Six of Mazatlan's Best Kept Secrets

Mazatlan itself is one of Mexico's best-kept secrets...but the truth is, the treasures that lie within Mazatlan's borders give couples a whole world of  romantic secrets to discover. At the risk of exposing them to too many honeymooners, we felt it just wouldn't be right if we didn't share our favorites. These six fun, romantic spots and activities in Mazatlan are just too delightful to pass up if you're planning on a honeymoon in Mazatlan.

Baseball Crazy

mazatlan honeymoonsMany foreign visitors don't know it, but Mazatlan is baseball crazy! Their local team, los Venados, is one of the top in the country and it seems like everyone in town is a fan. This makes for extra special honeymoon occasions for baseball-loving couples, who can inquire with the hotel's front desk to inquire about snagging some tickets.

Rooftop Drinks at Bar 15

mazatlan-honeymoonsBar 15, at the trendy new Holiday Inn Hotel, is the only rooftop bar in town! One of the most romantic spots you can find is the table at the left end of the bar. Start sharing a drink just before sunset, and watch as the panoramic ocean view becomes covered in twinkling stars.

Outrageous Breakfast Buffet at El Cid

mazatlan-honeymoonsBreakfast and brunch nuts owe it to themselves to hit up the outrageous breakfast buffet at El Cid Marina Resort. The amazing breakfast array includes chilaquiles poblanos, srimp crepes, machaca, and other Mexican specialties in addition to familiar international favorites. Better yet, you'll never tire of the beautiful view of the marina and El Cid's destination wedding gazebo across the water.

Joe's Oyster Bar

mazatlan-honeymoonsJoe's Oyster bar is famous for the wild and crazy party pandemonium that it stages after dark.  However, few couples stop to discover that it's also one of the best places on the beach for two to share a quiet drink and watch the dramatic, dream-making sunset. To make a night of it, go early and stay late. You'll never have to put on shoes or dress up!

Mazatlan Old Town

mazatlan-honeymoonsFollow the blue line to explore neighborhoods in the old part of town. Begin at the cruise ship port, where you'll find the line painted onto the sidewalk. A leisurely 15-minute walk will lead you to the delightful historic district.

Lunch at the Sunset Restaurant

mazatlan-honeymoonsIf you'd like to spend a leisurely lunch on the beach without the sand, visit Sunset, the seaside restaurant at the Pacific Palace Hotel. It looks like a rustic shack but offers all the comforts of home with a wonderful choice of food and drinks a few steps above the sand. You may want to stay here until siesta time!

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