21 Professional Wedding Photography Poses Brides And Grooms Should Try

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Are you getting ready for a wedding photoshoot? Whether you’re the photographer or the newlyweds, we have compiled a short list of tried and tested professional photography poses you can try. With these, you will have the most amazing wedding images to treasure for the rest of your lives.

Standing Wedding Photography Poses

1. Hand-in-Hand

The couple looks into the eyes of each other while holding hands.

2. Candid Embrace

This is like the no one’s looking, and we’re not aware kind of shot where the newlyweds tightly embrace each other.

3. Group Hug

The newlyweds can do a group hug with either the bridal party or the groomsmen.

4. Wrap-Around 

This is one of the most classic professional photography poses for couples. The couple faces each other with the groom’s arms around the bride’s waist. Another version is to hug the woman from behind.

5. Bride & Groom Portrait

Another timeless wedding photography ideas is the portrait of the newlyweds. The bride stays on the left side of the groom facing the camera.

6. Carrying The Bride

In a celebratory mood, the shot involves the guy carrying the woman into their new home in his arms.

7. Forehead to Forehead

This is one of the sweetest wedding photos that will stand the test of time that wins awws among the wedding guests. The couple faces each other with their foreheads together.

Sitting Poses For Newlyweds

8. Romantic Rest

The couple sits on a loveseat with the bride facing away from the groom and resting her head on his man’s chest. The groom’s arms are wrapped around her spouse.

9. Tender Touch

With the bride facing the groom, the man gently places his hand on the bride’s cheek.

10. Affectionate Gaze

The couple can be seated on the ground or on a love seat. The bride is facing away from the groom, and the latter gives her wife that loving and supportive look.

11. Kiss On The Forehead

The newlyweds can be seated next to each other on a bench or practically anywhere. The groom kisses the bride on the forehead. The bride’s smiling with her eyes closed.

12. Back To Back

The groom and the bride can pose on a ledge. Facing away from each other but leaning their backs against each other. Legs can be straight or bent.

13. Casual Convo

The wedding photographer captures a seemingly candid moment between the bride and the groom. The couple can be on a loveseat in the middle of a conversation or perhaps laughing at whatever the other one is saying.

14. Head On Shoulder

The bride’s head is on the shoulder of the groom while they’re seated next to each other. Add a twist with the couple showing off their fingers with their wedding rings.

Lying Down Cute Wedding Poses

15. Overhead

Another one of the most adorable professional photography poses is the couple’s faces interlocked  with the photographer taking an overhead shot. The couple can touch their partner’s face or hold onto the other’s shoulder for a more intimate look.

16. Dream Look

Give the overhead shot a twist, and you have another wedding photography idea for couples. The bride and groom lie next to each other. Then, they turn their heads to look at each other with a dreamy look.

17. Tender Kiss

The couples are on their sides and face close to each. As the shutter snaps, they give the other a gentle smooch.

18. Sweet Embrace

Again, the couple lies on their sides, arms wrapped around each other. The bride may hold the wedding bouquet and the husband a placard with a funny quote or a big key to the couple’s new home.

19. I Got You

This time, the groom is on his back, lying on the ground. His head rests on the woman’s lap. The bride bends forward to kiss her spouse while her hands gently touch his man’s face.

20. Lean On Me

The guy’s resting on the ground with the wife next to her. The bride’s head rests on her groom’s chest, and her arm is across his body.

21. Secret

The newlyweds will be lying on their backs and smiling.. The bride can playfully cover her mouth with a wedding invitation or a book while gazing away from her partner. The groom, meanwhile, can put his index finger on his lips as if saying, “shhh, quiet, everyone,” while looking away from his bride.

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