10 Groomsmen Destination Wedding Attire Tips To Look Exceptionally Good

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About 1 in 4 couples in the United States opt for destination weddings. This accounts for about 340,000 out-of-town weddings each year held in popular destinations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas, or the Bahamas. If your best buddy picked you to be one of the groomsmen, then you have to start thinking of groomsmen destination wedding attire. Here are some style tips to help you achieve that fabulous look.

1. Pick An Attire Depending On The Destination AND The Dress Code

When speaking of destination weddings, people think of beach weddings. However, such weddings can happen in any venue, season, or climate the couple chooses. If you’re a groomsman preparing for the trip, make sure you know the details and plan well. Here are some destination wedding destination scenarios and what groomsmen attire you should go for:

  • Beach: If it’s a beach wedding ceremony, it will most likely be a warm-weather destination wedding. A lightweight outfit should be your top choice so you’ll be comfortable and avoid getting soaked even before the couples say their “I dos.”
  • Indoors: Destination weddings held indoors might call for some formality depending on the time of the day. 
  • Outdoor Wedding: Be it in a garden, lake shore, or other outdoor venues, such destination weddings call for a more playful groomsmen attire while staying dressed to impress.

Ultimately, you need to follow the dress code that the couple will set. Usually, this is narrowed down to the following:

  • Formal: This may call for a black-tie tuxedo (or black tie optional) as the couple expects some sophistication while enjoying the destination wedding vibe.
  • Semi-Formal: For such a wedding dress code, you can drop the tux and wear a suit. You can even relax a bit more with a suit jacket paired with slacks. 
  • Casual: Depending on the couple, this can mean collared shirts and long pants. Some go for shorts, sandals, or even barefoot.

2. Let the Season Inspire Your Groomsmen Destination Wedding Attire

You have to look at what season the destination wedding will be held to decide what your groomsmen attire should be. If you are attending a wedding during fall or winter, you can play with color and fabric textures to help you keep warm. 

If the destination wedding is in the summer or spring, go for breathable fabrics, fewer layers, and lighter colors.

3. Good Style Doesn’t Need To Break The Bank

When you accept the role of a groomsman, you need to be ready to foot the bill for your wedding day ensemble. If you need a tux, you either buy or rent it. This is the common practice for most modern weddings today.

If the budget is tight, remember you can still look your best without burning a hole in your pocket. The first thing to do is look into your wardrobe and see if you can use something you already have. If you need a tux or suit, you can find affordable options online or at local shops.

4. Nothing Beats A Killer Fit

A killer fit is king when putting together a groomsmen destination wedding attire. Size matters! You need to make sure you get the right fit from the jacket, shirt, pants, or shorts. A good fit will bolster your confidence, make you look good, and lowers the chance of looking sloppy in wedding pics.

For example, when buying or renting a suit, you must ensure that the seams fall properly on your shoulders. The collar of your dress shirt should also fit it snugly but not too tight. Pick items that will help highlight your stronger attributes and hide your flaws.

5. Be Stylish But Let The Groom Stand Out

As a groomsman, you play an important role in the groom’s crew. However, remember that it is the bride and groom’s big day. The spotlight should be on them. When picking a groomsman destination wedding attire, ensure you are stylish but do not take away the attention from the couple.

Remember, the cardinal rule is to stay in line with the formality the dress code calls for. While the couple can give you the freedom to be fashion forward, let the groom distinguish himself from his buddies. 

6. Groomsmen’s Attire Paired With Bridesmaid Dresses 

Coordinating the get-up of the groomsmen with what the bridesmaids will wear at a destination wedding will help set the tone for your wedding. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to have perfectly matching groomsmen and bridal party attire. One easy trick is to pick a primary color for your bridesmaids’ dresses and ask the groomsmen to pick their accessories based on that color.

7. Complement – Yes, Match – Not Necessarily

Today, groomsmen do not necessarily have to match or wear the same thing. However, the groomsmen should complement each other. It takes a bit of coordination with the groom, best man, and the other groomsmen, but having a pocket square from the same color family is enough. If it’s more of a casual dress code, you can dress down while staying complementary with the rest of the crew.

8. It’s Fine To Shed Some Layers Off At A Beach Wedding

Comfort is the top priority when it comes to a beach wedding. Most couples will choose a more casual look for their beach wedding. So it’s normal to lose the tie, drop the three-piece suit, or go jacket free. It’s not a mortal sit to leave some buttons open on a warm weather destination wedding. Golf shorts are also perfect for such an occasion paired with a relaxed top.

Go for hot climate-friendly fabrics such as cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics when choosing your groomsmen destination wedding attire.

Plus, don’t forget to apply some sunblock.

9. Add Some Personality To Your Accessories

Aside from using groomsmen accessories to match the bridesmaids’ attire, your accessories can complete the look or serve as your fashion statement. Depending on the couple’s request, you can have fun with pocket squares, ties, vests, socks, shoes, belts, a watch, and other accessories. 

10. To Wear Shoes Or Something Else?

When attending a beach wedding, a groomsmen destination wedding attire may include sandals or even barefoot. Some wedding parties love to go with bright-colored socks for some fun. Some common groomsmen footwear options include formal shoes, moccasins, colorful shoes to match the wedding theme, or white shoes.

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