Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Experts Predict the Juicy Wedding Details

It's only January, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding coming up this May already has all the wedding experts brimming with anticipation. Juicy hints of some of the details have begun to trickle out -- from the details of the wedding dress to which A-List super-celebrities will be in attendance, we've collected all the experts' biggest predictions yet.

Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

Oscar de la Renta image by Matti Hillig

Everyone wants to know: which designer will get the privilege of creating the royal wedding gown, and what monarch-making aesthetic touches will the design incorporate? Meghan has already chosen and been fitted for her dress, so it's only a matter of time before the truth emerges. Until then, two big names are being floated as the most likely designers: Turkish-Canadian celebrity fashion designer Erdem Moralıoğlu, or Dominican-American Oscar de la Renta, formerly a fashion designer for Jacqueline Kennedy. Meghan is a huge fan of both of these world-reknowned fashion icons, but what to expect from each?

If Erdem was Meghan's pick, expect a dress that's classic with a modern twist. Often incorporating homages to art and literature in his fashion, expect an Erdem dress to incorporate subtle but very intentional cultural references into its ideas. Still, an Erdem wedding dress will definitely come with some surprises--he designs wedding garb only for his closest friends, so there aren't many past wedding dress examples to study. This would give Meghan's wedding dress a little extra exclusivity, which makes perfect sense for a royal wedding!

If Meghan chose Oscar to design her dress, look no further than his website to see some directions it might go. Of course, these dresses are for us non-royals -- anything designed for Meghan will be a completely customized work of art, and will literally become a part of history. We're sure Meghan's stylist (and close friend) Jessica Mulroney had a say in the final decision. After all, she's the one who knows how to get Meghan looking her best!

Will Meghan's Dad Make the Ceremony?

Unfortunately, Meghan's dad Thomas Markle initially reported he'd be unable to attend the wedding due to health problems. However, sources close to the family are now reporting that he is in the process of renewing his passport, and very much plans on walking his daughter down the aisle. We'll keep this one open-ended, and hope for the best that his health stays strong enough to see his daughter wedded at Windsor. Meghan's mom definitely plans on attending, and friends of the family say that die-hard feminist Meghan is going to make sure mom gets just as much fanfare on her big day as dad does!

How Will the Wedding Break Royal Tradition?


From its bi-racial beginnings, this wedding changed the royal marriage history books from the very start. Racism, both implied and direct, has been lobbed heavily at both Meghan and Harry for their love. But tough as nails, they aren't letting racists and haters get to them. In fact, the couple is poised to reinvent royal tradition in more ways than one when the big day finally comes. In addition to almost everything about Meghan -- she's biracial, divorced, and American, three things that no royal bride has ever been -- here are some of the biggest deviations from previous royal weddings that everyone is talking about:

#1: Meghan Will Make a Speech

meghan-markle-wedding-speechFeminist that she is, Meghan is bucking the Buckingham tradition of only having the male side of the occasion give a speech. Among other things she'll cover in her speech, sources expect the newly-minted Dutchess Meghan to honor her parents, in addition to paying thanks to Queen Elizabeth.

#2: The Couple Can Invite More Friends

serena-williams-harry-meghan-weddingSince the wedding is not an official state occasion, the royal couple isn't under any pressure to include certain dignitaries and heads of state on the guest list that would otherwise be shoe-ins. For us, that means this wedding will be an even bigger blast, because Harry and Meghan will have the freedom to invite fun friends instead of stuffy suits! Expect names on Meghan's side like tennis queen Serena Williams, actor Priyanka Chopra, and Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams. On Prince Harry's side, look out for David Beckham and plenty of other A-Listers from across the pond.

#3: A Weekend Wedding

While not an official rule, royal tradition has always seen to it that previous weddings occur on weekdays. In what we think is a fun twist, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are saying "I do" on a Saturday. We hope the carefree, fun spirit of the weekend permeates the ceremony and reception!

queen-elizabeth-IIBe sure to stay tuned for more updates as the royal couple's big day draws nearer!

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