8 Honeymoon Registries: Reviewed And Ranked

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By Ashley Rossi | Updated on April 11, 2024

Couples can now ask for more than just the usual fine china or kitchen appliances as wedding gifts. The game-changer behind this? Honeymoon registries. These sites are for couples who are all about practicality or those who value experiences above all else, no matter their reasons.

If you’re tying the knot soon and contemplating setting up a registry, consider this honeymoon fund registry review as our gift to you. We’ve rounded up the best honeymoon registries today based on reputation, customization, and available perks. 

Whether you want to experience a getaway at one of the all-inclusive Sandals resorts or stay at one of the most amazing overwater bungalows in the world, these honeymoon registries will help make these dreams a reality.

What’s a Honeymoon Registry?

You might be familiar with a wedding registry where the goal is to inform wedding guests about their preferred wedding gifts. It’s a win-win situation for both sides: Couples receive something they truly want, and guests have one less thing to worry about when preparing presents.

Conventionally, the gifts range from appliances to linens and home decorations. Nowadays, couples are also looking into requesting specific experiences like hotel stays and spa treatments. This is where the best honeymoon registries come into the picture.

A honeymoon registry is a way to create a tailored post-wedding getaway experience while inviting your guests to contribute financially. You can specify items you want your wedding attendees to help fund. It can be a romantic dinner, a posh hotel suite, tickets to a play, or scuba diving lessons. Guests can give their gifts through a specific payment mode, which you can then withdraw and use for your upcoming getaway.

Best Honeymoon Registries To Fund Your Honeymoon

There are a lot of options for honeymoon fund registries thanks to their popularity, so we’ve narrowed down the options for you.

1. Honeyfund

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Simply put, Honeyfund is one of the best honeymoon registries out there. Think of it as a crowdsourcing portal for couples and honeymooners. It’s a versatile site that you can use to raise funds for your honeymoon and other purposes (e.g., home down payments, charity donations). 

Creating a personal page is also a breeze. You can list numerous exciting excursions or keep it simple with a single donation box for guests. Once done, easily share your registry via social media or your wedding website.

Honeyfund has been around for over 18 years, maintaining an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau every year. The company has also been featured on Shark Tank. 

Top Honeyfund Features

  • It’s free to set up. 
  • You can deposit to Venmo or PayPal with no fees; there’s a small transaction fee for direct deposit transactions.
  • They also offer zero-fee gift cards from nearly 200 popular retail, dining, and travel brands.

2. Honeymoon Cash Funds at Zola

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Zola is one of the best wedding registries, thanks to the personalization options. You can customize your page with messages and photos to make your registry reflect your story as a couple. 

You also have the freedom to build your registry your way: You can list gifts, experiences, cash funds, and more. And your guests can give fixed amounts or any amount they want. They can pay directly through your registry via various payment modes, like credit cards, Venmo, or PayPal. 

When you’re ready to access your fund—let’s say you plan to go on a honeymoon in Jamaica—just initiate the checkout process through the direct deposit feature.

Top Zola Features

  • It’s a home shopping platform that also offers free registries.
  • Honeymoon cash funds offer the utmost flexibility.
  • The platform also offers free wedding website templates, streamlining your wedding and honeymoon planning.

3. Hitchd

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Are you the type of couple who’s really particular about designing your various wedding elements, including your registry? Then you will likely love Hitchd.

Take control of your dream trip and include items your guests can fund. Alternatively, you can establish a cash fund. Just bear in mind that setting up your registry comes with a fee, with plans ranging from $119 to $199. 

However, this initial investment pays off because you can tailor the look of your registry page to match your unique story. Additionally, guests can conveniently make contributions via credit cards. When it’s time to cash out, your options include Venmo, Wise, and more. Funds can also be transferred to your bank account. Then, yes, it’s time to go on that dream honeymoon cruise.

Top Hichd Features

  • Hitchd is available in 24 countries.
  • It’s a page design-focused website so you can create a better mobile and desktop experience.
  • You can create digital and physical thank-you cards.

4. The Knot Honeymoon Fund

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You don’t have to ditch old traditions altogether. The Knot will help you blend your cash fund with its registry store’s more conventional gift items. Your registry page will look like an e-commerce platform, with each item on the list appearing with a photo and price. You can also put a custom product description. 

As for your cash fund, you can set any amount. Guests can contribute fixed numbers as they wish. One feature is that you can keep the goal amount hidden if you prefer. You can also link your registry with your bank account to directly receive contributions with a low 2.5% fee. (Just note that funds may take up to 5 days to transfer to your account.)

Top Knot Features

  • It’s a wedding marketplace that links you with reputable vendors.
  • The Knot allows you to create a block for your honeymoon trip or multiple ones to cover specific aspects of your getaway.
  • You can easily track guests’ contributions.

5. Traveler’s Joy

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Traveler’s Joy offers free honeymoon registry options and it’s user-friendly. No wonder many couples have been using this platform for nearly two decades. Are you feeling adventurous and funding your trip to a clothing-optional resort? You can easily set up one today.

Traveler’s Joy has an Instant Registry feature that lets you register for your honeymoon in a few minutes, plus gift redemptions in the U.S. are free. 

Your guests also have the option to give gifts via cash or check at no cost, and while credit card contributions are accepted, a standard card processing fee of nearly 3% applies. 

Traveler’s Joy Top Features

  • The travel-centric site is to navigate for you—and your guests, encouraging you to have memorable experiences (e.g., glamping, booking a beach house).
  • Flexible options for redeeming gifts. 
  • You can book your own travels using the funds you’ve raised from the registry. 

6. Honeymoon Wishes

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Honeymoon Wishes goes beyond simplifying the process of funding your honeymoon. When you sign up, you get access to several free resources like downloadable announcement cards and an online “thank you” tracker. 

Another awesome perk is that you can transfer funds directly to partnering hotels and tour companies. With this, you won’t need to do as much liaising and can channel your energy to other essential tasks in your wedding journey. 

While the platform offers free sign-up, guests may encounter a service and handling fee. However, you can deduct this fee from your gift total instead of charging it to your guests.

Honeymoon Wishes Top Features

  • Live customer service support.
  • You can withdraw your funds at any time.
  • While you can book through their travel agent partners, you can also opt to take charge of your arrangements.

7. BluePrint Registry

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When preparing for your wedding (and honeymoon), expect to get swamped by many to-dos. To help with your wedding website and registry creation needs, you need an all-in-one solution like BluePrint Registry. 

This platform accommodates conventional gift items, cash fund options, and honeymoon experiences. It offers prepackaged experiences, but you can always create a customized registry. The good news is that there’s no required minimum amount for cash gifts. 

Keep in mind that there’s a 2.5% credit card processing fee. You can deduct the fee from your total contributions or have your guests cover the cost. At the end of the day, you’ll have enough to enjoy a romantic getaway at a fantastic resort with a private pool.

BluePrint Registry Top Features

  • You can set up a general fund or itemize contributions for specific honeymoon experiences.
  • More than registries, there are several wedding planning tools like checklists. 
  • You can also use the wedding website services.

8. Spur Experiences

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This is one of the best honeymoon registries that focuses on collecting moments, not things. Spur offers a selection of adventures such as snowmobiling, wine tasting, and skydiving that others can gift to you—or you can gift to yourself. 

There’s a dedicated team for reviewing the activity offerings, so you can rest assured that whatever you choose, you’ll have a great time with your forever adventure buddy. 

Setting up your Spur registry is hassle-free and free of charge. Moreover, the vouchers never expire, allowing you and your loved one to savor your chosen experiences whenever you want.

Spur Experiences Top Features

  • You can purchase Spur experiences independently; if you want to add something outside your registry, simply choose from the selection and add it to your cart. 
  • You can swap one experience for another. 
  • There are extensive experience-based gifts, which you can browse by location, price, or category.

5 Tips When Setting Up Your Honeymoon Registry

Ready for a financially stress-free vacation after your big day? Check out these practical tips so you can make the most of your honeymoon registry.

  1. Be clear on what you want. Your honeymoon is a vacation of a lifetime. So be thorough when listing what you want to experience during this trip while also considering your honeymoon destination. You can also include non-experience things that still contribute to your honeymoon nonetheless like a camera or luggage bags. 
  1. Keep your registry organized. To avoid overwhelming your guests, keep your registry page tidy. Consider categorizing your list by type (e.g., excursions, relaxation, dining). Doing so will make it easier for them to navigate your registry. 
  1. Personalize your page. Many registries offer customization. Add photos, align the aesthetics with your wedding theme, and use a personal tone in your text. The key is to make your guests feel as comfortable and excited as possible.
  1. Share your registry. Be gracious when sharing your registry information. And much like the tone in your portal, you want to share it in a way that won’t make the guests feel pressured to contribute. 
  1. Don’t forget to express your gratitude. Honeymoon registries help couples like you enjoy a better post-nuptials getaway experience. After letting your guests play an important part in this journey, make sure to send your gratitude. Consider sending a heartfelt thank-you note and maybe include a photo—share your extraordinary moments with those who helped you create them.

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