18 Cool Wedding Gift Ideas For Best Man That He Will Actually Use

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Choosing your wedding party is an important task. During this time, much of the attention goes to the bride, her maid of honor, and her bridesmaids. The groom, his best man, and the groomsmen are often left as a footnote, but this shouldn’t be the case. The best man and your groomsmen also play an important role leading to and on the big day, and they deserve just as much attention and gratitude. Thinking of wedding gift ideas for best man is just the first step in showing appreciation.

Why Should You Give A Gift To The Best Man?

Your best man is a person who you consider a stand-up guy who is also your best friend. Besides being responsible for planning the bachelor party. He will be there by your side when you ask him to be the best man until you say your vows. He will be your main support system when the wedding planning becomes too chaotic. A best man does so much for the bride and groom but often isn’t given credit. Unique best man gifts show that you value and appreciate their time and support.

How Much Should You Spend For A Best Man Gift?

Finding best man gifts is a challenge, especially when you’re not sure what to give or how much to spend. Although price shouldn’t matter, it’s important to have a budget. Weddings, after all, are very expensive. 

The safe amount is within the $25-50 range, but this can also change depending on how far the best man has traveled for the wedding, your closeness, and how much they spent to be there. Consider thoughtful and meaningful wedding gift ideas for best man that fits in your budget.

18 Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation To Your Best Man

With all the stress of planning a wedding with your future wife, looking for a best man wedding gift set can take a backseat. Which means it is often left until the last minute. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep these best man gift ideas in mind:

1. Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are a classy and elegant best man gift choice. They are befitting of any gentleman and can be monogrammed with their initials to make it unique and special.

2. Beard Grooming Kit

If your best man has a beard and proudly takes care of his facial hair, you cannot go wrong with a beard grooming kit as his best man wedding gift set.

3. Shaving Tool Set

Universal wedding gift ideas for best man is a luxury shaving tool set. These kits are reusable with high-quality blades that offer a smooth and safe shave.

4. Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Something a little more fun and personal are custom-made bobblehead figurines. These, for sure, qualify as unique best man gifts that your best friend will have a laugh at and display in his home with pride.

5. Engraved Set of Wooden Dice

Is your best man a board game aficionado? If they are, a set of engraved wooden dice is a thoughtful and meaningful thank-you gift on your big day.

6. Cigar Box

Cigars are typically smoked on special occasions. Give your best man his own cigar box so you can celebrate special milestones with cigars in the future.

7. Poker Set

Poker sets are popular best man gift ideas, especially for best men who love to host poker nights. This way you and the boys can ensure poker nights will still be a regular thing, even after you get married.

8. Hip Flask

Your best man can carry a little bit of his favorite spirit wherever he goes with his own hip flask.

9. Whiskey Decanter Set

Best men who love to savor their whiskey will love and appreciate getting a classy whiskey decanter set as a gift from their best friend.

10. Camping Survival Kit

The outdoorsy best man will cherish a thoughtful gift that takes his hobby into account.

11. Bottle Openers

Although considered a small gift, when customized bottle openers are practical, useful, and sentimental.

12. Pocket Knife

What man doesn’t want to have a pocket knife within reach at all times? Give your best man his very own pocket knife to bring everywhere if he doesn’t already have one. 

13. Whiskey Stones

Your best man will never again worry about warm or watered-down whiskey when he gets his own set of whiskey stones.

14. Cuff Links

Cuff links are the perfect practical best man gift. They can use the special cuff links on your wedding and for other special occasions in the future.

15. Suspender Set

Another gift your best man can also use on the wedding day is a suspender set. These can be engraved with his initials to customize them just for him.

16. Engraved Tie Clips

Besides the cuff links and suspender set, you can get tie clips to complete the best man trifecta gift set. An engraved tie clip is already a classy gift if the budget is tight.

17. Leather Toiletry Bag

Everyone needs their own toiletry bag, especially when the best man travels a lot. This leather bag is high-quality, versatile, and one of the most practical wedding gift ideas for best man.

18. A Good Bottle of Alcohol

Of course, nothing beats a good and high-quality bottle of his favorite type of alcohol. Whether it’s whiskey, scotch, gin, or a vintage bottle of wine, your best man deserves only the best. Plus, you can both enjoy a swig of the spirit once in a while in the future.

There are so many other best man gifts to consider. This is just the tip of the iceberg. However, you can use these suggestions as inspiration to help you narrow down the perfect gift for your best friend that shows exactly how much his friendship and support mean to you.

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