India is one of the world’s most exceptional and exotic honeymoon destinations. It offers newlyweds a chance to share the thrill of discovering diverse cultures, religions, traditions and cuisine. Every day in India is a romantic, colorful feast of adventure -- and every day is more exciting than the last. The buzz and bustle of New Delhi and Bombay, the tranquility of the Rajasthan countryside, the charismatic 7,000 km. coastline and thousands of smaller cities and towns are just part of the amazing experience.

Eco and adventure travel, romantic beaches, wildlife, spirituality, history, ancient ruins and modern architecture can all be part of the scene that makes a honeymoon in India both magical and memorable.

There are many ways to get around this vast country but one of the easiest and most unusual choices is to go by train. Hop aboard Royale Indian Rail Tours’ Maharaja’s Express, a luxurious 84 passenger state-of-the-art-train. The plush appointments and personalized service of days gone by are combined with modern amenities to pamper and please you as you stop to see incredible sights.

You’ll soon discover that romance is everywhere. After all, India is home to the Taj Mahal, the world’s largest man made monument to a man’s love and devotion to his wife!

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The Best Parts of India

Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice



  • CAPITAL: New Delhi
  • LANGUAGE: The official language of India is Hindi, however, English is widely spoken throughout the country.
  • AREA CODE: +91
  • CURRENCY: Indian Rupee
  • TIMEZONE: UTC +5:30
  • ELECTRICITY: 220-240 volts. Adapter plugs are recommended when traveling in India.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: Air India offers direct flights from New York City. It will take approximately 16 hours to get there via plane.
  • TRAVELING IN INDIA: In big cities, taxis and rickshaws are abundant. Sure, rickshaws may seem intense, but they are an experience in themselves and are budget friendly. if getting a taxi from an airport to your hotel, it is recommended that you do so from the pre-paid counter inside most terminals. Couples can also hire a car and driver.
  • WEATHER: The high season, December through March, offers warm days and cool nights. April through June will see the temperatures rise. April is hot, and May and June can be scorching. You can beat the heat by heading to the hills. You can expect monsoon rain showers from July through September, with heave rain from October to early December on the southeast coast. Therefore, the best time to visit is during the dry season, between November and March. The temperatures remain comfortable and the heat is less intense.


  • WHEN TO GO: India’s weather is extremely varied and something that should be considered when planning your honeymoon to India. The most influential aspect is the wet season where monsoons can take place. It can start anywhere from the end of May through until September. Regular and prolonged downpours are interspersed with bursts of hot sunshine and the humidity can be intense.
  • TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: When traveling to India, a valid passport is needed. All citizens of the United States need to apply for a ‘Tourist Visa’ in order to travel to India for tourist purposes. It is advisable to apply for your visa at least 15 days before your intended date of travel.
  • DRESS: Dress conservatively. Be aware that India is a relatively modest culture. Covering arms and legs in a simple step toward respecting this, packing breathable shirts and pants. You can make a good impression by removing your shoes before entering someone’s home, especially when entering a sacred space. If you see shoes outside a shop, you should do the same.
  • STAY HEALTHY: It is recommended that travelers avoid the tap water, as well as any food that may have been washed in it – this includes salad and ice. When eating meat, request that it be well done. Try to stick to peeled fresh fruit and foods that have either been boiled or fried.
  • PERSONAL SPACE: Remember that India is a completely different culture. Places and people may seem busy in all aspects. Public transportation is packed, people will ask seemingly intrusive personal questions. But this is just merely indicative of the locals’ polite interest in you.

Dont Miss

Dont Miss


  • NOT TO MISS: Two words, Taj Mahal. It is not to be missed. Not only one of the greatest buildings in the world, but also one of the seven wonders of the world. If in India, it must be experienced. Note – the Taj is closed every Friday to anyone not attending the prayers at the mosque.
  • A TRIP INTO THE JUNGLE BOOK: Kanha National Park is among the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia, as well as one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the Bengal. With lush bamboo forests and grassy meadows, it is no wonder Kanha provided such inspiration to Kipling for “Jungle Book”.
  • HOP ON THE TRAIN: Put your feet up and ride an Indian Railway train. Discover rural India by rail, making new friends, enjoying the luxurious of life and watching the world pass you by through the window.
  • BUDDHIST CAVES OF AJANTA: Often referred to as the Louvre of India, these 29 caves date back to the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD and were among the earliest monastic institutions to come up in the country. As Buddhism gradually waned in the region, the site became abandoned until 1819 when a British hunting party led by officer John Smith stumbled upon them by chance. Explore the caves and keep your eyes peeled for the cave paintings. Despite their age, the caves were able to preserve some of the most amazing masterpieces of the Buddhist art of India.
  • TWO BY SEA: Whether you both are morning people or night owls, a boat ride along the Ganges should be included in your itinerary. Be it a sunrise or sunset boat cruise, you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet while you watch thousands performing their morning (or evening) prayers and rituals.
  • RIDE THAT CAMEL: A trip to India would not be complete without befriending a camel. Enjoy a camel safari where you can camp out in the Rajasthani Desert, sharing a tent-for-two, eating dal and chapati and making a wish (or two) while stargazing.
  • BEACH DAY: The land of sun, sand and sea - the beaches of Goa are a tourist hotspot. Goa offers pristine beaches, scenic views, warm weather and lots of fun. Head south when in Goa and spend a night or two at one of world-class resorts.
  • LET'S FO FLY A KITE: Thousands travel great distances to participate (or simply watch) the annual International Kite Festival. This festival marks that time in the year where they say goodbye to the long, chilly winter months and welcome the new life of spring with open arms. In the weeks proceeding, the streets fill with makeshift shops selling kites of all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t fly one, pick one out as a souvenir.

Explore the Cities of India

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