding.

Pros include: Surrounded by reefs and thousands of tropical fish, you and your new spouse will enjoy amazing wedding photos for years to come; save on a wedding dress.

Cons include: “You may now kiss the bride” might be tricky; decompression sickness can spoil the wedding night.

Neogothic Tower

Photos Courtesy Agora Grand Event Center and Russell Caron Wedding Photography

Climb to the top of Maine’s tallest tower and get married with sweeping views of the surrounding city.

Pros include: Have an intimate wedding twenty stories up in a 19th-century Neogothic tower; have your reception on-site and then retire to America’s only honeymoon suite built in a church tower.

Cons include: Several of your wedding guests may be pigeons; climbing 20 floors’ worth of ladders could wreak havoc on that $3000 wedding dress.


Full Moon Party

Every month, the tiny Thai island of Koh Phangan comes to life in a party so full of debauchery that even the most seasoned and caffeine-fueled clubbers can barely keep up. Bring an officiant and get married amidst the lights and sounds of this outrageous party.

Pros include: If you ever dreamed of thousands of inebriated tourists congratulating you and offering you plenty of booze at your wedding, this is the place for you; when the party is over, the Thai islands offer some of the best beaches, diving, and sailing on the entire planet.

Cons include: There are no bathrooms but there is a big ocean – so skip the dip; make sure to take plenty of pictures because you may not remember your wedding in the morning.

Vomit Comet

Photo Courtesy Zero Gravity Corporation


Train like real astronauts and take a ride in the Vomit Comet, a plane that takes passengers on parabolic flights that simulate weightlessness. Each mission consists of 15 “freefalls” lasting about 30 seconds each.

Pros include: Get married and attack your bucket list at the same time; it’s about as close as you can get to becoming an astronaut without paying $20 million to take an actual rocket to outer space.

Cons include: At $5000 a person, even the tiniest wedding could break the bank; there is a chance you might throw up on your new spouse.

Marriage in the Sky

Photo Courtesy Dinner in the Sky


Get a crane to lift you and your entire wedding party a couple hundred feet in the air and then have your nuptials with sweeping views.

Pros include: You can choose your location, depending on availability; you’ll always win the game of “Whose wedding was the most unique?”

Cons include: Did your partner stutter because he’s having second thoughts, or just afraid of heights; if it’s too windy, you and your entire wedding party could turn into a motion-sick pendulum.


Photo Courtesy The Wedding Location

 Hop on a luxury cruise ship out of Buenos Aires or Patagonia and head to Antarctica to wed the love of your life. You’ll have to pay a little extra to tender to the icy continent – as Antarctica has no ports – but you’ll create the memories of a lifetime.

Pros include: The scenery is unbelievably pristine and gorgeous; after your wedding, warm up on the cruise ship with cocktails on the lido deck and a spontaneous reception at the midnight buffet.

Cons include: Your fiancée might get distracted by penguins; since Antarctica is not under the jurisdiction of any country, your wedding may not, technically, be legally binding.

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Andrew Knight is the owner of the Agora Grand Event Center in Maine, a recent groom, and a blogger who loves writing about unique weddings, honeymoons, and wedding planning. Visit his website here.

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