Favorite Celebrity Wedding Crashers

All couples get a little anxious for those unexpected wedding guests. However, ever since Jeremy and John started crashing weddings looking for love, sharing their witty stories and smooth dance moves, crashing weddings has become a “thing”. So what happens when a celebrity just pops in on your “happily ever after”? That nightmare may just turn out to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Here are some celebrities we wouldn’t mind crashing our big day!

Lady Gaga

While heading to a show in Australia, Lady Gaga came across a reception at an Intercontinental Hotel. She not only took pictures with the wedding party, but she also bought them drinks. Gaga will always be welcomed at our wedding!

Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien can add “crashing weddings” to his list of things he does in his free time. Back in 2013, Conan showed up at an Atlanta wedding after jokingly being invited by a fellow guest on Twitter. Surprise, surprise, the late-night host took the guest up on the offer showed up at the reception and took photos with all the guests.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about love stories. So it comes as no surprise when the Grammy winner surprised wedding guests after receiving a heartfelt letter from a groom’s sister. She even performed a stripped down version of her song “Blank Space”.

Justin Timberlake

While enjoying some lunch (and maybe a round of golf) at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire, Justin Timberlake made a wedding couples’ day a little more special by popping in to say hello. Best. Wedding gift. Ever.

Serena Williams

A bathing suit seems like fitting attire to a wedding, right? There were no complaints from a wedding couple celebrating on Miami Beach when tennis star Serena Williams asked for a picture while enjoying some fun in the sun.

Ed Sheeran

While many couples choose Ed Sheeran's ballads for their first dance, this Australian couple somehow managed to get Ed Sheeran to sing live at their reception. The newlyweds got the ultimate surprise when Sheeran came to the wedding unannounced and performed his hit, "Thinking Out Loud" in 2015. We definitely fall in love with Ed every single day.


I mean, who wouldn’t want the Queen Bee to crash their wedding. While on holiday with her husband Jay Z in Portofino, Italy, Beyoncé inadvertently crashed an unsuspecting couple's wedding while touring a local church. The singer happily posed for photos with the beaming bride, who seemed more than happy about the interruption.

Tom Hanks

A true gentleman, Mr. Hanks has made a couple of wedding appearances, from escorting a bride while in Rome filming Angels & Demons to stopping to wish a bride his well wishes while filming Forest Gump to crashing a couple’s wedding shoot while strolling through Central Park.


Whether they are showing up in bathing suits, buying the party drinks or swooning us all with their lovely ballads, there are some celebrities that will always be welcomed to crash our weddings. Who is on your list?

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