How to Have a Romantic Honeymoon at Sea

There are few honeymoon experiences more intimate and exhilarating than a private sailing trip in the vibrant Caribbean. We consulted Michel and Nathalie Schoonbroodt, honeymoon-at-sea experts from Catamaran Horizons, who shared their best tips and advice on how to have a romantic honeymoon at sea:

  • What type of boat is the best fit for newlyweds?

When choosing a sailing vessel, it’s important to look for one that will pamper you and give you time to relax, and large cruise ships can’t always offer the intimacy that a sailboat delivers.  Sailing is also a “greener” option than a cruise ship, because a sailboat will use the wind when needed. Catamarans are wonderful options because they have two hulls which allow for a very smooth, sturdy sail.

  • What should a couple pack in their suitcase for a honeymoon at sea?

On the boat, we’re usually barefoot! Sailing vacations are generally low-key, but be sure to pack your bathing suits, t-shirts, sandals, and of course, your hats and sunscreen. Couples who visit these resorts may want to dress up for a fancy dinner or two.

  • When is the best time to sail in the Caribbean, and which islands would you recommend?

We think Caribbean weather is great because the temperature is always around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, the best months to visit are between December and April when it rains infrequently. We can't choose our favorite island, but many of our guests have fallen in love with the islands of Mustique and Tobago Cays. Other favorites include Antigua, St. Martin, Guadeloupe, Les Saintes, St. Vincent, and Grenada.

  • When should a couple start planning a honeymoon at sea?

We advise our guests to book at least 3 months in advance. This will ensure that you can choose the best dates for you and coordinate your flights. For holiday season honeymoons (taking place in December and January), we recommend booking at least 6 months in advance due to the high volume of bookings we get during that time.

  • How long is the ideal honeymoon cruise?

In our opinion, the ideal honeymoon at sea is 6-7 days in length, allowing the flexibility for guests to stay longer on an island they love. We do offer shorter and longer cruises, though. You can book a “mini-cruise”, which is four days spent visiting two islands, or a longer cruise, for those who really want to take it slow, which may include sailing lessons or a few night’s stay on land. We like to accommodate our guests’ needs, so our cruises are totally customizable.

  • What are the “must-do” activities on a romantic sailing trip?

First, you should spend lots of private time together. That’s what honeymoons were made for! Visit totally pristine, untouched islands in the Caribbean, which become the perfect escape for our newlyweds. Couples can enjoy short day treks in the hills or observe wild sea turtles while snorkeling. Guests say the tucked away locales we bring them to are more memorable than any of the luxury island resorts.

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