The Romantic Road of Germany: The Honeymoon of a Lifetime

Our wedding was certainly a time to remember. Growing up I was definitely one of “those girls”, who had every aspect of their wedding meticulously planned. In fact, I had a number of weddings planned, as I couldn’t decide which one I preferred the most! When that special day finally came, it was more than anything I could have ever dreamed of. After achieving my lifelong goal, a perfect wedding, it was time for me and my other half to embark upon the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Picture a typical honeymoon and you’ll probably envision something like a week at a five-star resort with all the amenities and non-stop room service, with five-star pampering and an endless stream of cocktails at your side. If so, where is the room for spontaneity and adventure? My husband and I have always been fans of traveling, amd knew we wanted a memorable experience that'd bring us closer together. We wanted an experience unlike any other vacation we'd ever taken; an experience we'd always remember. A time to savour all our travel passions that we share together: taking in the heart and soul of every destination we visit, discovering exciting new cultures, and meeting colourful local characters that become new friends all along the way.

Our vision: a romantic road trip across the Romantic Road of Germany. This traditional route was laid during the post-war era, around the 1950’s. Following our trip, it was easy to see that this so-called "romantic road" most defnitely lived up to its name.

germany-honeymoonThe Germanic region of Bavaria is covered in a verdant green countryside that's dotted with quaint towns and cities. To take it all in would have required endless exploration, and we knew we only had a limited amount of time. But we knew we could maximise our enjoyment if we did a little planning, so we spent a day or two forming a basic itinerary:

  • Wurzburg
  • Rothenburg
  • Augsburg
  • Fussen

romantic road of GermanyExcitement brewing, we were eager to squeeze in as much as we could in the first day. Starting in the city of Wurzburg, we took in the sights via a walking tour. During World War II, Wurzburg was a main stronghold for the Nazi Party, it was bombed to the ground. However, my new husband and I could see the painstaking labour and commitment to rebuilding its most cherished monuments and buildings, as much of the city barely showed a hint of having been previously leveled by Axis forces.

A particular highlight was the Marienberg Fortress, which dates right back to the 13th century – certainly a steep walk up to the top, but well worth the effort. Following our tour, we excited our taste buds with a hearty German meal. German food is to die for! The Market Square offered bulging burgers and sausages, our favourite being the wine infused Winzerbratwurst. An enormous sausage which was hardly appropriately sized for the bun, which was a great thing. As this city is arguably Germany’s wine capital with vineyards as far as the eye can see, we decided to let the wine flow throughout our time here. The Alte Mainbrucke, an old 16th century bridge, provided the perfect backdrop to many a glass from a quaint wine bar by its side.


honeymoon in GermanyRothernburg is a charming medieval town, entirely encapsulated by an ancient but well-preserved wall. As we arrived there, we felt so enchanted that we simply did not want to leave! Aimless walking proved to be our favourite passtime here. It was especially gratifying as we walked along the town wall, which stretches 1.5 miles in length but is well worth exploring! Other than the wonders of the wall, Little Square was one of our favourite areas. It may have been little but it’s strange to think that such a little attraction could have such a big personality.



Previously established by the Romans, the rich history  of Augsburg runs throughout its numerous attractions. It’s easy to get a good glimpse of what’s on offer in just one day. Being enormous beer snobs, we were keen to wet our whistles at the Riegele Brewery, which has been churning out beer as long as the 14th century. It’s got a picturesque beer garden that offers the perfect atmospheric accompaniment to a stein or two of the good stuff.

We had a really enjoyable stroll across the cobbled pavements of the old city. When we weren't dining in a restaurant, our hunger was most definitely satisfied at the local market where we found a mix of the cheapest and most delicious bites. My husband, being a vegan, was pleasantly surprised to find a wide choice of eclectic specialties, and menus were sometimes even less than five Euros! It was proof that dining in Europe can be both delicious and affordable.


germany honeymoonFussen is a place covered bright colors and filled with charming Bavarian architecture. As soon as we arrived, we marveled at the sight of Fussen’s iconic High Castle, whose presence standing tall above other structures firmly confirmed this city's historically-potent roots. Below the High Castle lies one of the most famous of the town’s churches. In fact, the town was full of them. Just walking around some of the old churches brought back memories of our wedding day, making them an even more beautiful sight so soon after becoming newlyweds.

Being a big fan of the outdoors, my husband and I worked up a sweat hiking up to Mount Tegelberg, which offered 360 degrees of spectacular views. We also took in numerous romantic strolls throughout the lush forests close by to town, and felt so carefree! Fussen seems to be a great base for exploring the Bavarian countryside, which has a magical, fantastical quality that's hard to describe -- even pictures don't do it justice! Staying for a number of days gave us plenty of time to rent some bikes and explore the local scenery. On the last day here, a picturesque cruise across Lake Forggensee provided the perfect relaxing outdoor activity and a romantic end to a lovely evening.

The Road That Lives up to Its Name

In an ideal world, we could have spent weeks or even months trailing around this charming and quaint snapshot of rural Germany. We had an unforgettably romantic time and the perfect honeymoon that left us feeling closer than ever. It was a joy to visit and soak up all medieval culture, becoming the stars of our own honeymoon fairy tale. The next time we’re in Germany, whether in need of a romantic trip or not, we’ll be sure to visit this region again to see some of what we missed.

Home from the trip and settling into "normal" life, my new husband and I now have one thought on the front of our minds: to plan the next vacation!

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