Game, Set, Match: Serena Williams Serves Up a Perfect Bahamas Honeymoon

Tennis superstar Serena Williams served up a picture-perfect honeymoon in the Bahamas, enjoying the privacy and beauty of the Out Islands area -- specifically the award-winning Kamalame Cay, an elite private island resort off the coast of Andros where celebrities, politicians, and sports stars love to escape for some peaceful R and R.

Serena shared her honeymoon fun with the world on an Instagram post showcasing the insanely intimate villa she booked with new hubby Alexis Ohanian, an Internet entrepreneur credited with co-founding Reddit. And we love how they did it -- by posting a stunning video shot by a drone controlled by none other than Alexis himself.

serena-williams-honeymoonOf the ten luxury seaside villas at Kamalame Cay, Serena and Alexis booked their "Magnolia" villa, boasting 3,600 square feet of space including a wraparound deck, 20-foot ceilings, designer furnishings and design elements from India and Bali, and a 1,200 square-foot Great Room. Plus, the duo had several bedrooms and bathrooms to themselves...we have to wonder if they got to use them all!

serena-williams-honeymoonThe juciest part? Some celeb reporters like TMZ are saying that Serena is getting the honeymoon of a lifetime comped in exchange for praising the property and posting Alexis' amazing dronevideo on Instagram. While unconfirmed, it's even possible they're being paid to stay there in exchange for Instagramming the unforgettable getaway to Serena and Alexis' combined 7.4 million or so followers. What a racket...but that's what we call a sweet honeymoon deal!

With Serena showing off that post-wedding glow we recognize in all happy new brides, we just hope the tingly feelings last. After all, she and Alexis now have a beautiful baby girl, also named Alexis, to raise together. And how adorable is it that she shares a first name with her Web 2.0 pioneer daddy? Keep the love coming, Serena. For the perfect honeymoon in the Bahamas, we call this one a game, set, match!

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