7 Reasons to Have Your Wedding & Honeymoon in Bali with The Seven Agency

With it’s relaxed atmosphere and dreamy landscapes, Bali is top on the list of the world’s most romantic destinations. The Seven Agency and The Seven Holiday are leaders in organizing tailor made weddings and honeymoons on this beautiful island. If you are planning to have a wedding or honeymoon in Bali, The Seven Agency is THE best partner to provide you with everything you are looking for… and more! Check out our seven reasons why The Seven Agency is the perfect pick.


1. The Most Experienced Wedding Planner in Bali

There are no doubts that organizing weddings is a very intricate process. The dedicated team at The Seven Agency has organized over 2,500 weddings in Bali just in the last few years. They take enormous pride in the fact that they have been trusted by so many couples to arrange the most important day of their life. Along with the dedicated team, their website provides useful information about the different options available, as well as first hand accounts of previous events within their portfolio. Both these facets combined together give potential clients a good idea of The Seven Agency’s vast experience and provides you with exactly what types of weddings are available.

Want to learn more? Check out The Seven’s portfolio page and official The Seven’s Facebook page where you will find dozens of reviews from past clients.

2. Unique Tailor Made Approach

The Seven Agency’s motto is: We do not just organize weddings. We realize your dreams. A tailored approach from the most experienced team makes all the difference. So what do they mean by “tailored approach” at The Seven? For the most part, ‘tailored’ or ‘personal’ weddings are run by one or two people who usually hire freelancers for their events. Lets see what The Seven Agency website says on this matter:

We believe that our very experienced, specialized and professional team makes us stand out from the rest. Indeed, how can we find enough quality time for our customers if we are a “one-woman-show” wedding planner and do everything alone: reply to emails, meet the clients, choose the decorations, create a schedule and much more? What if this one man or one woman wedding organizer get sick? And how can they ensure perfection if they use some freelancers for organizing events, who may not be well- trained or may even be unavailable for a particular wedding event?

Unlike many other wedding planners or hotel staff, we have a large in-house team (42 Bali-based employees and over 20 staff in other destinations), and widely use specialization through every step during the creation of your fairytale wedding, starting with our chat-manager when you first speak to us online, and ending with a wedding butler whilst you are enjoying your special day!

It is also worth noting that The Seven Agency Indonesia is legally registered in Bali but run by western management. So these guys can speak your language and understand all expectations and quality standards. They are also a member of all the travel (ASITA) and wedding (Bali Wedding Association) associations.

Check out The Seven Agency’s spacious office in the heart of Kuta area and meet the team.

3. Great Options at an even Better Cost

The team from The Seven told us that they work with all the best venues and vendors in Bali. Indeed, we took a peek at their wedding packages page and found a variety of breathtaking options. Their easy to use booking system enables their clients to choose a package within each component, which is outlined with pictures, prices and a description. Their website provides final pricing without any hidden fee... a breath of fresh air! The Seven believes that their achievements could not be possible without the help of their vendors and partners: decorators and florists, catering providers, photographers, make-up artists and many more.

Check out their wedding packages, additional services and decoration styles. See how they select their suppliers through The Seven Agency vendors examination system.

4. Individual Styling Services

The Seven Agency has an in-house professional stylist who is ready to create a unique style for wedding decorations or the full wedding concept. As soon as a client requests this service, The Seven’s wedding stylist will get in touch to find out more about their specific needs and expectations so that they are able to create the perfect experience for the happy couple. Even better – this service is cost-free for clients who book their individual styling with The Seven Agency!

Check out Styling services by The Seven Agency.

5. Global Management Team

Having a global management team ensures that The Seven Agency is able to interpret, understand and respond accordingly to the diverse needs and expectations of their international client base. Every member of the team, including those based on the ground in Bali, receive training so that the standard of delivery and service is of the highest possible quality. In short, they speak your language, they understand what you need and they deliver.

Check out their team photo here

6. Exclusive In-House Wedding Planner for Club Med Bali and Maldives 

The Seven Agency’s quality delivery has been internationally recognized through their appointment as the exclusive in-house wedding planner for Club Med Maldives and Bali. The Seven Agency was carefully selected from thousands of wedding planners worldwide to organize wedding events for Club Med’s direct clients and guests at their resorts in the Maldives and Bali. Being chosen by such a widely recognized hotel chain is testament to the passion and dedication of the whole team at The Seven and they are honored to be linked to such a well established and respected brand.

Check out the official website of Club Med.

7. The Seven Honeymoon

The Seven Holiday is a sister company of The Seven Agency and it specializes in romantic journeys with the firm belief that honeymoons should be different from ordinary holidays! This is the beginning of a whole new life together so every moment should be sprinkled with romance. The Seven Holiday must have some extremely romantic people on their team because the unique packages that they craft for each lucky couple are divine. From accommodation in exceptional boutique hotels and villas that are constructed and designed with newlyweds in mind (these can be booked through The Seven Holiday with the best possible rates) to romantic sunset picnics on the cliff overlooking the Indian ocean with a bottle of crisp, cold wine carefully selected from the private Italian winery in Bali. Lucky couples can also enjoy fresh oysters from the Java sea (that are exclusively presented on the Island by their team), spa pampering in idyllic locations, dreamy photo-shoots, dinners, romantic gifts, flowing champagne and stunningly picturesque tours oozing with romance. What unforgettable experiences for the newlyweds!

See the ready-to-go unique honeymoon packages and find out more about The Seven Holiday service.

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding and honeymoon - it’s so much more than ‘just a day’ right? The Seven Agency seems to understand this completely. Their vast experience has taught them that every bride is utterly unique, and so every wedding experience should be one of a kind. Couples are offered a vast array of options packaged in a way that makes it easy to choose, by a team that speaks your language and understands your preferences because they take the time to get to know you. And the fact that they were specifically selected by an international resort proves that they can be trusted to deliver only the best. To top it all off, they can also offer the same level of options, quality and special touches to your honeymoon. What a way to begin your amazing journey together!

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