Where Will Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Spend Their Royal Honeymoon?

Given the media frenzy over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding and luxe-tastic honeymoon, papparazzi will be stationed all over the world, ready to fly anywhere to catch some photos of the royal honeymoon at a moment's notice. For that reason, we know the couple will opt for an uber-private, remote honeymoon destination, and given their love for exotic locales, it should be easy to find something that's luxurious while also being completely isolated.


prince-harry-honeymoonPrince Harry's love for Australia began when he first visited the country during his post-high school gap year to rustle cattle on one of the country's many ranches. Harry's charity for veterans, the Invictus Games, also held its inaugural event in Sydney just last month. Finally, Australia has tons of incredible, ultra-remote glamping experiences catering to the rich and famous, combining complete privacy with world-class service, food, and activities. That's why we think there's a big chance they could honeymoon there.


meghan-markle-prince-harrySince Harry and Meghan's love bloomed during a trip to Botswana, there's a decent chance they'll honeymoon at one of Africa's insanely luxurious glamping lodges, too far away from the rest of civilization for the papparazzi to come near (unless, that is, they're willing to brave the bush and hope they don't get eaten by lions on the way to get their pictures). The only reason they might not pick Africa is variety -- since they fell in love in Botswana during a romantic glamping trip, they might want to switch it up for the honeymoon celebration.


prince-harry-meghan-markleYachting in a stunning, exotic, warm-weather region like Southeast Asia would give these royal newlyweds a way to explore a stunning region of the world in total privacy, on board a luxury yacht that can rev up and whisk them away at a moment's notice. They'd have their every whim catered to on board their own private ship, and could stop off in all kinds of awe-inspiring locales like Ha Long Bay in Vietnam or the island of Bali in Indonesia. Between being fresh, new, exotic, and remote, all these factors make Southeast Asia a region to watch for Harry and Meghan's honeymoon. There's plenty of opportunity for luxurious yachting and glamping, and it'd throw off the papparazzi, who will probably assume they'll honeymoon in Australia oir Africa due to the couple's history in those areas.

prince-harry-meghan-markle-honeymoonThe common denominators, from what we know about the happy couple, are total seclusion, total luxury, and exotic natural beauty. So where do you think the duo will have their romantic post-wedding getaway? Tell us on social media, and we'll retweet what we think are the most likely submissions!

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