15 Best July Honeymoon Destinations for 2024

As June’s warm embrace ushers in the heart of summer, couples worldwide start eyeing the month of July for their idyllic honeymoon getaway. A July honeymoon offers the perfect canvas of sunlit days and starry nights, creating an impeccable backdrop against which to weave memories of a lifetime. And for those newlyweds wishing for a truly effortless escape, the allure of all-inclusive resorts cannot be ignored.

Picture yourselves nestled on the pristine beaches of Mauritius or St. Kitts & Nevis, where every need is anticipated and catered to. Journey to the vibrant streets of Vietnam, the wilderness of Tanzania, or the cosmopolitan heart of Toronto. Be enthralled by Colombia’s rhythms, Peru’s ancient wonders, Istanbul’s crossroads of cultures, and Corsica’s Mediterranean charm. Dive into this curated list and let the magic of these places elevate your July honeymoon to legendary status.


Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, has its winter in July. It is warm and a great time for watersports, beach hopping, cruising, and visiting the local attractions, such as some of the best beaches anywhere.

Couples can go all-out and revel in the luxury of the Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita located on the offshore island of Ile Aux Cerfs as they surround themselves with azure waters and tropical gardens. Accommodations consist of private villas and retreats with individual gardens and pools. The private retreats have the added convenience of having breakfast served in-villa.

Spa treatments are in the open air, and couples have access to the resort’s two golf courses as well as daily watersports excursions. The entire resort is devoted to catering to its guests.

A visit to the natural phenomenon of  Chamerel7ColouredEarth and a rainbow of colors is a must–see as the earth turns purple, violet, yellow, green, and other colors as they have never been seen before. Chamerel has the tallest waterfall on the island, dropping down 100 meters into the St. Denis River. Its turtle park is a favorite as visitors can watch the turtle wander around their enclosure.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden near Port Louis is the oldest such garden in the Southern Hemisphere. Built in the 18th century, it is known and loved for its water lily pond and 85 different types of palm trees. This tropical Eden is worth exploring.

Couples should take the plunge and skydive over the island for an incredible view. 

The island’s best nightlife happens at C Beach Club. Always filled with music and swimming in cocktails, this is where to celebrate the live Sunday evening gigs.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Tucked between Antigua and Puerto Rico, St. Kitts and its sister island, Nevis, are small tropical gems in the Caribbean for anyone looking for white beaches, natural beauty, relaxation, and inspirational Victorian architecture. Couples can indulge in watersports, hike into (yes, into) a volcano, and explore the rainforest.

The average temperature in July hits the upper 80s and goes down to the mid-70s in the evening. The water temperature is ideal for swimming, and there are a few rainy days, but not enough to interrupt a honeymoon.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis is a beachfront haven with luxurious accommodations including rooms and suites with private balconies, as well as private studios with a pool tucked into the jungle for ultimate privacy.

In addition to fine Caribbean cuisine, the resort offers rum tastings in its Mango Bar and Happy Hour from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. surrounded by the sea. It will also arrange for golf tours and nature walks.

A sunset Catamaran cruise is the perfect way to end the day in St. Kitts as you cuddle while the sun slowly disappears. 

Nevis Horseback offers beach rides and romantic sunset rides as well as private rides. No need to miss this storybook-type adventure of trotting down the beach.

The enchanting Nevis Botanical Garden, once a part of the Montpelier Estates, consists of five acres of tropical plants, a cascading fountain, an orchid terrace with blooming, colorful orchids, and a conservatory with ruins of an ancient temple. The temple is no more, but the orchids can’t stop blooming.

Greg Safari on St. Kitts takes visitors “Off The Beaten Path” with excursions through the rainforest, the mountains, black sand beaches, and ruins. This is how forever memories are made.


Vietnamese in July bask in sunshine and a vibrant landscape. Whether couples are looking for a beach or city getaway, Vietnam delivers. Most visitors begin their visit in Hanoi and then move on to explore Ho Chi Minh City with its museums and divine dining.

Vietnam is a comparatively inexpensive getaway, so a plush resort such as the Sofitel Legend in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is extremely affordable and just a few feet away from the Opera House. Three hundred and sixty-four rooms are divided into two wings. The Metropole Wing has retained its old-fashioned ambiance while the Opera Wing is an updated, elegant version of the classic. Both wings are the essence of culturally rich. The outdoor pool is conveniently heated.

The hotel’s Le Beaulieu Restaurant is known for serving the best French cooking in the entire country.

In conjunction with the Sofitel Resort, Halong Bay Tours offers the most romantic cruise in Hanoi including a two-night stay at Sofitel, a one-night deluxe cruise cabin with exclusive spa services. The menu includes a blend of Vietnamese cuisine and seafood.

In Ho Chi Ming City, the Lotte Hotel is a five-star resort by the Saigon River close to the city’s shopping and entertainment. Rooms are available with either a city or river view. 

The Michelin-rated Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant serves award-winning Cantonese cuisine in a charming living room atmosphere. The spa offers four hand massages, a couples room, a foot massage room, and a dual bedroom. It’s all about soothing relaxation. 

For the most romantic date night in Ho Chi Ming City, the Blank Rooftop Lounge cannot be outdone. Seventy-five floors above the city and an outdoor terrace ensure a stunning view. 


Tanzania is in the middle of its dry season in July, which translates into blue skies, cool morning temperatures, and comfortable afternoons. But it means much more than that.

July is the time for Tanzania’s safari month and the time for the Great Wildebeest Migration. The dryness forces the enormous herds to roam the land in search of water in an effort to survive. The migration, while impossible to predict exactly, moves through the Serengeti to the Mara River. 

This migration is one of the rarest sights on earth. Two million wildebeest, after giving birth to the season’s calves, begin to journey through the Serengeti earlier in the year. It is the largest animal migration anywhere, and the drier it gets, the more the herds need to move in search of water as they face rivers with up to 3,000 hostile crocodiles and hungry lions everywhere. 

By July, the herds of wildebeest have become a line of up to 40 kilometers moving west. Many will not survive the quest as they cross the Grumeti River, then the Mara River.

The most exciting way to see and follow the migration is by being a part of an experienced tour such as Tourradar. This 10-day tour focuses on the Mara River, which is one of the herd’s major obstacles. Travel will include several national parks and the Serengeti. It begins in Arusha Town and moves to the Ngorongoro Crater by day 4 and continues through the Serengeti to the Mara River. One night will be spent in a hotel; 5 nights are for camping, and 3 nights are inside a lodge.

Couples should use their time in Tanzania to hike the mighty Kilimanjaro. With the guarantee of almost no rain, the climb to the top is easier than at other times and rewarded with an amazing view. 

Tanzania isn’t just about safaris. Couples can enjoy a Tanzanian beach honeymoon, as well. Some of the best beaches for swimming, diving, and snorkeling are Bwejuu Beach, Michamvi Beach, Nungwi Beach, (popular for its lively nightlife), and Kendwa Beach.


This far north, July is the hottest month with the temperature hovering in the upper 80s. It couldn’t get more comfortable for exploring the beautiful city of Toronto with its skyline, delightful waterfront, and tasty cuisine.

The Omni Hotel King Edward is ideal for couples. Upholding high standards of elegance since 1903, the hotel’s 301 rooms and authentic afternoon tea make the hotel fit for royals. The Victoria Café serves classic cuisine, while the Consort Bar is styled like an elite London club. A breakfast package is available.

The hotel’s wedding package will help couples with every detail of their wedding in one of their spectacular ballrooms.

Lake Ontario is one of the five great lakes, and July is the best month for swimming and taking a stroll. Couples can also kayak around the lake. For a panoramic view of the city, the revolving restaurant on top of the CN Tower will leave visitors speechless. 

Now that the newlywed prince and princess have found each other, they may wish to visit Toronto’s astonishing castle, Casa Loma, with its 98 rooms standing as a tribute to a bygone era. A self-guided tour of this architectural splendor is recommended, as is a stroll through the fabulous gardens. As a couple, challenge each other by trying to find the hidden passages to the stables. 


July is the peak tourist season for Colombia, but its diverse topography means couples can control the climate in their chosen region. Colombia’s Amazon is especially welcoming in July. Bogota, the capital, can get a bit chilly with temperatures in the 60s.

Cartagena, Colombia’s most romantic city, has temperatures in the 80s. It offers great food, memorable culture, and plenty of fun. The city can be reached within three hours from Miami.

Hyatt Regency Cartagena is located near the historic Old City. There are 285 rooms and suites, most of them with a view of the Caribbean. Mornings begin with Colombia’s famed coffee. Guests can indulge in the resort’s open-air restaurant and dine beneath the stars. And they can take advantage of the romance package with champagne and breakfast in bed.

The resort will guide couples to all the nearby historic attractions. Old Town is brimming with romance with its colonial buildings that take couples back in time. Its most famed landmark is the Torre Del Reloj, the old Clock Tower, which served as the original gate to the city. These days, it is a hotspot with bars and shops.

While strolling the city, Plaza Bolivar and Plaza de Santo Domingo provide benches and shade to enjoy the sights of Old Town. Afterward, there is always a carriage ride through the city, especially at night.


July is the dry season in Peru, providing newlyweds with lots of opportunities to explore the Andes and Amazon. The most beckoning city may be Cuszo in the Andes, the former capital of the Inca nation and filled with Incan monuments and temples. It can serve as the ideal base for excursions to one of Peru’s most thrilling destinations, Machu Picchu. 

Lima, the capital of Peru, is at a much lower altitude and consequently has warmer weather. It, like Cuszo, has a large choice of shopping and restaurants. However, Cuszo has more Inca history.

Housed in a former 16th-century monastery, Monasterio in Cuszo is an opulent hotel with gilded corridors, an abundance of medieval art, soothing woodwinds, and breathtaking Baroque architecture that makes a stunning honeymoon retreat and a base for explorations of Machu Picchu.

Rooms come with marble bathrooms, and some suites have a terrace or balcony. 

The restaurant El Tupay not only features international dining, the medieval arches set the mood with operatic sounds, candlelight, and a cocktail. Couples can join a daily tour of Monasterio’s dazzling art collection. Or, foodies can join a Peruvian cooking class after shopping at the local market.

The resort’s honeymoon package includes a suite with a balcony and a relaxing massage before a trip to explore the Sacred Valley and Inca temples.

Sacred Valley spans between Cusco and Machu Picchu and represents the soul of the Incan world with massive terraces, small villages, and an amazing culture.

It is impossible to visit Peru without a guided day trip to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. The six-hour tour from Cusco to Aguas Calientes will be led by professional guides who will join guests in exploring this unforgettable Inca kingdom.


July afternoons in Istanbul reach to 82 degrees and cool down to the 70s in the evening. Rain is usually limited to two or three days. It’s a great month for a Turkish honeymoon as the beaches along the shores of the Sea of Marmara and Bosporus Strait are warm enough for swimming.

The Kempinski Ciragan Palace began as a royal garden in the 17th century. The palace was built on the land in 1603 and has been the home of at least seven sultans. This Ottoman grandness bordering the Bosphorus waterway has been turned into a magnificent 310-room hotel that treats its guests like sultans. It has been called one of the best hotels in the world. Rooms and suites are decorated in elegant Ottoman style with a view of the garden or the waterway. Some have balconies or patios.

Dining options all have a wonderful view of the waterway, and the 47 Lounge is the place for a cocktail right by the water.

Turkish baths are very special and ritualistic. At the Ciragan Palace, guests will experience pampering that goes back thousands of years as they give themselves over to water, suds, and hands washing and massaging the body. 

While in Istanbul, couples can take a dinner cruise along the Bosphorus Waterway and visit the Grand Bazaar with its 4,000 shops that sell just about anything

For the best Istanbul nightlife, the Beyoglu neighborhood is filled with bars that provide entertainment from around the world.


The French island of Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. July is a very comfortable month with temperatures in the high 80s and only a small chance of some rain. 

What does Corsica have to offer newlyweds? People flock here for excellent nightlife. At the piano bar Chez Tao, the motto is, “Be happy today for tomorrow will be too late.” A lot of dancing, partying, and singing goes into making that come true.

Corsica has 200 wonderful Mediterranean beaches and coves with sand ranging from white to pink, to bright black. Many are lined with restaurants and bars. 

Hotel Marinca in Olmeto has its own private beach with access to all watersports. Rooms, suites, and villas face the sea. The Paillote restaurant faces the beach with a view of the sea and other islands. 

Tucked within the gardens, the resort has three pools with loungers, umbrellas, and always a sea breeze.

The hotel can arrange skydiving, horseback riding, as well as golf.

From Olmeto, couples can take an amazing half-day guided cruise to the amazing Scandola Calanche de Piana. As the ship passes, explanations will be given about the Scandola Nature Reserve, the tall rocks, caves, and the Gulf of Girolata. There will be half an hour to take a swim in the blue waters.


For lovers of the outdoors, a honeymoon in Iceland can be heaven on earth, especially in July, when there are trails, fantastic landscapes, glaciers, and myriads of hot springs to explore. And with 20 hours of daylight, there is the incredible midnight sun, when the sun doesn’t seem to ever set. These are memories for a lifetime.

The temperature hovers around the mid-50s. Warm enough for just a sweater and cool enough for plenty of outdoor activity.

 Reykjavik Domes is ten minutes from Reykjavik City. These private domes include a fireplace and restocked minibar. Couples can lay back and watch the phenomenon of the northern lights through the glass windows. Standard Domes have shared bathrooms and hot tubs. The Deluxe Dome has private bathrooms and hot tubs. King Domes includes a private kitchen.

Reykjavik Domes offers tours that cover much of Iceland’s majestic landscape.  

The town of Reykjavik is one of the best places to catch the northern lights. However, couples can find guides in whatever town they are staying in. Guides are everywhere.

In addition to the northern lights, Iceland is known for its healing Blue Lagoon thermal springs not far from Reykjavik. The Lagoon has showers and changing rooms, spa facilities, and a lounge.  

Another natural wonder in Iceland is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall which allows full access during July. There are caverns behind the fall’s cliffs and paths that allow visitors to encircle the entire fall. Truly mesmerizing. For evenings, floodlights are lit when the midnight sun is not viable. The falls are a part of the Reynisfjara Domes tours.


Located in southern Africa, Namibia provides all the ingredients for a unique and joyous honeymoon – deep canyons, red deserts, and a rich culture.

There is no rain in July, with great warm weather, yet Namibia remains relatively uncrowded, making it perfect for a quiet yet exciting honeymoon.

The Mowani Camp has private rooms and suites, including the private Mountain Suite with its wrap-around deck, air conditioning, splash pool, and bath and shower, all with magnificent views. Each camp has its own barbeque and kitchen area.

The Camp is surrounded by nature’s beauty amid Namibia’s Damaraland. It is filled with wildlife, and couples can join guided tours in search of desert elephants and African rock engravings. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Couples should visit the town of Swakopmund as a change of pace from Namibia’s desert. It is the country’s largest coastal beach town filled with old colonial buildings.

Necker Island

Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands has all the elements of a dream honeymoon. This very exclusive private island is the residence of British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. In Sir Richard’s own words, “Necker Island is my home and favorite hideaway. I invite you to explore this idyllic island paradise for yourself and to be inspired by its beauty.” This is a serious invitation.

The island has a Great House and is speckled with private rooms throughout the island. The Great House has a swimming pool, dining on two floors, hot tubs, and a shop. 

A bar, tennis courts, a larger pool, a larger hot tub, and a helipad line the beach. Sir Richard’s chefs cater to guests with mouthwatering cuisine, including a floating sushi bar. 

Necker Island offers more than white beaches. It has every imaginable watersport, from sailing to kayaking to snorkeling and diving. Instructions can be arranged. Couples can participate in yoga, and tennis, and go hiking or to the gym. The spa provides total self-care. 

No one ever regrets accepting Sir Richard’s personal invitation.


Dublin rarely gets overly hot, and July promises very comfortable days in the 80s. There will likely be a rainy day or two, but nothing to interrupt a honeymoon. Ireland has a very historic culture and heritage as seen in its museums and medieval cathedrals. When in Dublin, it is easy to lose oneself in another time and place.

Is there anything more romantic than spending your honeymoon in a genuine 15th-century castle such as Luttrellstown Castle? The rooms and suites meet the expectations of the most critical royal visitor. Guests get spoiled at the Clubhouse, a royal hangout on an outdoor terrace serving meals and cold drinks. 

Five hundred seventy-six acres provide room for plenty of activities, such as golf, fishing, archery, shooting, or falconing. Guests are invited to explore the property, the towers, the garden, the orchard, and arboretum, and the 20-acre lake with a waterfall. This is a honeymoon you won’t forget.

While in Dublin, couples will enjoy strolling through St. Stephen’s Green and having a lovely picnic. While located in the middle of hectic Dublin, it is a space of utter tranquility and it offers concerts during the summer months.

Booklovers can explore the Long Room Library and its 200,000 books. It is considered the most beautiful library anywhere.

Choose a professional Dublin photographer to capture your Dublin experience. Selfies are all well and good, but the essence of your honeymoon should be captured by a professional to last a lifetime.

Explore Dublin during a two-hour Grand Canal Boat Tour with dinner. A three-course dinner awaits as you pass Dublin’s finest scenery.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

July is ideal beach weather for Myrtle Beach. From celebrating the 4th to reveling in the clear waters, this is the beginning of a fun honeymoon. July 4th includes a boat parade, a beach celebration, and the Pawleys Island Parade, where boats, cars, and even trucks create their own parade.

The all-suite oceanfront Island Vista Resort is family-run and worry-free. And they come with private balconies. The hotel has three pools and two hot tubs for fun and pampering. 

The “Hello Romance” package provides a picnic basket, blanket, all utensils, wine or champagne, flowers, and a charcuterie platter for two with petit fours. That’s a picnic with style.

With over 100 golf courses, Myrtle Beach earned the name “Golf Capital of the World. The Pine Lakes International Country Club is across the street, and the hotel will gladly arrange for the best golf package and tee time.

Enchanted Sailing Charters has several cruises each day, including all-day cruises, sunset cruises, private sunset cruises, and sunset dinner cruises. Each cruise shows off the fabulous shoreline.

The Dupin Winery in North Myrtle Beach holds regular grape stomping, and cheesecakes and wine pairing with music.

Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara is a large game reserve in Kenya with vibrant landscapes. Come July, this is when the great migration of one and a half million wildebeests begins its way through the savannahs. July is a dry month, which is one of the factors that instigates this massive migratory move. The drama, the incredible landscape, the abundance of big cats, as well as the superb camps draw newlyweds looking for adventure and romance.

Little Governors Camp exemplifies one of the ultimate luxury camps in Masai Mara. Each private tent has a verandah and deck for an intimate viewing of the local wildlife (the elephants are just as interested in the visitors as the visitors are in them). Meals are served communal style, with dinner being enjoyed by candlelight. And more animals may show up.

The 17 luxury tents have ensuite bathrooms and flush toilets. They are comfortable and just the thing to start a life of adventure together.

The camps have three separate game drives each day, either half-day safaris or full-day safaris with picnic lunches.

What is a romantic safari without a hot air balloon breakfast? Guests will be picked up at 4:30 a.m. from their camp as the sun rises and the animals awaken below. Catch a different perspective of wildlife from these exciting heights. Upon landing, everyone enjoys a buffet breakfast with champagne.