30th Wedding Anniversary: 30 Gift Ideas For Your Spouse Or Favorite Couple

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Whether you’re celebrating your 10th anniversary, 20th, or 30th wedding anniversary, there’s much to be thankful for. Among married people, 55% think their partners mail it in picking the best anniversary gifts.

If you are shopping for the best 30th-anniversary gifts for your spouse or your favorite couple, we have compiled a list of ideas and experiences to make them smile.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Wife

Traditionally, 30th wedding anniversaries are known as pearl wedding anniversaries. Thus, this unique gemstone from the sea’s depths has been the celebration’s symbol. Today, the modern symbol for 30th wedding anniversaries is a diamond. Both gemstones promise timelessness and forever. Check out some of the anniversary gifts you can give the Mrs:

1. Pearl Earrings

A pair of elegant earrings is always an elegant gift that sophisticated women will appreciate. They can easily be paired with formal or even casual wear, depending on the occasion.

2. Pearl Necklace

A pearl anniversary deserves a classic gift. A string of pearls beautifully crafted into a necklace can be a perfect heirloom piece.

3. Diamond Ring

Whether you’ll give a 1 carat diamond ring to celebrate your 30th anniversary, or something bigger, your wife will surely appreciate it.

4. Pearl Themed-Art

If your life partner does not like flashy diamond rings or is not fond of pearl jewelry, you can find unique pearly art pieces online, antique shops, or local artisans.

5. Kitchen Accessories

The choices for mother-of-pearl or pearl kitchen accessories are endless. You can get her pearl napkin holders, pearl utensils, and bowls, among others.

6. Champagne Flute

If you enjoy a bottle of champagne from time to time, a personalized flute engraved with your name and wedding date could be a perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift.

7. Chocolates

Simple gifts such as chocolate pearls or diamond-shaped chocolates also never fail to make the heart of the woman you love flutter.

8. Cheese Board

A personalized cheese board is also a nice gift if you enjoy cheeses, cold meat, fruits, and other shared foods as a couple.

9. Pearl Photo Frame

An elegant photo frame with a touch of pearly design can be an excellent addition to her home decor collection.

10. Purse Or Bag

If your wife appreciates hand-made or designer bags or purses, you can get one studded with diamonds or decorated with pearls.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband

While the husband usually surprises the wife on their wedding anniversaries, preparing an anniversary gift will mean so much to your partner.

Cuff links with a pearly touch can be a great addition to your husband’s accessories set. He will look more stylish in his suit with a pair of ultra-chic cufflinks.

12. Mother Of Pearl Pen

If your husband loves to write, a ballpoint or fountain pen crafted from mother-of-pearl will be a lovely 30th wedding anniversary gift for him.

13. Pearl Bracelet

Guys who love wearing accessories will appreciate the beauty of pearl bracelets for men. Such pieces can be worn on different occasions and paired with different clothing styles.

14. Money Clip

If you are looking for a practical and useful wedding anniversary gift for husband, a money clip is a good buy. Inject the 30th wedding anniversary theme by getting one with a diamond accent.

15. Tie Pin

You can get him an elegant formal wear accessory with a touch of pearl or a diamond stud for your wedding anniversary.

16. Diamond Watch

You can surprise him with a luxurious diamond watch as a symbol of how much you cherish your life with your husband. Choose a style that he will like, such as one with a leather strap or a silver band.

17. Whiskey Tumbler

A classic crystal whiskey glass needs no explanation. Your husband will be wearing a smile on his face when he unboxes it if he’s one who loves a good bottle of whiskey.

18. Anniversary Poem

Write a few lines of love verses. You can write it on special paper or have it printed and framed. This unique and thoughtful 30th wedding anniversary gift will touch the heartstrings. 

19. Personalized Anniversary Candle

Whether it’s just for a quiet, relaxing night or a romantic date at home, a personalized candle is a simple gift your spouse will love.

20. Handmade Card

Remember the time you were exchanging love letters or perhaps text messages? Relieve such an era by making a card just for him.

What To Give Your Favorite Couple On Their 30th Wedding Anniversary?

Below is a list of anniversary gift ideas and anniversary surprises that will make your favorite couple – be it your parents or friends– feel extra special:

21. Wedding Vows Renewal

You need to plan this in advance. It can be an intimate celebration or a big one. Prepare the details of their wedding vows renewal and just tell them a day or two by giving them the complete attire they will wear.

22. Cooking Class

If a couple loves good food, enroll them in a master class to help them upgrade their skills.

23. Build A Vegetable Garden

It can be an indoor garden, or you can help till the land so they can grow crops in the backyard. It should be a good hobby they can start as a couple and help them stay fit.

24. Video Montage

Expect some oohs and awws when you gather friends and family to celebrate everlasting love. You can ask for short video messages from the attendees or people the couple misses. 

25. Wine

Whether vintage or just their favorite wine can make their wedding anniversary day meal extra special. Better yet, buy them a wine subscription.

26. Photobook

Dig some old photos and compile them to help your parents or favorite couple reminisce memories during their 30th wedding anniversary.

27. A Surprise Party With Family And Friends

Set up a get-together at home with the closest of keens and friends. You can hire a professional caterer or ask everyone to bring food and drinks.

28. Weekend Getaway

Treat the couple to a weekend getaway. It could be as simple as pampering them at a spa, a road trip out of state, a cruise, or perhaps to a tropical island destination.

29. First-Date-Themed Night Out

Let the husband and wife celebrate their three decades of marriage by helping them enjoy something similar to their first date. This needs good research without spoiling the surprise.

30. A Time Capsule

If you’ve been friends with the couple, this takes years of planning and effort. You can collect sentimental pieces, write letters or notes of advice, a copy of wedding vows, or wedding memorabilia that couples (or future generations) can open on their 30th wedding anniversary.

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