15 Timeless Wedding Photography Poses For Breathtaking Images That Will Last Forever

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Weddings celebrate the union of two hearts. And one of the best ways to capture the love the bride and groom share is by taking photos. The great news is that there are tons of wedding photography poses to try — from the funny and creative to the romantic and utterly breathtaking.

Need some inspiration for your wedding photoshoot? Here are some of the best couple poses for wedding photography to include in your shot list. 

Dos And Don’ts Of Wedding Photography Poses

Before we give our list of must-try wedding photography poses for couples, here are some do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Find A Photographer You Trust

A lot of professionals offer wedding photography services. Your choice comes down to your budget, your vision, and the rapport you share with the photographer. You and your partner must be comfortable with them — and trust their skills and creativity. 

Discuss Logistics And The Timeline Well

Wedding photography services should be one of the big items on your wedding planning checklist. Have a definite plan before sealing the deal with a photographer (they are, after all, busy people too). Then, after finalizing things on your end, make sure to communicate all important details to them — including the venue location, schedule, equipment and props you might need, and poses you prefer.

Prepare The Right Shoes

Having an extra set of comfy is a must-have in any photoshoot. If you want to make the best wedding photography poses, you should spare your feet from the ache that comes with walking on and on with your high heels). 

Don’t Drink Too Much

If you don’t want to look bloated in the photos, avoid drinking alcohol too much beforehand. Also, if you’re not intoxicated, you can pour your focus into your photoshoot and produce much better images.

Never Fake The Love

Never stage cheesy poses for the sake of creating “romantic” photos. Be natural and let the photographer capture the magic and all those sparks. If you want, you can also talk to your photographer and ask them to take candid shots while you do your thing as a couple. 

15 Couple Poses For Wedding Photography Inspiration

Striking a pose — with your partner and for one of the most important days of your life — is easier said than done. We’re dishing out some inspiration with this curation of wedding photography poses for couples.

1. Standing Side-By-Side

Couples holding hands while standing next to each other is a classic wedding pose for a reason. It’s one of the most natural things that couples do, so it’s quite easy to pull off. It also serves as an effective kickstarter.

2. The Shoulder Rest

One variation of the side-by-side pose is the shoulder rest, where the bride lovingly leans on the groom’s shoulder. 

The couple can stare and smile directly at the camera, or it can be more candid, with the bride’s eyes closed and the groom’s gaze locked on his significant other. You can also do this while seated.

3. Bride In The Arms Of The Groom

Captivate the warmth of your love in photos by letting the groom wrap the bride in an embrace. If you want another pose that involves the arms, consider locking your arms while facing each other (like how you’ll do it when slow-dancing). 

4. The First Look

A woman in a wedding dress looks ethereal. And the moment the groom sees her, all sorts of feelings you can’t describe with words will explode. Capturing the first look is one of the most critical tasks of photographers in a wedding ceremony. 

5. The Forehead Kiss

One of the most romantic couple poses for wedding photography, planting a kiss on the bride’s forehead evokes a profound kind of tenderness. Lip-locking poses can be a hit or miss in wedding photoshoots, so this is a beautiful alternative you may want to try.

6. Close-up

Give off intimate vibes by letting your photographer take close-up shots while you stay closely facing each other.

7. The Ring Pose

Engagement and wedding rings are time-honored emblems of romantic love. So don’t forget to showcase that in your wedding photos. For poses like this, you only need to wear your rings, place your hands side-by-side, and exchange sweet glances with each other.

8. Pose With The Veil

Like the ring, the veil is a well-recognized wedding element. It’s also a photographer’s favorite because it can create beautifully interesting images. One trick they do is pull the veil close to the lens for that dreamy blur. 

9. Flat-Lays

Want to do unique wedding photography poses? The flat-lay offers a unique perspective of you as a couple. Lay on the ground (make sure to put a blanket first) and have the photographer take fun and creative snaps from an elevated platform. 

10. The “We Won” Pose

This V-pose is for couples who want to say “I’m lucky to have this bride/groom” through an image.  

11. Lifting Up

The lifting-up pose is fun for the couple and the photographer. Having the groom lift the bride (or the other way around!) produce many all-smiles moments. These photos will make you and your partner smile from ear to ear whenever you reminisce about your special day.

12. The Dip Pose

While lifting is fun, doing a dip while you lock lips with your significant other is the most dramatic pose you can ever do at your wedding. It’s also a great way to showcase that beautiful wedding dress train. 

13.In-The-Car Moments

Got a unique getaway car? Use that as the setting for movie-like photos. Your photographer can showcase their creativity and use the different parts of the vehicle (e.g., the rearview mirror, the back seat) to immortalize great couple moments. 

14. Running Together

Holding your wedding by the beach or in a rustic garden venue? Capture the aesthetics of your wedding location by doing a running-together pose. Running also has many poetic meanings — like freedom and blitheness. So including that in your wedding photoshoot ideas is a meaningful thing to do. 

15. The Sunset Shot

The sun casts a distinctively magical glow as it sinks on the horizon. If you’re holding your wedding in the afternoon or evening, set aside time for a photoshoot with the setting sun as your background. It can transform even the simplest outdoor wedding photography poses into sublime experiences that are indeed one for the books

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