The 500 Day Honeymoon: How the Honeytrek Began

Introducing one of our favorite duos and travel-bloggers, Anne and Mike Howard of HoneyTrek. followed Anne and Mike on their 500-day ultimate honeymoon around the world back in 2012 - 2013. As you can imagine, they had quite the adventure hopping from country to country - and we've included some of our favorite Honeytrek articles throughout the site! If you're looking for inspiration (or just want to know what it's like to travel the world on an ultimate honeymoon - jealous!), check out our Honeytrek articles.

Below is the story of how their trek began:

A recently married New York couple, Anne and Mike Howard, made their dreams come true and traveled on a 500-day honeymoon to search out the world’s most romantic places and most memorable adventures.

Anne and Mike shared their own travel tips and secrets with Couples who are about to embark on their own honeymoons or romantic trips can read all about their 500-day honeymoon on the couple’s own blog, We've included some of our favorite stories and itineraries throughout the site - make sure to check them all out!

Their itinerary took them through five continents, exploring big cities, small towns and remote areas. It included luxury and boutique hotels, as well as 2-4 star properties and even beach huts and mountain cabins around the globe. At each stop, they blogged about their out-of-the-box experiences and shared their insider tips on outstanding places to stay and exciting things to do—or not to do—as they began their new life together.  Future honeymooners who may not have as much time to travel will get plenty of ideas of where to go and what to do as they follow the Howards around the world.

Anne Collins Howard, 29, is a decorating and design editor and her husband, Mike Howard, 34, has been a digital media strategist and entrepreneur since 1999. After working hectic full-time jobs for years, they knew their honeymoon was their big chance to indulge in the exotic and far-flung places they’d always dreamt about.

As they traveled to some of the world’s most romantic places and embarked on once-in-a-lifetime excursions, they shared every enviable detail on  They planned a mix of everything from extreme adventure travel to relaxing days on sun-drenched beaches, amid some of the world’s most breath-taking scenery.

Traveling with romance as their guide, they left their itinerary flexible as they fell in and out of love with each new locale. Chasing summer, they planned their trip for the best weather and optimal times to experience each country’s wonders.
“Whether it’s 16 days or 16 months, there is no bonding experience better than travel,” says Anne. “So when it came to planning our honeymoon, we thought an around-the-world trip would be the ultimate foundation for our new life together. We hope our story will inspire other couples to discover all the wonders the world has to offer. See you on the road!”

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