Five Romantic Rides for Sweethearts

Looking for some excitement on your honeymoon? How about hopping on a bike for a romantic ride? For those adventure-seeking couples or those who revel in nature, motorbiking is the perfect way to spend the day!

Some might prefer the wind in their hair with a convertible, but you can't beat the freedom a motorbike offers. Be it taking pictures, selfies or halting in between, with a motorbike it’s easier and fun. Plus, the cuddling on a bike can't be beat. Image holding your sweetheart close while your ride off into the sunset, the wind in your hair. Certainly, there’s nothing more romantic.

Are you ready to grab a bike and ride off into the sunset now? Read on to learn about five of our favorite rides - that we highly recommend for any couple!

Great Ocean Road: 150 Miles

Heading to Australia for your honeymoon? Make sure you check out the roads on Great Ocean Road, Australia. One of the most scenic coastal rides around. Ride through the iconic 12 Apostles rock formations, rainforests and even waterfalls.

With so many activities en route, it’s worth staying overnight and discovering the action. Take in the crashing surf, chill on the beach or enjoy a coastal walk. A fan of surfing or just been dying to try? Grab your surfboard and hit the beach! Make friends with the wildlife at the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, home to over 200 kangaroos and koalas. Take time to stroll around the surfing towns and coastal villages. The Wreck Beach walk allows you to walk the shoreline while exploring two ships wrecks from the 19th century. Capture stunning photos of the waterfalls and cascades near Lorne or Apollo Bay. You could even pack a picnic for a memorable day out.

Pacific Coast: 130 Miles

Honeymooning in California? We definitely recommend the Pacific Coast! Not only are you right beside the beautiful blue ocean, but the terrain is just as stunning. Ride through redwood forests, picturesque meadows, glorious valleys and crashing waterfalls. Take a romantic stroll and drop in for some amazing dishes at the restaurants midway.

There are countless spots for breathtaking photo ops. An animal lover? You are in for a real treat. You have the possibility of seeing otters, sharks, whales, pelicans and sea lions along the way. Stop by Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and take advantage of their hiking trails. There are a number of accommodation options for an overnight stay.

Death Valley: 160 Miles

Death Valley. The name is quite deceiving. Death and romance don't necessarily go hand in hand. But a ride through Death Valley is an amazing experience, filled with incredible scenery. Around every new bend is a beautiful spring. The valleys are filled with beautiful flowers while the jagged mountains glisten in the backdrop. Though stops are limited through Death Valley, there are campsites along the way, as well as a select number of motels, for those who wish to overnight.

Rocky Mountain High Loop: 180 Miles

The hairpin bends and sweeping, curving roads that take you through the Rocky Mountain National Park are perfect if you need an excuse to hold on tight. Cross the “Roof of the Rockies”, which is more than 12,000 feet above sea level, and admire the snow-topped mountains on this scenic route.

Fan of hiking? There are a number of trails you can visit. Milner Pass is a great pick, taking you through the Never Summer Range and Forest Canyon. Keep your eyes peeled for some moose as you make your way around the trail. Don't forget to make a stop at the Alpine Visitor Centre  to enjoy a warm drink while enjoying the stunning views. Near the end of your ride you will hit Grand Lake. Take a break and enjoy some water sports or just a day by the water.

Amalfi Coast: 400+ Miles 

Europe on your honeymoon itinerary? Italy is a must-visit and there is no drive more stunning than the Amalfi Coast! Though it is a long, it is worth the drive.

Take your time and spend the week enjoying the ultimate road trip. With some of the best foods and wines around, Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world. With an abundance of culture, beautiful villages and breathtaking coastline on the way, you’ll be spoiled. Some stops we recommend - Naples, Sorrento, Positano and Tivoli. And Rome is the perfect start and ending to this epic road trip.


Whether planning a honeymoon or just a romantic rendezvous for two, these rides are worth the trip. Just make sure you save some room in your luggage for your riding boots.

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