Ten Hottest Honeymoon Destinations of 2017

Every year there's a set of new hot destinations for honeymooners. But whether its a sun-soaked island or a cliff-hugging Mediterranean village, it isn't always to predict what the year's most popular getaways will be. Fear not, however. Here at Honeymoons.com, we love a good challenge!

That's why we took a stab at predicting the hottest honeymoon destinations of 2017. The countries made it onto our list for their stunning beauty, unique and unforgettable couple's activities, and overall romantic potential. Read on to gaze into our crystal ball and give you our 6 hottest honeymoon destinations for 2017.

10) Belize


Always a favorite for its unforgettable opportunities to adventure through beaches, jungles, and reefs, Belize is a Caribbean honeymoon wonderland. Quiet tropical cayes,  jungle waterfalls, and the world's largest underwater sinkhole are just the beginning. It's a destination where you don't have to go looking for  tropical adventure or island bliss, because both are always at your doorstep. Of course, with romance packages at top resorts like the idyllic Chabil Mar Placencia, squeezing the most out of your Belize honeymoon becomes even easier.

9) Bali


From stunning beaches to ancient temples, Bali is just as perfect a honeymoon destination for sun junkies as it is for history buffs. And with such an incredible variety of tropical scenery, it also provides some of the world's most unforgettable backdrops for destination weddings both on and off the beach.

8) Switzerland


With landscapes, castles, and villages magical as the fairy tales they helped inspire, Switzerland is a picturesque honeymoon destination year-round. Adventurous couples can see the country by rail or go skiing in the alps, wine lovers can kick back and relax with a bottle of Europe's finest, and everyone else can bask in the charm of a country where even the "big cities" are quaint escapes.

7) Vietnam


Vietnam offers adventurous escapes to untamed beaches, snorkeling in sparkling bays, and vibrant cities with some of the world's best street food. Historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites provide no shortage of cultural activities, while the exhilirating scenery of Halong Bay provides a playground for boating, climbing, and relaxation. Laze, toast, and celebrate at luxurious resorts or strap on your heavy boots and rough it through the jungle. Experience nature or explore the bustle of Hanoi. In Vietnam, there's something for everyone. The common denominator? Breathtaking scenery and an endless supply of things to see and do.

6) Scotland


Gorgeous castles and architecture, rolling green hills, and hundreds of small islands off the coast...Scotland offers much more than one of the world's most popular whiskies. It's a history-rich destination with pleasant summers and enough quaint scenery to make Mr. Rogers jealous.

5) Carmel, CA


We have to admit, we hesitated before adding this one. Not because it's not an incredible honeymoon destination, but because it's so small and charming, we were afraid of letting California's best-keep honeymoon secret out of the bag! Carmel-by-the-Sea  is known for its serene coasts and European-inspired design. From restaurants to Bed and Breakfasts, every business here feels like it was transported from an alternate reality where the simple charm of the past never faded away. A funky art scene, relaxing restaurants, world-class wine tours, and white-sand beaches give Carmel, CA an ideal formula for honeymoon perfection.

4) Amelia Island, FL


Easily accessible just 13 miles off the coast of Florida, Amelia Island is a starry-eyed lover's dream come true. Pristine beaches, gorgeous golf courses,, fancy restaurants, funky bistros, artisan shops, and festivals year-round make Amelia Island a little-known honeymoon gem. And without the crowds of mainland Florida to distract you, Amelia Island becomes a true must-see romantic getaway for any couple craving an idyllic island destination without the hassles of passports, long flights, or foreign languages to slow you down.

3) St. Lucia


Voted five times in a row as the world's top honeymoon destination by the World Travel Awards, St. Lucia is known for its easygoing pace and stunning tropical beauty. Whether you take advantage of it by hiking through a jungle and scaling a volcano, or just lying back on the beach and soaking in steaming thermal springs all day, the island is your oyster. Speaking of oysters, world-class restaurants at resorts like the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa let you enjoy intimate couple's dining along with exciting romantic activities, all arranged directly from your hotel.

2) Lake Louise, Alberta


The alpine landscape of Lake Louise combines calm, sparkling waters with snow-capped mountains and rocky coasts peppered with evergreens. It's an adventure honeymoon wonderland where skiing, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, cycling, and other outdoor activities let active couples explore an endless natural playground. Go in the summer for pleasant warm weather, or make yours a winter escape, with every snow-filled day capped by an evening snuggling by the fireplace with two glasses of red wine. The aptly-named Paradise Lake Lodge & Bungalows is just one of many incredible resorts here. It's the perfect place for couples to enjoy a delightfully rustic honeymoon surrounded by the region's world-class scenery, all while still being pampered like a queen and king.

1) Los Cabos, Mexico


It's easy to see why Los Cabos, Mexico has become a decadent destination favorite for famous athletes, musicians, and Hollywood actors. From Michael Jordan to Jennifer Aniston, you can honeymoon like the stars in a luxurious beachfront bungalow, a five-star resort, or a cruise ship with every amenity under the sun. Save money with romance packages that include everything from couples' spa treatments to a private dinner on the beach, and you can get the honeymoon of your dreams without needing a celebrity's bank account.

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