Why a Bali Honeymoon

There is no other place like Bali. The Island of the Gods offers everything you need for the perfect honeymoon destination. One of approximately 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali certainly stands out in the crowd. Offering great beaches, jaw dropping sunsets and an abundance of cultural experiences, this beautiful island has stolen the hearts of many first time visitors, driving them to return again and again. But why are couples so smitten? Read on for our take.

Rich with Culture and Traditions

There is probably no population more aware of its own ethnic identity than the Balinese. Inhabitants are widely know as graceful, poised and content people and first timers get a sense of their warmth as soon as they arrive. Every visitor to Bali is touched by it’s unique and fascinating culture and traditions. Even in the holiday hotspots, tourists can experience elements of Balinese culture through traditional carvings, dance performances and paintings. The island is filled with the scent of incense that burns in the many beautifully carved Hindu temples, tantalizing the senses.

So Much to Offer

A typical Bali honeymoon usually consists of lots of sun, beaches and a mouthwatering choice of cafes and restaurants. All topped off with those warm welcoming Bali smiles. Most visitors head to the popular southern spots of Kuta or it’s slightly more upmarket neighbor, Seminyak. But those honeymooners who are willing to explore a little bit deeper can enjoy some of Bali’s best-kept secrets.

Planning a Bali Honeymoon

With so many options available, it is wise to use an experienced agency that can help plan your getaway so that you make the most of every minute. Whether you are seeking a simple budget break, or a full on romantic journey of blissful luxury, an agency can help you plan and implement your experience.

 Honeymoon Options

Bali’s diverse geography offers choices for all types of honeymoon breaks. With it’s lush green forests, tall mountains, rivers, mangroves, beaches, coral reefs and acres of emerald green rice paddie fields - couples seeking something a little different can have fun planning the perfect post wedding adventure.

Tailor-Made Bali Honeymoon Breaks

Some of the more experienced agencies are able to create very specific honeymoons that offer so much more than a normal holiday, from romantic clifftop picnics with oysters to a day experience with a local Balinese Farmer. Some experiences you might never have thought of may present themselves to create a truly unforgettable honeymoon.

Food Lovers

If you and your loved one are foodies, you can enjoy a unique degustation experience that showcases the very best of Bali’s culinary landscape with a local food safari. And if you have a sweet tooth, opt for the chocolate factory tour, where you can make your own chocolate and, with lots of taste testing!

Exploring Bali’s Culture

There are plenty of choices for those couples wishing to sample some of the culture. Explore the option to visit a spiritual healer for loved ones searching for spiritual awakening. The traditional healers of Bali, known as shamans, dukun or Balians, have been in the international spotlight since the book turned movie Eat Pray Love turn into an international blockbuster. These traditional practitioners play an important role in the Balinese culture, treating illness, removing spells and channeling ancestral knowledge.

Adventurous Bali

With such a diverse landscape, Bali offers some exciting options for those couples seeking some adventure, from white water rafting and mountain climbing to cycling and scuba diving. You can also get creative with activities such as perfume making. In the workshop you learn all about the various raw materials and essences that can be used to design your own personal blend. From popular scents such as jasmine and lavender to the more individual scents such as clove and coffee, through to rare aromas such as civet, cempka and citronella, create a one-of-a-kind scent as a honeymoon memory.

Unique Bali Honeymoons from The Seven Holiday

The Seven Holiday is one of Bali’s most established honeymoon planners. They also handle weddings so the team is pretty hot on all things romantic. Having explored every nook and cranny of Bali, they have come up with a plethora of options for couples to explore and discover on this stunning Island.

Bali has a unique vibe, an essence that is truly authentic and original. Romance, culture and spirituality are just part of it’s DNA and the people here go out of their way to make every visitor feel welcome. Agencies such as The Seven Holiday, who understand what makes Bali so special, are able to turn honeymoons into a spectacular experience that can leave you wishing it lasted forever.

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