The Best Palawan Getaways for Couples

If there is one thing that romantic getaways should be, it’s faultless. A couple’s vacation should have nothing but the best travel experiences during their trip.

Romantic getaways are designed for both leisure and relaxation, and the best place to get both of these is Palawan. This tropical destination in the Philippines is popular for a reason, that is why it is a sought-after location when it comes to romantic escapades. To prove just that, here are some ofthe best Palawan getaways for couples.


Feel the Thrill at Ugong Rock, Puerto Princesa

Oct 07, 2016
Feel the Thrill at Ugong Rock, Puerto Princesa

Ugong Rock Adventure in Puerto Princesa is the perfect exhilarating adventure for couples in Palawan. For couples who are looking for Palawan activities during their travel, the zipline down from Ugong Rock is for you. This outdoor activity lets you enjoy scenic views of the island while soaring through the air. Terrifying as it may be, the Ugong Rock Adventure is completely safe and fun.

For a lovely honeymoon or romantic getaway, Palawan is the perfect pick to enjoy some time with the love of your life. Filled with attractions that lovebirds will surely enjoy exploring together, uncover the secrets of the island, finding your own lover's nest among Palawan.

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