15 Romantic, Fun, And Naughty Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband

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As any wife knows, it isn’t easy to pick one fantastic present from a long list of wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband. While finding the best gift for a husband on your anniversary can be challenging, it’s not impossible. You just need to get creative.

Whether you’re celebrating your first, 10th, or even 30th wedding anniversary, here are some gift ideas to consider for your wedding anniversary.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

Start with something exciting and unique that can ignite the passion between you and your husband. These are some romantic wedding anniversary gift for husband you should consider or, at the very least, inspire you.

1. Couples Massage

Life can easily get hectic and stressful, which is not the mood you want on your anniversary. Treat your husband and yourself to a luxury couples massage to eliminate all those knots and worries. This way, you can fully relish in each other’s company without distractions.

2. Romantic Vacation Rental

A romantic anniversary gift for husband doesn’t have to involve plane tickets. Depending on where you live, there should be a least a handful of vacation rentals that will spark the romance between you and your hubby, you just need to look.

3. Glamping Under The Stars

Go somewhere private, quiet, and secluded to celebrate your anniversary. While camping is fun, it doesn’t scream passion and romance. On your anniversary, go the extra mile and go glamping instead. With all the extra comfort glamping provides, you and your husband can focus more on each other rather than being prepared for the outdoors.

4. Weekend Road Trip

Whether a quick drive to the next town or a few hour’s drive to a different city, going on a road trip with your husband is a romantic way to spend the weekend together. Make sure to stop at unique roadside attractions and get souvenirs to make it a trip you will always remember.

5. Tropical Getaway

Nothing ignites the passion between two people like a bit of sun, sand, and clear blue waters. Find a nice warm tropical holiday getaway for you and your husband on your anniversary. This gift will be one he will appreciate.

Fun Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Why limit yourself to romantic gifts when you can think outside the box for your husband’s ultimate wedding anniversary gift? These gifts will show your adventurous side, making your husband fall in love with you again.

6. Go on a Paddle Board Date

Are you and your husband an outdoorsy couple? Even if you’re not, it’s always fun and exciting to try something new, like paddle boarding. You can both stumble, learn this new skill together, and make wonderful new memories.

7. A New Game Console

Husbands who love playing video games will appreciate that you’re allowing them to enjoy their hobbies without judgment. Add a few games to the wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband while you’re at it to show just how much you love him. 

8. Gear for His Hobbies

Does he play golf? Go rock climbing? Surfing? Whatever your husband’s hobbies are, thoughtful anniversary gifts consider everything he enjoys doing. Getting him gear for the sports he loves is a sure way to surprise him on your anniversary.

9. Book a City Food Tour

Another gift you can enjoy as a couple is a city food tour. If you’re planning to go on a trip for your anniversary, a food tour is the best way to enjoy what the location has to offer.

10. Check Off Something From His Bucket List

Whether it’s going sky diving, SCUBA diving, flying a plane, or bungee jumping, give your husband a chance to check something off his bucket list on your next anniversary. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, maybe you can even join him.

Naughty And Unique Anniversary Gifts For Him

Getting creative also means giving unique gifts and encouraging some bedroom fun. Here are a few that will surely have you both enjoying each other’s company on your anniversary.

11. “Adult” Coupons

One of the best gifts for husband on anniversary is a naughty set of adult coupons. You can get creative on what he’s allowed to redeem. You need to be up for it when he claims his coupon.

12. Bedroom Board Games

A board game, dice, and some friendly competition in sexy lingerie will turn into a wild and fun night on your anniversary.

13. Risque Love Notes

Something a little more subtle but still naughty are risque love notes. You can slip one in his lunch or his pocket so he knows what’s waiting for him after work.

14. Sensual Massage

A sensual massage from you is a romantic anniversary gift for your husband that can eventually turn into something more passionate.

15. Sexy Strip Poker

Unique anniversary gifts for him can start out as a game of strip poker. Add some naughty consequences for the loser, and your husband will have one of the best nights of his life.

5 Tips When Shopping For Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Even with all the wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband mentioned above, you may still find yourself confused about finding thoughtful anniversary gifts. Here are quick tips to keep in mind when you’re looking for unique anniversary gifts for him:

1.  Consider His Likes and Dislikes

Find the best gift for husband on anniversary by really thinking about your husband’s likes and dislikes. This means no generic, boring gifts!

2. Be Very Creative

Don’t limit yourself by going for typical and traditional anniversary gifts. Be as creative as possible to ensure the gift is unique and memorable.

3. DIY Gifts are Appreciated

You don’t have to spend a fortune on his anniversary gift. All the best thoughtful anniversary gifts are homemade.

4. Follow Tradition

Each anniversary year equates to a theme, you can use this as guide to help you find the perfect gift.

5. Don’t Follow Tradition

Or forget about the anniversary tradition and get your husband a gift that you know he will appreciate, even if it’s not in theme. 

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