Indulge in some Rest and Relaxation on Kauai

With its endless shades of green, soaring cliffs and dramatic canyons, Kauai invites you to renew your connection with nature – and one another. The island is a place to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit among calm tropical rivers and breathtaking beaches. A peaceful escape from your hectic life, Kauai’s enticing setting and relaxed pace is ideal for rediscovering what’s truly important.

Consider the setting: There is no building higher than a coconut tree. Streams and rivers supply endless opportunities for adventure and the enjoyment of Mother Nature. Miles of white-sand shoreline offer more beaches per mile than any other major Hawaiian island. Splendid parks and canyons feed the body, mind, and soul. Garden, mountain, and oceanside settings create ideal conditions for nurturance at all levels. Plus, the people of old Hawaii left their legacy of life on the island, handing down their traditions. Building on this legacy, the specialists of today combine healing and rejuvenation practices from all over the world.

Into this environment come luxurious resort spas and day spas offering unimaginable treatments. Many packages and programs highlight the traditions and products of Kauai—the multi-cultural healing practitioners, the regional salt, clay, herbs and botanicals gathered from land and sea. Of course, there are à la carte treatments and retreats for groups, couples, and individuals. With well-trained professionals in everything from Ayurvedic therapies to shiatsu, and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, your body, mind and soul will soak up every minute.

Radiance and wellness are a way of life on Kauai. Rejuvenate your well-being with every breath of sun-washed air. An irresistible menu of spa treatments combined with skilled hands, pure waters and fragrant and healthful natural ingredients will wash all your cares away.

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