21 Fun and Romantic Things to Do on Honeymoon in 2024

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If you’re planning your honeymoon, you’ve got lots of decisions to make. While you could stay in a comfy bed all day gazing into each other’s eyes, you probably want to mix things up a bit. Perhaps cocktails on the beach or around a beautiful pool, candlelit dinners, and romantic soaks in a Jacuzzi bath.

Your honeymoon isn’t your typical holiday, of course. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that calls for unique experiences you and your loved one will always be able to look back on with a smile.

So, how do you ensure your post-wedding escapade will be worthy of a trip meant to kick off a lifetime of love? Consider these 21 things to do on your honeymoon that are practically guaranteed to fire up the romance.

Top Things To Do On Honeymoon

Take a Road Trip

There’s something inherently romantic about taking a scenic drive and enjoying the freedom of the open road. Discover small sleepy towns, authentic local eateries, and countless incredible sights as you roll through spectacular landscapes and tranquil countryside.

Whether you’re cruising the tropical rainforest on Hawaii’s Hana Highway or exploring the geysers and glaciers along Iceland’s Ring Road, traveling together is kind of like a test drive of your journey as a couple. A honeymoon road trip is sure to be filled with wonders and unexpected twists.

Recommended Destination: The U.S.A.

Splurge on Wine 

What’s a romantic vacation without a delectable, intoxicating beverage? Relish vintage reds in a vineyard in Tuscany or sample fresh blends at a boutique winery in Napa Valley. A wine tour is one of the classic things to do on your honeymoon.

Still, you don’t have to leave your hotel to enjoy a bottle of champagne or rosé. Consider ordering in. It’s the perfect excuse to hang out in your bedroom – if you really need one, that is. While you’re at it, pick some well-known aphrodisiacs – oysters, strawberries, chocolate – to go with the drink.

Recommended Destination: Napa Valley

Sail Off Into the Sunset

And not because many love stories conclude with riding off into the sunset. A honeymoon, after all, is more of a beginning than an ending.

But it would be a shame to miss the thrill of a sundown boat trip on the Caribbean or a late afternoon yacht cruise along the Mediterranean coast. So, get on board, grab a drink, enjoy the view and the salty sea breeze, and look forward to your future together.

Recommended Destination: Caribbean

Eat, Pray, Dance

One of the most memorable things to do on honeymoon is to connect with the local culture. Sample the local cuisine over a candlelit dinner, visit the local attractions, and immerse yourself in time-honored traditions like dancing.

No, we’re not talking about clubbing. Think tango in Argentina, salsa in Puerto Rico, or rumba in Cuba. Not much of a dancer? No worries. What could be more intimate than simply side-swaying to a slow song? So, put on a sexy outfit with your best party shoes and head out onto the dance floor.

Recommended Destination: Puerto Rico

Have an Adventure

Sure, we love a lazy honeymoon at a luxe resort with 24-hour butler service, gourmet dinners, and a private pool.

But nothing brings couples closer than a healthy dose of adrenaline rush. Schedule at least one trip that gets your heart pounding. Perhaps skydive above Victoria Falls, swim with dolphins in the Galapagos, paraglide across Pokhara Valley, go scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, experience a wildlife safari in the Serengeti, or chase the northern lights in Alaska.

Are you spending your honeymoon in a big city? There are always adventures to be found, even in a concrete jungle. Fly in a chopper over New York City, ride the fastest roller coaster in Abu Dhabi, or bungee jump 1,109 feet above ground from the Macau Tower.

Recommended Destination: Jamaica

Gaze at the Stars

Toss a blanket on the ground, lie down under a brilliant night sky, and bask in the infinite peace and solitude. Or, cozy up together next to the warmth of a fire, roast some gooey S’mores, and watch the constellations come to life.

Stargazing is a popular tradition among many couples in love. As sentimental as it sounds, swearing undying love beneath the stars is one of the most romantic things to do on honeymoon. And did we mention that it won’t cost you a thing?

Recommended Destination: Hawaii

Learn Something New

Want to know the secret to a long-lasting relationship? Sharing a passion, an interest, or a hobby. No, we’re not making this one up. Studies show that couples who partake in new and exciting activities are happier.

Love to cook? Take a cooking lesson together. Enjoy sports? You might sign up for surfing or rock climbing instructions. You could learn a foreign language, woodworking, cocktail mixing, or how to practice yoga. Just pick an activity that’s new to both of you. If you’ve never waltzed before, your honeymoon is the perfect time to start.

Recommended Destination: The U.S.A.

Indulge in a Spa Treatment for Two 

One of the many reasons newlyweds go on a honeymoon is to recover from the stress of the wedding and all the planning that goes into it. Why not book an entire day at the spa? You and your significant other can relax and spend blissful quality time together in an intimate and luxurious setting.

Enjoy a soothing couple’s massage in a private cabana or a romantic suite. Soak in a mineral bath, get a facial treatment, try aromatherapy, and sweat it out in the sauna. A day in a wellness spa will leave you reenergized and ready to take on married life.

Recommended Destination: Sandals

Classic Romance

Although the last thing you probably want is a generic honeymoon, there are some traditions you can’t skip. When in doubt, stick to the time-tested classics.

We’re talking about a bath strewn with rose petals, a bottle of chilled wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries, some sultry music, breakfast in bed, or a new piece of sexy lingerie every night. Yes, there are many ways to spice up your romantic holiday without going overboard.

Recommended Destination: St. Lucia

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is a bucket-list experience ideal for newlyweds. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the picturesque landscape below. Perhaps a valley blanketed in emerald green, a desert dotted with cacti, rolling hills with vineyards, or snow-capped mountains.

This experience is one of those things you really must do at least once in your lifetime. What better time to do it than on your honeymoon? Enjoy the quiet as you float through the sky, holding hands with your partner, feeling like you’re on top of the world.

Recommended Destination: Napa Valley

Rent a Bike or a Vespa

This is a fun activity for couples who love the outdoors and enjoy lighthearted adventures. Renting a bike or a Vespa is a great way to tour around a new city and explore its hidden gems.

It’s also a romantic way to get some exercise while enjoying each other’s company. And when you’re tired, you can always stop for an ice cream or coffee break.

Recommended Destination: Italy

Take a Hike

One of the best things to do on honeymoon is to go on a hike. It’s a great way to bond with your partner and commune with nature at the same time.

Whether you’re scaling a mountain or trekking through a forest, hiking provides quality time to talk, share your hopes and dreams, or simply enjoy each other’s company in silence while immersed in the beauty. And when you reach the summit, you can enjoy the sweet reward of a panoramic view.

Recommended Destination: Hawaii

Visit a Theme Park

A theme park may not be everyone’s idea of a romantic honeymoon, but if you and your partner are kids at heart, then a visit to one is sure to make for a good time.

From Disneyland and Disney World to Universal Studios, there are plenty of things to do at a theme park. And if you get tired of the rides and the shows, you can always shop or enjoy the food.

Recommended Destination: Disney World

Have a Beach Day

Of course, no list of things to do on honeymoon would be complete without a beach day.

After all, what’s more romantic than basking in the sun, taking a dip in the ocean, or simply strolling along the shore hand-in-hand?

Whether you’re spending your honeymoon in Hawaii, Bali, the Maldives, or Mexico, a day at the beach always makes for a great time enjoyed together.

Recommended Destination: Maldives

Go Scuba Diving

Adventure sports are not just for adrenaline junkies. If you and your partner are looking for a thrilling experience, then scuba diving is the perfect activity.

Not only will you get to explore the underwater world, but you’ll also get to bond with your partner as you rely on each other for support.

Recommended Destination: Australia

Check out a Museum

Museums may not be everybody’s idea of a fun time, but if you and your partner are history buffs or simply enjoy art, then a visit to a museum is a great way to spend an afternoon.

And if you get tired of all the walking, you can always stop for coffee or enjoy a lunch break, perhaps in a romantic cafe.

Recommended Destination: Paris

Take a Cooking Class

One of the best things to do on honeymoon is to take a cooking class. It’s become one of the most popular things for couples to do together in recent years, with many destinations across the globe offering the opportunity. It’s a great way to bond with your partner and learn something new at the same time.

You’ll get to prepare a meal together in a local kitchen, learning more about the culture as well. And at the end, you can enjoy the delicious results of your efforts.

Recommended Destination: Venice

A Private Dinner on The Balcony of Your Hotel Room

For a truly romantic experience, arrange for a private dinner on the balcony of your hotel room.

This is a great way to enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. Plus, if you’ve booked a place in a scenic destination, the beautiful view from your balcony is sure to enhance the experience.

Recommended Destination: Sandals

Organize a Photo Shoot

A honeymoon is a perfect time to take postcard-perfect photos of yourselves together. Whether you hire a professional photographer or simply use your smartphone, taking time to capture the memories of your honeymoon is a must.

Pose for some pictures in front of iconic landmarks, frame a shot of the two of you strolling along the beach, or simply take a selfie. Whatever you do, just be sure to get those photos that you’re sure to cherish long after your honeymoon.

Recommended Destination: Seychelles

Rent a Luxury Villa

Forget about cramped hotel rooms. One of the best things to do on your honeymoon is to book a luxurious villa where you can enjoy total privacy and tranquility.

Most luxury villas come complete with a private pool, a fully-equipped kitchen, cozy fireplace, and breathtaking views. Some even have their own staff to cater that will cater to your every need.

So, whether you’re looking for a secluded hideaway in Bali or an exclusive beachfront villa in the Maldives, renting a luxury villa is the perfect way to indulge in the ultimate post-wedding bliss.

Recommended Destination: Bali

Embrace the Unexpected

The most unconventional is often the most unforgettable, whether you’re trying out an avant-garde restaurant, watching a show you’ve never heard of before, or going on an impromptu picnic.

You can plan your honeymoon down to a tee but be sure to leave some room for surprises. Not every moment of it will live up to your expectations. The plan might be to lounge all day on the beach. But if it rains, learn to brave the storm by turning a negative into a positive. Come to think of it, dancing in the rain is always romantic, as is cuddling on the couch on a wet, dreary day.

This is just a start, but adding any of these things to your honeymoon itinerary is sure to make it extra special. So, go ahead and plan something unique for you and your partner. After all, it’s your honeymoon! Enjoy!

Wrapping It Up

Your honeymoon is all about you and your partner. Prepare to detach yourselves from the rest of the world and focus on deepening your bond. Don’t watch the news, avoid social media, and put away your phones.

These are just some of the things you can do on your honeymoon. It’s your opportunity to explore the world with your partner and create memories that will last a lifetime.

More importantly, don’t obsess about following every little detail on your list of things to do on honeymoon. Sometimes, all it takes to make your honeymoon perfect is to simply unleash your free spirit and follow whatever your heart dictates.

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