25 Romantic Couple Photography Ideas To Make Sweet Memories Together

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Posing in front of the camera isn’t always an easy experience for couples, no matter how long they have been together. To take away some of your burdens and help you choose a theme that suits your the most, here are couple photography ideas you can try.

This ultimate list of photography couple photoshoot ideas ranges from fun and creative to things you can do at home or in your favorite local studio.

Couple Photoshoot Ideas At Home

You don’t have to leave your house to take beautiful images with your partner. Below is a round of couple photoshoot ideas at home that may appeal to you.

1. Get Comfy In The Bed

Home is where the heart is. This is why it’s an ideal (and budget-friendly) location for your photoshoot. And if you want your snaps to exude intimacy and capture your care for each other, there’s no better place than your bed.

2. …or On Your Favorite Couch

A great alternative will be your couch. Talk, show gestures of tenderness, and even add hints of humor while on the couch — and let your photographer do the magic. 

3. Stage A Dinner Date In The Kitchen

Have you shared many memorable moments while having a date night at home? You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a photoshoot with this flavorful theme. 

4. Showcase Your Garage Or Basement

Are you both car aficionados? Or music or gym buffs with a dedicated home studio or workout area in your basement? Bring your hobby to the fore and let your belongings serve as your props.

5. Let Love Bloom In The Garden

Maximize that beautiful landscape within your property and choose that as a backdrop for your photoshoot with your partner.

Fun Photoshoot Ideas For Couples

Want to sprinkle doses of fun and give a comic spin to the usual romantic photoshoot for couples? Here are some ideas to try.

6. Throw Some Paint

You only need two white shirts and some paint (or colored water) to create colorful images you can happily display or compile in a photo album. Bonus: You can have those painted shirts as souvenirs and add them to your everyday wardrobe.

7. Play At An Old-School Arcade

Have you met at an arcade? Did you spend many dates playing old-school games? If this is your idea of fun, start talking to an arcade owner near you so you can turn your couple photography ideas into reality.

8. Jump On A Trampoline

Jump shots have their own appeal. They are fun to do — and the photos they produce are even funnier. 

9. Dress In Your Favorite Costumes

You don’t have to wait for another Halloween season to take your favorite costumes out of your closet. Dress as your favorite fictional or non-fictional character in your upcoming professional photoshoot.

10. Recreate Iconic Photos 

Take the previously mentioned photography couple photoshoot idea to a higher notch and recreate pop culture photos or movie posters that have some meaning to both of you as a couple. 

Couple Photoshoot Ideas In Studio

Photography studios offer more flexibility in terms of props and lighting setups. It’s also efficient on the part of your photographer, logistics-wise. If you prefer this one, this section enumerates the best couple photoshoot ideas in studio.

11. Go Retro

If you have a penchant for everything vintage and retro, bring that passion out and use related props and costumes in your studio photoshoot. Be sure to book a session with a local studio that can bring your back to the specific era that you like — whether it’s the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s.

12. Make It A Balloon Party

Red, heart-shaped balloons are popular props. They’re easy to procure, set up, and play around with. Taking photos with it will be a breeze for you and your photographer.

13. Just Dance

This is for the couples who left their hearts on the dancefloor. Photoshoots involving dancing also generate interesting poses — and you and the photographer can take pride in that.

14. Try A Film Noir Theme

Couple photoshoots can also take a dramatic, moody turn. Plus, with a theme like this, you can make the most of that studio lighting.

15. Set Up A Jungle Paradise

You don’t have to go to a jungle to channel your inner Tarzan and Jane. You can recreate a forest-like environment inside a studio and safely have your photos taken.

Couple Photoshoot Outdoors

For the outdoorsy couple, doing a photoshoot right up your alley is always a great idea. Check out our selection of couple photoshoot outdoors ideas.

16. Catch That Sunset

Highlight a scenic place in your city or vacation spot and wait for that magical hour. Sunsets paint the sky a dreamy glow, making just about any couple photos more cinematic. 

17. Go On A Picnic Date

Visit a park where you’ve gone on a date with your special someone. Prepare your favorite snacks and beverages and make it a picnic-date-slash-photoshoot with them. 

18. Ride A Bike 

There’s something romantic about couples riding the bike. No wonder why many choose this as an outdoor photoshoot theme. If you want to get your adrenaline rushing, awesome outdoor idea alternatives include riding an ATV or a horse.

19. Trek Through Your Favorite Trail

If climbing mountains is your kind of adventure as a couple — and your photographer is up for some challenge and thrill — this should be on top of your list of photography couple photoshoot ideas. 

20. Explore The Waters

More of a water adventurer? It’s always a cool idea to take snaps doing a watersport that you and your partner love. Whether it’s stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, or even diving, you’re bound to produce unique and unforgettable images. 

Creative Couple Photography Ideas

These creative couple photography ideas will push you and your significant other to go beyond the conventional and bring out a side of you that people don’t usually see.

21. Take Snaps In A Unique Airbnb

Want to do a photoshoot in a treehouse? How about a Disney- or anime-inspired space? Simply look for an AirBnB unit that matches your vision and rent that out for a day.

22. Look For Architectural Wonders

Look around, and you’ll see buildings or structures that feature beautiful architectural details. If you’re on a budget, you can still create elegant photos by having these interesting elements in your images.

23. Embrace Your Being A Bookworm 

A couple who are into books? Tell your love story through a series of photos featuring reads with special meaning for the two of you.

24. Use Smoke Bombs

You can add a mystical appeal to your snaps with smoke bombs featuring your favorite hues. This idea isn’t just limited to baby gender reveal parties.

25. Shine With The Stars (Or The City Lights)

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind couple photography ideas, leverage the surreal appeal of the after-dark. For true-blue romantics, you can let your love shine underneath a sky full of stars. Hold hands, walk down the streets, and exchange heart-melting glances while the pretty city lights twinkle in the background for a more laid-back vibe. 

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