The Ultimate Honeymoon Bucket List

When it comes to honeymoons, you only get one trip of a lifetime. Thankfully, your anniversary comes every year, giving you an amzing opportunity to get that honeymoon feeling back again for a romantic trip where you can check off some of those epic bucket list destinations you couldn't hit on your honeymoon. Limited only by budget and imagination, here are some of our favorite ultimate honeymoon bucket list selections for the must-have experiences you need to add to your list.

TheĀ  Northern Lights

northern lights honeymoonAlso known as the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are one of the most stunning sights you'll ever lay your eyes upon. Exclusive to high-latitude regions like Alaska and Iceland, Bright, swirling colors like green and purple streak across the northern skies as charged particles light up the atmosphere.

The Glowing Ocean Bioluminescence

On select stretched of coast and sea, a stunning natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence occurs. Caused by organisms like algae and shrimp under certain conditions, waves and tides swirl and glow in bright blue or green, appearing to emit their own source of brilliant colored light. One of the most spectacular places to observe phosphorent waters in in the Blue Grotto caves in Malta. If you're lucky however, you might be able to catch a glimpse of phosphorescence in destinations as close to home as Florida, Puerto Rico, or San Diego.

Seaside Mediterranean Villages

honeymoons in the mediterraneanWhether on a rocky beach on the Spanish coast, a peaceful little Greek fishing village, or an ancient walled city on the beautiful European island of Malta, seaside Mediterranean villages are a truly unique and beautiful sight. Whether you dine, charter a boat, or just walk hand-in-hand, stunning views and sun-kissed breezes are a true delightful accompaniment to any romantic escape.

The Cultures & Landscapes of Southeast Asia

honeymoon in southeast asiaEncompassing multiple countries with their own unique and enchanting cultures and histories, southeast Asia is a whole world of anicent temples, electrifying street food, processions of reverent monks, centuries-old pagodas, enchanting gardens, and stunning rural landscapes. From the endless rice paddies of Cambodia and jungles of Vietnam to the high-flying bustle of Bangkok and beaches of Bali, this is a part of the world you owe it to yourselves to explore.

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow

honeymoon in FijiFor the ultimate honeymoon postcard image, stay in a luxurious bungalow suspended over the clear blue waters of a tropical island paradise like Fiji or the Maldives. Luxury resorts offering overwater bungalows combine the ultimate in privacy, romance, and all the island relaxation you'd expect from a luxurious island escape.

These are some of our top five favorites around the world. Do you have your own honeymoon bucket list for an unforgettable romantic getaway you want to turn into a reality before you get too old? Share it with us on social media!

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