The Most Romantic Campgrounds in the US

Planning a romantic getaway? Nothing makes life more enchanting for couples than taking a break from the stresses of life to enjoy nature’s beauty. Truth is, a romantic getaway can be one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship. However, finding a couple-friendly spot is key. Check out some of our favorite romantic campgrounds in the US from our guest blogger, Paul Watson from

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Taking a stroll and enjoying a couple of romantic nights at Silver Falls State Park will remind you what you’ve been missing while staying indoors. Located at the lower ends of Cascade Mountains, this park offers natural wonders that will make your romantic getaway worth remembering. From special nights you won't want to end to the Trail of Ten Falls, Silver Falls will keep you busy all day.

The trail begins above a 100-foot waterfall, but when you continue to explore the area, you will come across a variety of waterfalls on both sides of the trail. Rated among the biggest parks in Oregon, Silver Falls offers a range of exploration options including hiking, biking as well as equestrian trails.


Chippokes Plantation State Park Campground, Virginia 

They call it the oldest working farm, but this Chippokes Plantation State Park Campground has, without a doubt, stood the test of time. The campground offers a variety of accommodations including its antebellum-style home, outbuilding in the neighborhood and Chippokes Mansion - which gives lovebirds an opportunity to experience an outstanding Seventeenth century lifestyle.

Take a trip to the ground’s historic park, located close to James River banks. Choose from a variety of exciting activities including horseback riding, hiking, outdoor pool and more. Fans of the wildlife, the park offers you a chance to view bald eagles, river otters and more.


North Bend Park and Campgrounds, Virginia

Hoping to find a spot that will offer you some alone time? North Bend Park and Campgrounds should be at the top of your list. Nestled on a hand-made lake and about 50,000 acres, this campground offers you a secluded beach experience, perfect for some couple bonding. The grounds also provide a ton of activities including fishing, sunbathing and wading in the calm waters.

North Bend is the perfect spot to spend your entire night around a fire, enjoying your favorite campfire meals. Remember to invest in a grill, our recommendation - the best camping grill. During the day, hike or bike along the park’s grounds. And don’t forget to take some time to watch an epic sunset on the calm lake waters in the evening.


 Stephen C. Foster State Park, Georgia

Nothing makes couples feel more connected than finding themselves in the middle of Mother Nature’s fantasy. If you enjoy watching sea animals swim, taking a trip to Stephen C. Foster State Park will blow your mind. This campground is a haven that will open your eyes to nature’s hidden beauty.

It is also the only spot where you will find Okefenokee Swamp, rated among the seven natural wonders in Georgia. Stephen C. Foster State Park offers the opportunity to see some amazing water and jungle animals including turtles, herons, alligators and even some deer. All you need to do is paddle across its mythical waters. Make sure to set up your tent under one of its numerous cypress trees to enjoy a wonderful breeze.


Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania

Pine Grove Furnace State Park is known for its outdoor activities, and we promise the spot will woo couples with its natural romance. This campground sits on a 696-acres and comes with almost everything an outdoor enthusiast would love.

The Park also offers many activities that will keep you busy, from taking a trip along the historical trail to visiting the quartzite outcrop located at the Pole Steeple Overlook. Museum lovers can check out the Appalachian Trail Museum, the first museum in the area that favored hiking. Spend the evenings relaxing along the Laurel Lake.


Grayson Highlands State Park Campground, Virginia

One thing that will strike you the first time you step on Grayson Highlands State Park Campground is the mind-boggling panoramic view. If you thought that ancient wildlife was long gone, think again. This campground offers you a chance to experience nature like you’ve never done before.

Set up your tent on the native grasses, spend a romantic night snuggled with your partner and wake up to experience a breathtaking view of the roaming wild ponies. It is among the few campsites in the area with miles of self-guided trails that will lead you to fantastic sceneries including Mount Rogers, waterfalls as well as the wild ponies.


In our busy lives, couples need to make time to enjoy each other. We often get weighed down with urgent work matters and deadlines, putting family on the backburner occasionally. Sometimes this can put a strain on your relationship so it is a good idea to getaway. Take a break, forget your daily pressures and become one with nature. Enjoy one of these six fantastic campgrounds and watch your smiles grow and stresses slip away. Just don't forget to include all the vital items when planning your camping checklist.

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