Top 6 Hottest Honeymoon Travel Apps

Travel apps have changed the game for honeymooners, but with so many honeymoon apps to choose from, which are handy honeymoon tools and which are a waste of your time? We picked our favorites. Some are great for planning, others help you keep in touch, and others are just plain fun! All the below apps are free downloads for Android or iPhone and, unless otherwise noted, are free to use as well.


Take a look at our top six selections, and if you think we missed a great one, add your own in the comments!

1. Touchnote

For modern newlyweds who appreciate an old school touch, Touchnote lets you turn your smartphone photos into real postcards that, for $1.49, can be mailed to friends and family back home. It’s an awesome way to show everyone how much fun you’re having with a much more personal touch than just updating your Instagram or broadcasting your honeymoon highlights on Snapchat. There are other travel apps that have similar features, but this one is a great option for its ease of use and special feautres. Among them is a GPS option, which lets your postcard include a mini-map powered by Google that shows your location when you took the picture.

Tip: Buy a bundle of 75 cards and the price goes down to $.99 each.

2. XE Currency

This free travel app is a lifesaver when you’re on an international honeymoon. It allows you to check exchange rates and updates constantly for accuracy, even storing them in your phone’s memory so you can access them with or without web access.

3. Pocket Guide

Design your own tours with Pocket Guide, a honeymoon app that lets you self-guide around the best sights and attractions in a city. This saves you from awkward your groups so you go it alone, letting you keep your honeymoon intimate and making your discoveries feel like they’re all your own.

4. Google Translate

You want your honeymoon to be easy and stress-free. With Google Translate, you can break down the language barrier on honeymoons abroad with Google’s quick instant translations. This removes one of the biggest obstacles to an international honeymoon—gone are the days of confused taxi drivers, stressful restaurant dates and misunderstood instructions due to not knowing the local tongue.

5. TripIt

This travel app is a great tool for honeymooners that lets you upload your confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, and tour operators to auto-generate an itinerary, so you don’t have to lift an extra finger. Take the hassle out of honeymoon planning and let TripIt draw up the itinerary for you!

6. Honeyfund

Instead of wedding gifts, how about cash donations for an unforgettable honeymoon you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford? Honeyfund lets you crowdfund your honeymoon expenses with an easy-to-use honeymoon registry, and if you want, you can use it to fund your actual wedding as well.

What apps helped your honeymoon become happier, more romantic, or just plain stress-free? Tell us all about it below so our readers can download them before their big trip!

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