Our 2017 Honeymoon Trend Survey Results Are In!

Engagement season is nearly here, and with millennials being the main generation currently tying the knot, we thought it would be a perfect time to do a comprehensive survey of wedding trends in 2017.

honeymoon-surveyNewly-engaged millennials plans, budgets, and visions for the wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime tend to be very different than for couples in the past. Just like in the workplace and the retail arena, the way millennials say "I do" takes a new, disruptive approach that combines social media savvy with more focus on personalization and unique experiences than past generations of couples.

When it comes to planning and research, social media is king. Millennial brides and grooms use social media platforms to get inspired and figure out where they'll go and what they'll do. To that end, there's more focus on memorable, share-worthy experiences rather than traditional sights and destinations. That said, the top three destinations for US-based honeymooners who keep their trips domestic are still Hawaii, Florida, and Las Vegas. For international honeymooners, Caribbean destinations are still very much in style, but there's also been greater interest than ever in exotic destinations and off-the-beaten path adventures.


In fact, active and adventure honeymoons are in the top three categories of experiences that millennial honeymooners care about most. Most will book their honeymoon within six months of the engagement date, and 37% will spend between $2,500-$5,500 for a honeymoon lasting one week.

The revelations from our survey have gone viral on sites like Wedding Market News and others across the web. Interest is exploding in how millennial brides and grooms plan, spend, and use online and mobile tools for their engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and beyond.

How will your honeymoon and destination wedding help shape trends for 2018? Every couple has a role in shaping wedding and honeymoon history...so what will your "I do" mean for the world of wedding and honeymoon trends? Only time will tell!

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