Check Out Bollywood Star Sagarika Ghatge's Dream Honeymoon in the Maldives

The Maldives are a luxurious beach honeymoon paradise in south Asia, making it a favorite romantic getaway for India's Bollywood elite. It's no surprise that the Maldives was the honeymoon destination of choice for Bollywood superstar Sagarika Ghatge and her newly-betrothed, theĀ  international cricket icon Zaheer Khan. After marrying last November, the duo have left their busy post-wedded lives for a while to romance in an island dreamland at a luxurious hotel: the Ayada Maldives Resort, forgetting about everything other than sharing their love for one another.

The vows were exchanged in a hush-hush wedding at Zaheer's mansion in Mumbai, followed by a much grander ceremony afterwards. But now the couple has said goodbye to their chaotic lives to enjoy their Maldives dream honeymoon.

In a place like the Maldives, that's easy to do -- just check out some of the exotic honeymoon shots with their fans across the world on Instagram. Relaxing with cocktails, letting the wind sweep their hair back on a deserted, sunny beach, Scuba diving through schools of fish and shimmering coral, relaxing on a hammock just above the crystal-clear, cerulean waters...their jealousy-inducing honeymoon posts are making us swoon.


sagarika-ghatge-honeymoonDespite the gorgeous pictures, ever-snarky Indian women's tennis champion Sania Mirza couldn't help herself but have some light-hearted trolling with the newlyweds. On the image of Zaheer relaxing in the hammock she quipped, "Looks like he is honeymooning alone," with a laughing/crying emoji. Hey, someone's gotta be out of the shot to take the pictures!

sagarika-ghatje-honeymoonWe wonder if Sania was at the wedding? Being that close to the couple would certainly give her some teasing rights. And since Sagarika is an actress and an athlete, and Zaheer is an athlete as well, there were a number of Bollywood stars and major athletes in attendance on the big day. Still, the wedding wasn't as big as many celebrity Indian weddings, so who knows -- maybe not even fun, snarky Sania made the guest list!

Either way, she's happy for the newlyweds -- and so are we. But we'll be jealous of their honeymoon for years to come!


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