Why Flying Upper Class on your Honeymoon is Worth the Splurge

So you've just spent months, maybe even years, planning a wedding, and the stress that leads up to the big day can often be very overwhelming. We've heard it a million times: “ I just can't wait 'till the honeymoon”.  But traveling can be another added layer of stress and extremely exhausting.  If you are willing to splurge on a suite, why not splurge on a first class airline experience? When flying first class, the honeymoon starts from the minute you arrive at the airport, and you feel so refreshed by the time you grab your luggage and head off to your honeymoon destination.  So here are a few reasons why flying upper class on your honeymoon is worth the splurge.

  • The Lounge

    Every airline offers a lounge to upper class travelers. Some lounges are above and beyond, and others are just good but regardless, they all (for the most part) offer free beer and wine (cocktails for many airlines), snacks, free wifi and a cozier place to wait until it's time to board.

  • The Greeting

    Before taking off, get refreshed with a hot towel and a glass of champagne and cheers to your new wife or hubby.

  • The Dining Experience

    It's no secret -  most airlines don't serve the most delectable food on flights. In first class, it's a whole different story. Sometimes the meals on a first class flight will be as good as some you end up having on your trip! So have your first fancy splurge meal on your flight en route to your destination.

  • The Sleep

    Sleep is crucial, especially when traveling abroad, and jetlag can be brutal. Having pajamas and a lay flat bed provides the extra comfort needed to get a good nights' sleep before arriving to your honeymoon destination. Depending on the distance and length of flight, having that extra comfort can be a life-saver!

  • The Service

For some reason, the service is just better in first class! It’s your honeymoon, which only happens once in a lifetime! Splurging on a first or business class airline ticket will have you and your new spouse feeling refreshed and ready to begin your amazing getaway.

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*featured image courtesy of Emirates Airlines.

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