10 Crazy Wedding Gift Ideas That Stand Out

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It’s the beginning of a new romance and the newlyweds are about to start their lives together. One thing you know for sure, this couple deserves something that stands out from the rest. So as you prowl for crazy wedding gift ideas, consider a few things. 

If the couple hasn’t been living together before the wedding, you may want to consider traditional gifts such as bath towels, linens, or kitchen appliances. Those kinds of gifts are the most thoughtful and definitely the most needed if the couple is coming from different homes. However, if the couple has been living together for a while, chances are they’ll appreciate fun creative gift ideas. 

10 Crazy Wedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds That Will Make An Impression

Truth Or Dare For Couples

An adult spin on the classic game. This game guarantees that date night is anything but boring. And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. There are plenty of kinky games the newlyweds will enjoy to keep things spicy. When it comes to crazy wedding gift ideas, this one definitely takes the winner’s circle.

Monogrammed Aprons

If you’ve got a wild, and sassy newlywed couple, this might be what you are looking for. And if you’ve got a newlywed duo who are fearless in the kitchen on your hands — this gift is a must. Keeping clothes clean is the goal, but the words on the apron will keep smiles on. The sky’s the limit with humorous messages. Find a message and personalize the apron in a way that brings out the wild side of the bride and groom.

Voodoo Dolls

You may have done a double take here, but not to worry. These dolls inspire humor rather than negativity. When the spark of the honeymoon simmers down these dolls spark motivation in the marriage. This is a great gag gift for newlyweds who like things that are outside the box. Check out amazon.com for newlywed options.

Air Fryer

air fryer as a crazy wedding gift idea

This is a healthy alternative for newlyweds who are on the go. If the newlyweds are still in school or starting out in their careers, they are crazy busy and probably don’t have a whole lot of time to cook and make healthy meals. This gift takes calories out of meals where they don’t need to be. This gift really is unforgettable. It will likely be used regularly.

Newlyweds Survival Kit

These hilarious newlywed survival kits provide everything a brand new married couple needs to get through the honeymoon and first moments as partners. They’ll get all the advice and words of wisdom they’ll need to get them through along with other necessities. If anything, this gag gift will bring smiles and a humorous safety net for the newlyweds.


suitcase as crazy wedding gift idea

Gone are the days of contemplating traveling alone. The newlywed couple now have each other to travel the world with. Replace their tired old bags with durable new luggage or carry ons. Nothing beats this gift when it comes to packing for a honeymoon or future vacations as the new Mr. and Mrs.

Wine Subscription

wine subscription as a crazy wedding gift idea

When the bartender pack ups for the night and the newly married couple rides away to their honeymoon, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve that’s sure to make an impression. Nothing is more enjoyed at a celebration than some bubbly. Keep the celebration going strong for the rest of the year by gifting the bride and groom with a wine subscription. Send them booze you know they like or give them the freedom to try new bubbly.

Humorous Pillows

After having a wedding, a honeymoon, and getting used to married life it can be exhausting. And there are times you simply are not in the mood. “Tonight, Not Tonight” pillows are a great gift. These pillows make it perfectly clear to partners what they are in the mood for. You may also consider a pillow with another message that speaks directly to the couple. This is a perfect crazy wedding gift idea for the couple who wants to get communication down from the get go.

Couples Spa Day

spa day as a crazy wedding gift idea

The best gifts to give are — hands down — the gift of memories. Why not peel away from the practical and go for the memorable? Everyone needs a day or two to wind down and relax. The same is true for a newlywed couple. This is a great wedding gift for a newly married couple who is looking to unwind and do something together. It’s intimate, relaxing and worth it. 

Newlyweds Instruction Manual

It’s so crazy it just might work. Whether you want to get the newlyweds on a serious note or a humorous one (you know them best), there’s nothing that sends them off with well wishes more than instructions on how to succeed. The first years are tough, guide them with this ultimate crazy wedding gift idea.

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