8 Tips for Working With Your Wedding Planner

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When you first get engaged and are thinking about all the tasks you will have to accomplish to get everything planned and ready for your wedding day, you may ponder whether or not you should have your own wedding planner. Sure, planning a wedding is fun, but there are so many little details that are tough to remember and keep straight… which is where that wedding planner would be a lifesaver.

1. Know their strengths

Before you hire a planner, or any wedding vendor for that matter, you want to learn a bit more about their background. Perhaps they had a previous job at a hotel or another event planning company and focused on catering or worked for a rental company. Or, perhaps they have focused on wedding planning and have been in the business for many years.

Depending on their background, you can get an idea of what they will be able to help you the best with your wedding day…whether it be with knowing the best caterers, rental places or even just in helping you find the best venue for the best price because they have been in the business so long.

Planning a wedding is a huge task and you have to be organized to do it and keep it all straight and in order so also having a planner with a background in management could be helpful.

2. Go beyond the basics

Every wedding budget and timeline is different so your planner will need to customize the timeline and plan for your own needs. They will also need to put together a monthly to-do list broken down by your specific budget and timeline.

If for example that the wedding planner you use is crazy about flowers, but your floral budget is small and it is not a huge priority for you, make sure you wedding planner understands this! No two weddings are the same, which is what makes every one of them great!

3. Trust them

Most wedding planners out there have their own recommendations for vendors, typically them being people they have worked with in the past that they know do great work.

But, if there is someone in particular you have in mind, wedding planners are also helpful because they typically know how to do a little “digging” to find out how that particular vendor is.

Bottom line, if you hire a wedding planner, you need to trust their insight and the network of wedding professionals that they know and work with… they know what they are talking about!

4. Let them be creative

A wedding planner would not be in this business if he or she did not love it. Planning an event takes creativity and you may be pretty impressed by their creativity and ideas they offer for you special day. They can truly take your ideas and bring them up to the next level.

5. Make the extra investment

Most people are more likely to go with a cheaper version, especially when you know you are already going to be spending so much money on your entire wedding.

But, with that said, a wedding planner that charges a little bit more, may be able to save you more money on other items in the end. Anne explains that planners with higher fees typically have fewer clients, so they would be able to dedicate more time and energy to your event.

6. Don’t ask for a consult before you have signed the contract

You should always meet with a planner to make sure they can offer you what you are looking for, and to see if your ideas and personality mesh.

During that meeting, before you have actually signed a contract, do not ask for them to start giving you recommendations for vendors or other ideas. Remember that this is their business and they do not want to give away their expertise for free.

7. Don’t ask for a discount

The wedding industry is very competitive. There are many wedding planners out there to choose from so most vendors are already offering the best prices they can to secure as much business as they can and want.

Do not ask the wedding planner to offer a discount to you, and also do not ask them to ask their vendors for discounts. They work with these vendors on a regular basis, and they want to stay on good working terms and not upset them by asking for special deals.

8. Remember they are professional

Many wedding planners try to have normal business hours, so it is good to keep your calls and texts to those normal business hours.

If you plan to call your planner to discuss some items, try and schedule a time to get on his or her schedule, that way they are not rushed, can be prepared for your call, and actually have saved that specific time just for you.

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