A Honeymooner's Wedding: the Proposal

Now that you know a bit more about Ken and I’s relationship (if you haven’t read “A Honeymooner’s Wedding: the Introduction” – check it out for our back story), I can give you all the lovey details about the big romantic over-the-top proposal. Just kidding. It was definitely NOT over-the-top. Some might even say it wasn’t really romantic but it was PERFECT for us – and isn’t that really what wedding and relationships are supposed to be about – finding YOUR perfect match and celebrating love YOUR way. And this proposal was definitely US to a tee.

A little back story: my family has been vacationing in Prince Edward Island, Canada all my life. Growing up, we had a beach house there where we would spend our summers (until we sold it in 1999), and I celebrated EVERY birthday on PEI until I was 12 (gotta love those July birthdays!) Anywho, PEI is among my top 5 favorite places on Earth. Not only because of its sentimental value (obviously!) but also because the beaches are beautiful; the people are friendly; and it’s so tranquil and peaceful. Ken, being the best guy in the world, knew exactly how important and special PEI is to me.

Fast forward to July 2017 when my entire family (my parents, brother, sister and brother-in-law) along with Ken, drove the 10-hour drive from New Hampshire (where my parents live) to PEI. I thought MAYBE (maybe) Ken would propose on this trip – but again – almost every trip we had gone on lately (and we do travel quite a bit), I always thought in the back of my mind “maybe it’s this trip.” After SIX days in PEI, I convinced myself that it was definitely NOT this trip – who could keep a secret for that long? (Let’s be honest – I DEFINITELY COULD NOT) I had chipped away my vacation manicure; probably put on a few extra LBS from eating delicious food and of course, cows ice cream; and had some crazy tan lines. Then Saturday, July 15th comes along. It just happens to be my 30th birthday (which who ISN’T excited to turn 30…)

Every morning, Ken and I took our two dogs for a long walk on the beach. Ken kept saying “I want to write you a special birthday message.” I was playing fetch with our 8 year-old golden retriever in the water while Ken’s writing my secret birthday message. In the meantime, our 2-year-old mischievous Australian-Sheperd Mix wanders off and somehow finds a dead bird that she starts dragging around (no, legit dragging around the beach) which resulted in me chasing after her, and Ken having to scratch out his message before I could see it and help get the bird from Jonesy (seriously)!) This part is “so-us” where one of our dogs gets into mischief and I’m calling for Ken to help me – so typical!

After all the excitement, we continued our walk, and Ken was able to re-write the message in the sand. It said “WILL YA MARY ME” – a play on my name of course! I was completely shocked and said “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” I definitely was not expecting it (as is evident by the photos showing me unshowered, wearing a tankini bathing suit with a sweatshirt tied around my waist with not a stitch of makeup on). Of course I said “YES!” and was so excited to share the news with my family back at the house. We celebrated the engagement – and my 30th birthday – with dinner and drinks in Kensington that night.

I love our engagement story because it truly represents Ken and I. He incorporated aspects of my life that are special: PEI, my family, and our dogs. Although it might not be the most lavish proposal in the world – it was truly perfect and now I couldn’t picture our proposal any other way (including the Jonesy-bird chaos). My advice to anyone on the brink of proposing is to make it personal and special. It doesn’t have to be “over-the-top” but make sure it will be meaningful for you and your partner.

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