A Honeymooner's Wedding: The Introduction

I’m Mary – the youngest member of the Honeymoons.com team (but I ain’t that young as friends love to remind me). I love working at Honeymoons.com – and not just because it’s the market full of love and romance (or because I guess I probably have to say that)! I get to research and discover new destinations and fabulous hotels that are perfect for couples. I’m a strong believer in each couple finding their perfect honeymoon match that fits their travel dreams…and their realistic budget.

Being in the romance travel industry – and in a serious relationship for 4+ years – I am constantly getting asked “When will Ken pop the question?” or “When are you guys tying the knot?” Also, weirdly, when I introduce myself “I’m Mary,” EVERYONE always hears “I’m married” and then I have to get into an awkward explanation of how no, I’m not married, my NAME is Mary (I may or may not mumble from time to time).  To add to the pressure, Ken and I travel quite a bit – so every big trip, small trip, cruise, long-weekend getaway, trip to the store, I think everyone was crossing their fingers that “this will be the trip.” Whether it be our solo exploration of Germany; the most romantic trip to Prague; our first cruise to the Bahamas; a luxurious weekend getaway in Colorado at Vista Verde Ranch or a Saturday night at home – I feel like every other week someone was asking me “did he pop the question?” Any other ladies feel this social pressure? I feel like I wasn’t even really thinking about engagement or marriage until people started asking me about it. Although, to be honest, I feel like strangers started asking us if we were married from year 1 (I tell myself it was because of our strong chemistry – not our maturing ages!)

Well – I want to shout it to the world (and maybe send out a mass e-mail to all my contacts) – it happened. I’m officially “off-the-market.” Ken popped the question, and I said “Are you serious?!” and then quickly responded “of course”! So as one newly engaged bride to other newly engaged couples, I want to share my experiences – the good, the bad, the s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l. I’m probably most excited about our honeymoon (no surprise). Oh – and of course marrying my BFF, Ken!

So follow along with me (or don’t if you’re already sick of hearing all about wedding planning) on my journey from getting engaged to planning my ‘sort-of’ destination wedding to figuring out our perfect honeymoon trip. I'll be popping on our social media channel from time-to-time so make sure to follow us!

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