Destination Overview

Picturesque Italian villages rest on steep, rocky hillsides that plunge into the Bay of Salerno, deemed “the bluest view in the world.” This is Italy’s magnificent Amalfi Coast, a stretch of precipitous seaside cliffs from Sorrento to Salerno that affords some of the most gorgeous (and famous) vistas to be seen. Fall in love with a honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, where you’ll see so much beauty, history, and culture, you’re destined to return home with stars in your eyes.

The Amalfi Coast has all the elements of a romantic Italian honeymoon. You might spend your days lounging on a pristine Mediterranean beach, hiking in lush hillsides, or sipping glasses of vino as you take in the views from a hillside cafe. If you like history and architecture, be sure to include a visit to the local cathedrals—often in the center of town and adorned with colorful fresco paintings. Another must-see for culture lovers is the ancient city of Pompeii, an easy day trip from the region and one of the world’s most captivating archaeological sites. And sometimes the best honeymoon days are spent simply wandering garden-lined villages or sampling the goods of local artisans, all the while taking in the pristine scenery of the area.

Each town on the Amalfi Coast possesses its own unique charm. Positano is the most distinguished destination, as it’s centrally located and often featured in movies and TV shows. It’s made up of cascading white steps and boutique art galleries, shops, and restaurants. Then there’s the village of Ravello, which is home to gorgeous hiking, art, and scenic gardens. It’s a popular day trip destination for visitors, but it quiets down a lot at night. In the heart of the region, the city of Amalfi is filled with local history and makes a great base for trips to the nearby Isle of Capri. And in Sorrento, you’ll find the start of a stunning 43-mile coastal road that ends at the coastal city of Salerno. Whether you’d like to leisurely acquaint yourself with one seaside village or explore all the pretty sights to be seen, no matter where you go, your Amalfi Coast honeymoon will be spectacular from start to finish.

About Amalfi Coast

At a Glance

  • EXPLORE MORE: Head to the nearby destination of Pompeii, where you can explore the ancient ruins of a city destroyed by a volcano, or get your island fix on the luxe island of Capri, just off the Amalfi Coast.
  • HIT THE BEACH: One of the most celebrated pastimes of the Amalfi Coast is a dip in the warm, blue waters of the Mediterranean. While you’ll have plenty to choose from, many Amalfi Coast beaches can be crowded. Escape the masses with a trip to Bagni d’Arienzo, Spiaggia del Fornillo, or the Fiordo di Furore.
  • GREAT OUTDOORS: Often overlooked, the hills of the Amalfi Coast are full of incredibly beautiful hiking opportunities. Hike past lemon trees, swimmable streams and ancient ruins in Valle de Ferriere, or traverse the steep hillside steps from Ravello to Atrani for panoramic views on the challenging Atrani Walk.
  • TAKE A DRIVE: Take it all in with a scenic drive along the 43-mile winding coastal road, which affords breathtaking views of the sea. You can rent your own car, hire a driver, or hop aboard a tour bus. If you drive yourselves, use caution: the winding mountain passes can be hazardous if you’re not careful.
  • SHOP LOCAL: The Amalfi Coast region has a rich history of producing fine ceramics, handmade paper, and the famous Limoncello liquer. Limoncello is made from fresh local lemons that you’ll find growing in terraces around the region from February to October.
  • TOUR THE VINEYARD: Make a day trip to Le Vigne di Raito, an organic cliffside vineyard that overlooks the sea. After your tour, enjoy dinner and a wine tasting as the sun sets over the vines.
  • DUOMO DELIGHTS: There are some historic cathedrals in the Amalfi Coast that have served as religious centers for centuries. Two to add to your list: the fresco-filled Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo in Amalfi, and Salerno’s ornate Duomo di Salerno.

Honeymoon Hints

  • KNOW YOUR LIMITS: With steep hills and lots of staircases everywhere, the streets of the Amalfi Coast villages are not for the faint of heart. Expect lots of sharp climbs and the challenges they present to travelers who might not be acclimated to hiking.
  • SAVE ON YOUR STAY: Hotels in Amalfi Coast’s popular towns of Positano and Ravello are expensive, but it’s possible to save a little if you book a hotel in nearby Sorrento.
  • TIPPING: Tipping is customary in Italy. 15% is often automatically included in restaurant bills.
  • TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: When traveling to Rome, and Italy in general, a passport valid for three months beyond the length of stay and issues within the past 10 years is required. Visas are not required for those from Canada and the United States.

Travel Tips

  • GETTING THERE: Italy’s main airports for international arrivals are ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ (Rome Fiumicino) and Malpensa (Milan).

    For trips to Amalfi Coast, Naples International Airport (NAP) is a nearby hub. Flight time from New York City will take about 8 and 1/2 hours and 15 hours from Los Angeles. Once in Naples, most trips to Amalfi Coast are done by ferry boat or SITA coach bus.

  • GETTING AROUND: Driving is not advisable in the Amalfi Coast due to overcrowding and limited parking. Most visitors can get around using the SITA bus system. You cannot buy tickets on board, but you can buy them online and in several local establishments.
  • WHEN TO GO: With warm summers and mild winters, Amalfi Coast’s Mediterranean climate is idyllic year round. That said, the best times to avoid crowds are during the “shoulder seasons” of May/June and September/October, when the weather is pleasantly warm and crowds are fewer.