Gifts For Someone Planning A Wedding: 21 Ways To Say Congrats

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The wedding bells will soon be ringing, and you couldn’t be more excited to see your favorite couple exchange their I do’s.  While engagement and pre-wedding gifts aren’t required, sending gifts for someone planning a wedding is a thoughtful gesture. It’s especially advisable if you share a deep bond with either or both the bride- and groom-to-be.

Wedding Planning Gifts For Couples

Scroll through our list of the best engagement gifts for couples.

1. Couple Shirts

Call it cheesy, but admit it — there’s something warm and fuzzy in seeing couples wear matching shirts. If the newly engaged couple are into this kind of trend, give them personalized shirts that suit their vibe. With customization, the possibility is endless. Couple sneakers are also an option!

2. Couple Mugs

If you’re going for couples’ items that are practical but don’t have to be worn, mugs are a great choice. Regularly shaped mugs are available, but you can also get kissing mugs for the lovebirds to crank things up. 

3. Soap And Towel Gift Set

Help make the couples’ bathroom look more like a sanctuary for the soon-to-be-hitched with a set of monogrammed soap and towels. You can make it extra posh and luxurious by adding pampering goodies and robes. 

4. Customized Star Map

Framed art pieces are definitely in. But if you’re looking for an alternative to artsy portraits and witty quotes, consider ordering a map that displays how the stars in the skies were aligned during their engagement date. 

5. Bucket-List Book

Want to wish the couple an adventure-filled married life? A bucket-list book will help you get that sentiment across. Each page of this unique book is a space where they can list what they want to do after getting married — starting with their dream honeymoon.

6. Wedding Planner

Thoughtful and immediately usable, a planning journal is one wedding planning gift that simply makes sense. Preparing for a wedding requires some serious organizational skills. Having a notebook where they can put their to-do lists and trackers will go a long way. 

7.  Gift Of Service

Do you have a skill or talent that the couple can use as they plan and hold their wedding ceremony? If you’ve got a knack for DJing, offer to be their music spinner for their special day. If you’ve got a stationery business, tell them you can do their save-the-dates, invites, and table tops. 

Pre-Wedding Gifts For The Bride

In search of pre wedding gifts for bride? This section has your back.

8. Greeting Card 

Greetings cards are a staple on any occasion that requires giving gifts. A card is a piece of paper where you can write down your thoughts for the bride. Your message can be sentimental through and through or has some comical spin. It’s affordable and authentically moving.

9. Picture Frame

Expect countless photos to be taken before and during the big day. So giving a picture frame as an engagement gift is a safe, practical choice. You have plenty of options, too. There are wooden and glass frames, rectangle and oval, classic and eccentric. 

10. Plant

Bouquets make for a beautiful pre-wedding gift for the blooming bride. But if she’s a certified green thumb — and you want to give something that won’t easily wilt — gifting her with a live plant is something you should contemplate doing.

11. Charcuterie Board

Parties and get-togethers aren’t complete without painstakingly set up charcuterie-style meat and cheese boards. If the bride loves to host gatherings (both big or small), a durable and sleek charcuterie board sounds like a great idea. 

12. Tea Set

Teas are known for their calming effects. They also offer various health benefits — they can boost your immune system and promote weight loss. All these perks are things that any overwhelmed bride would need. 

13. Denim Jacket 

It’s common to see brides donning denim jackets. This garment isn’t just there for fashion reasons. They have a practical purpose: They keep the wearer warm and safe from pesky bugs (especially if the wedding and the reception are outdoors). If the bride doesn’t have a bridal denim jacket yet, grab the opportunity to gift her one.

14. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Every bride wants to have a glitch-free wedding day. But unfortunate things can happen — even on occasions as dreamy as a wedding ceremony. The bride can rely on an emergency kit to fix minor emergencies. A typical kit includes safety and bobby pins, band-aids, floss, hairspray, nail polish, and remover.

Engagement Gifts For The Groom

This last section enumerates engagement gifts for friends who are grooms-to-be. 

15. Decanter

Many men love to serve their wine in style. And if they’re a wine connoisseur, a durable and elegant decanter is a must-have. This functional gift also serves as an interesting aesthetic element to the couple’s bar at home. 

16. Grill Set 

Is the groom a grill master? Let him know you appreciate how he works his way around a griller. A grill set, complete with an apron, is something he can use while hosting garden parties during pre-wedding and beyond.  

17. Portable Speaker

After a couple gets engaged, expect a long list of get-togethers. And what is a party without music? Whether the groom and his bride are playing club-worthy jams, rock anthems, or ice-breaking pop tunes, a quality speaker will help them amp up the mood. 

18. Leather Tags

It may be simple and small, but a leather tag is one of the smartest gifts for someone planning a wedding. The groom can attach it to his luggage for his honeymoon. In the future, he can use it to identify his golf bag or his go-to carry-on for business trips.

19. Personalized Golf Balls

Speaking of golf — if he’s a huge fan of this sport, personalized golf balls are a gift idea you might want to explore. Wedding prep can be stressful, and a good golf game with a ball that’s unique to him can offer that much-needed breather.

20. Shaving Kit

If ladies have make-up kits, guys need to have a dependable shaving set — especially when grooming for special events, including their wedding. Go for a luxurious kit if your budget allows it. It makes a difference in preparing and nourishing his skin for the big day. 

21. Honeymoon Fund Box

No matter how financially stable a groom is, it doesn’t take away the fact that a wedding is expensive. If they’re still saving for the honeymoon destination of their dreams, a honeymoon fund box (or jar) will come in handy for the couple. 

Giving gifts to someone planning a wedding is a way to say your heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple. With our curation, you can find something for the bride, the groom — or both — and help keep them in high spirits as they prepare for one of the most important days of their lives.

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