4-star hotel
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For honeymooners seeking an extraordinary and artful escape, LHotel Montreal invites you to “Dare to be original.” More than just a hotel, this landmark historic bank, now a canvas of creativity, houses one of the most impressive private art collections in North America. From Contemporary to Pop Art, Lichtenstein to Warhol, each corner of this boutique gem is adorned with over 120 masterpieces, offering an unparalleled cultural experience.

A Fusion of Art and Accommodation:

LHotel’s 56 rooms and suites are not just spaces; they are galleries of artistic expression. Lofty ceilings, large windows, and luxurious furnishings create an elegant and eclectic atmosphere. Imagine waking up surrounded by the works of Warhol, having breakfast with Lichtenstein, and enjoying a nightcap with Botero – all within the comfort of your suite.

Artful Dining and Imbibing:

The artistic journey continues at the Botero Wine Bar, where private imports by the glass are carefully curated for an unforgettable tasting experience. Indulge in daily breakfast served in the privacy of your room or in the Winter Garden Dining Room, where the fusion of culinary delights and artistic ambiance sets the tone for an exquisite day.

Holistic Well-being:

For moments of relaxation, the Sam Francis Gym and massage room offer rejuvenating experiences. Whether unwinding after a day of exploration or seeking a peaceful retreat, LHotel ensures that your well-being is a top priority.

Cultural Curator’s Touch:

Beyond the hotel, LHotel Montreal’s Cultural Curator enhances the guest experience with curated art tours and insights into Montreal’s vibrant cultural scene. This personalized touch adds a layer of depth to the stay, transforming it into an immersive journey through art and history.

Perfectly Situated:

Nestled in the heart of Old Montreal, LHotel is steps away from the Business District, the Montreal Convention Center, the Old Port, and trendy McGill Street. Its historic, artful, and urban location positions honeymooners at the crossroads of culture and sophistication.

Unique Business and Leisure Fusion:

LHotel seamlessly blends business and leisure, offering conference rooms, a business center, and complimentary WiFi. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, the hotel ensures that every stay is unique and memorable.

LHotel Montreal is not just a place to stay; it’s a transformative experience where art, culture, and luxury converge to create an unforgettable haven for honeymooners daring to be original.